The sentiment on r/superstonk right now is incredible

  1. January was like when a new MMO dropped, now the apes that have been playing since release got all the top end gear and are helping newer players farm better equipment that they shouldnt have in this stage of the game. Hedgies so fuk’d

  2. I’m 51 years old and I’ve always had to pinch pennies to make ends meet. Never been blessed enough to have a lot of money but God blessed me with a beautiful family at home and here among you Apes. When I began this adventure in January I stressed many days watching Kenny play with my money and my emotions. But he created something in me I didn’t know I had until just a few months ago. Diamond Fucking Hands!!! I will watch my balance go to zero before I sell to that lowlife piece of shit, Kenny! All of his friends included (we can’t forget about the others that are just as slimy either). To all new Apes, DRS is the way and if someone like me that’s never had much money can hold onto these shares, anyone can.

  3. One of the main takeaways that I've gathered since January when I made my first purchase of a stock in my life, is that I will have absolutly nothing to do with the stock market again unless it ever gets moved over to the blockchain.

  4. I've learned just how much apes are looking forward to being wildly generous post moass. The ideas of how to put our tendies to better our fellow man have both been inspiring and being a tear to my eye. You guys make me proud to be an ape 🦍🦍🚀🚀

  5. 600+ hours and you still don't know that it is "hodlers"?! 😉 Looking forward to the next 600 hours with you, ape !

  6. I hate to quote him, but old Jimbo Crymer bemoaned a while back that he’d never seen a group so unaffected by the price. I smiled at that one. 😏

  7. Yep. All it takes to break the simulation is buy, hold, DRS. Incredible that it’s an existential threat to Wall Street. In less than a year, we have exposed the entire system as a Ponzi scheme.

  8. If the price is going down you would Naturally assume we are selling. But if the price is going down so bad and he says I cant believe apes won't sell. That is confirmation he knows it's being attacked by institutions. A price doesn't flop and you say damn them shareholders just won't let it go.

  9. After DRS's usefulness came out, my internal FUD was squashed entirely. It is only a matter of time, and they can't do shit to stop us.

  10. I am stubborn as they come. If you want to slam down the price on me and play mind games.... go ahead. It has zero effect on my mental well being anymore. I am not selling until I see a phone number and I have life changing money in my account.

  11. That's the thing with dragging this out for almost a year, is that we have had time to gain a lot of wrinkles because of the excellent DD. If I didn't sell when I was in the green, I'm sure as hell not selling in the red. I would've regretted selling in the 40s for the rest of my life.

  12. It would also be great if people talk about how they feel and where they're at in life RN. Chances are, someone else is going through the same thing.

  13. Yeah, the initial few months of the saga in 2021 were wrought with chaos and uncertainty. Now? No one is worried about the price. My advice to anyone who is unsure about what is going on is this:

  14. Agree. If anyone feels negative about this, you know they're not in it for the Long haul. Any dip is like Christmas Eve 😂

  15. Throughout the mass migrations from sub to sub, living through mod-drama like witnessing the divorce of your parents and many other things which formed diamond hands yes, but many of us forget how this journey changed our personalitites. I kinda feel like i grew up ,no shit.

  16. I just told my friend today that in January when the price fell and I was 5k in the red, I was in full panicked mode and stressing the fck out.

  17. My five accounts went down 50k since 255 after this fuckery for 2 weeks, so pissed off at Kenny that I bought some more

  18. I didn’t sell at $400. I didn’t sell at $350. I didn’t sell at $250. Why on earth would I sell at whatever the price is now?

  19. I talk to my boss about this, because he now watches GME due to my interest in it, and I tell him the volatility is my confirmation something is still brewing. If I simply saw a steady decline in price and volume over the last year, I would've sold. When the price shoots up and down seemingly at random, I know there's fire under that smoke, and I want to be in the fire. The DD still hasn't been addressed and refuted, the stonk is incredibly volatile, I'm learning a lot and enjoying the ride, why would I sell now? I'll let this ride for several years if these weird cycles continue. I'm not fucking leaving.

  20. This is what happens when you've been here (or rather, wallstreet berts) since the beginning. We've learned about the cycles. We know that we have to buy harder during the dips to make the rips go higher. It's simple. Once you've been in the game enough, you see it all. This is the stage where Stevie boy tells me that trading is "tough" and then I wait 2.5 months to tell him the same thing. It's easy. We've already won. The only way this can fail is if everyone starts to sell, and we simply are not going to go there.

  21. This time everybody knows for sure that the NFT platform is coming, back then the only thing that was 100% sure was that gamestop wasn’t going bankrupt

  22. I think it's really great because people have an underlying understanding of what is happening and a rationale of why we are so excited to average down. Retail knows DRSing the float will end this charade and the lower the price gets the faster we do that.

