Sold 700 GME @ 3.85 back in 2020. This is so painful to look at. Never making that mistake again.

  1. There are days I ask myself why I never asked my neighbor for help with buying bitcoin....but, we must keep looking onward!

  2. Exactly. Think of what you earned in stead of could have. Unless the crystal orb works. You could not have known and therefore it was a good trade if you made profit.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. Still, 50 GME, hell 1 will likely be more than any other trades you’ll do combined for the rest of your life. Not too late to undo some of that damage!

  4. I once tried to rise swiftly from taking a dump and one ball, yes just one ball became ensnared in betwixt the seat and the rim of the toilet. It was very unpleasant .

  5. I did something similar... You're not alone. I know there's other console refresh players out there that made the same mistake. Oh well.

  6. Do you know what this post gives me? Jacked fucking tits. All I see is opportunity in this post because the price hasn't even got off the pad yet. And its destination is beyond the supercluster of galaxies, to the Restaurant at the end of the universe.

  7. I remember when I was a little bitch and sold 20 shares for 120. It took weeks for having the chance to buy them back for more money. Lesson learnt long time ago. Never sold a single share anymore

  8. Well it’s easy to say “I should’ve held.. could’ve had this much, etc.” but at least you learned from it

  9. omg, dont feel bad. I got so mad at Sherman at an ER i sold my 7's & then bought it all back at 11 & kept adding even over 300. i have a crazy DCA avg./

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