  23. If you haven't noticed the karma requirements to post on this sub or even to comment are being increased steadily. This took away the ability for shills to post their FUD nonstop

  24. They leveraged Covid to kill a business and what they did was creating mass immunity to their practices. You are right, most of us expected the dip, prepared for it and bought it. Now may be the reason why it went so low is because we waited for them to drop it further. We may have screwed their system that much !

  25. As a January ape, yeah this go around there's been less doom and gloom. Bundle up tho, there's definitely been a shill in the air some days. FUD takes all kinds of forms

  26. The morale boost from the recent influx of XXXX DRS posts made me pretty much double my entire position

  27. I'm playing halo with my buddies since I finished my exams for the semester all the while I'm 3D printing shit. I could literally give a fuck at this point. My XXX shares are DRS'd and while I'm chilling these hedge fucks are probably shitting themselves. Get fucked lmao. Love you tho.

  28. bruh at this point IDGAF. they could drop the price to negative and still wouldn't be able to pry my DRS'd shares from my cold dead hands. NO SALE, NO CELL. I don't even need to ask if my homies holding, cuz I know they holding

  29. Fuck ya red is the new green tbh. Lower the price, quicker we're able to lock the float. What good is sideways trading at $250 if I'm not going to sell anyway?

  30. Yeah....shf and Wallstreet in general couldn't have predicted, and must bow be horrified, at what the apes have become. They were the catalyst to creating their own worst nightmare. A massive group of investors who are absolutely immune to their old guard status quo bullshit.

  31. I want to admit something; the FUD around NFTs in other subs has been getting to me... I know even with the NFT marketplace GME is the way, but man... the majority of people do not like NFTs.

  32. Yeah seriously they have essentially created battle-hardened traders who stick to a thesis and take everything with shakers full of salt. They've created a million little monsters.

  33. I'm not even entirely sure I care about the money anymore. Now, it's personal. These people need to go down.

  34. Couldn’t agree more. I used to hate seeing price drops, now I am entirely immune to it. These short attacks will go down as some of the worst financial decisions ever made in the history of Wall Street. They’re achieving the exact opposite of what they’re setting out to.

  35. We've trained our whole investing career (almost a year lol) for this moment! Unlike Andrew Sorkin said about our diamond hands being not so diamond, they sure do look diamondy

  36. So for these synthetic shares… the nail in the coffin is still the dividend, right? Thats over 630.000.000 that need to be bought back because the dividend can’t be paid (nft dividend, of course). I wonder what 630.000.000 buy orders + FOMO + diamond fucking handed apes can do to the price…

  37. My average is at 138 or so, and payday is tomorrow. I’ve averaged up this whole time; it’ll be great to average sideways.

  38. Only joined the community since a few days, but been lurking once in a while since beginning. I love you apes. You made 2021 a fucking amazing year

  39. The sheer amount of owners of GameStop that are deep in the red yet still holding is unprecedented for a stock. I love you guys like a baby loves it's moms tits.

  40. I hadn't averaged down for like, the last 3 or 4 large dips... I think May or so was the last time... this one was too fucking juicy though... i got in deeper again - and haven't sold a single share yet!

  41. I think it’s hilarious that they are spending so much money to create an artificial dip and all us retards are doing is buying more and laughing at them…. Fucking HILARIOUS

  42. I recall the sentiment on subs WSßs and GME people would get legit pissed every red day we had. Love seeing the Zen here. You guys rock!

  43. Even as a January holder, the gradual rundown from 250 to 180 or so really fucking hurt. I don’t know why, I guess I have a lot invested in this and a lot relying on it, and I really thought we were never gonna drop below 200 again.

  44. November '20 'tard here. Absolutely agreed. Love to see this amount of solidarity taking hold in the community. This is the fucking way.

  45. What this really comes down to was there was a ton of smart mother fuckers that knew what was going on calmed the rest of us. I am for ever greatful to those glorious bastards. Because almost a year later here i stand 1000 shares deeper and not afraid of a fucking thing. Diamond handed like a mofo

  46. Today I glow up to XXX shares. I would certainly won’t kept purchasing shares month after month without you my fellow apes.

  47. Pure Zen because i know noone of you fucking retards would sell any fucking share included myself. 💎 I proud of you all! ❤️

  48. I stayed zen until I bought more and then I got hyped but then I couldn't afford more so I went back to zen.

  49. It's just believing in "the price isn't real" and with l if the practice I've had this year, this doesn't phase me. Do I want MOASS soon? Absolutely, but I know these types of things can't be rushed.

  50. Fuck yea my guy! Shit feels bad when it dips but we have faith in the stock! Shit is going to be crazy this is just preparing us

  51. I am proud of the apes on Superstonk. I have also learned a great deal about the corruption of the market and everything to do with finance like it is a free online course and I am super confident in what GameStop has planned for the future, it is exciting. The resources and people on here are absolutely the best, and I am so glad I am not a part of that "other" stock.

  52. did you not see the posts of abject despair because of the lack of funds to buy the dip tho?

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