Tybourne HF who are they? Seems they are having some liquidity problems.

  1. There’s a full court press on CNBC this morning about GME with a former SEC crony. I think they are trying to really hit this as hard as possible into the end of the year. Sounds like they are worried…

  2. They all have to file yearly reports based on the fair market value of their positions. It makes sense they need to drill down GME price or else their reports would be insanely bad.

  3. Dumb bitch. They still haven't learned. People on here are f'in nuts and will just keep buying the lower they sink it. It sinks, they buy, it jumps up, they buy. You can't fight such a retarded person. With all this money they have spent making fud, they should have just spent that money covering and we would have all went home happy selling at 1g. Rip dumbasses

  4. Tybourne is following Lansdowne Partners in withdrawing from short-selling activities, one of the hallmarks of hedge funds. It told investors that growing passive money flows, market leverage and retail investor participation in markets have fueled volatility, hurting especially short wagers, the people said.

  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-15/tybourne-to-shut-2-8-billion-hedge-fund-on-short-selling-pains

  6. Maybe there will be a movie where SHFs court shorts, kiss, breakup and then get back together only to go bankrupt in the end. Not a Hallmark ending, but still a good one.

  7. Could be why crypto dropped so hard a couple fridays ago at 12:01am of Saturday that next day. They still haven’t fully recovered. Also could be why the market bounced back so quick after the drop that day. Other institutions probably bought up their positions. Could also be how GME has been pushed down the hardest it has been in months. Some other SHF could be using their leverage to increase their positions on GME. Idk. All just theories. NFA.

  8. Stoneco been on a hell of a dip. I made a post a long time ago (backpacking off someone else's lost post) about their returns being highly correlated to major gme put expirations

  9. Swaps don't have to get reported until 2023 (and then the can will get kicked again). GME's SI% is so low that very few short positions will be traditional shorts, most will be swaps. I can imagine Shitadel will just eat up their shorts like with Melvin, otherwise it'll fuck them up.

  10. Sounds so fake lol. Shell made to appear as if SHFs are going under while keeping the bigger names out of the news?

  11. Yes, everyone has a big brother they do the deals with. When I get margin called its because my older brother had enough and wants his money back, if I can't pay he takes everything I got and sells to pay back my debt. If not enough he holds the bag hoping for a better outcome or just eats the loss. This brother can't pay then you're going to the prime broker brother then the dtcc brother etc

  12. Is it GlacialCapital 2.0? or whatever it was and short selling pain on a market that is down. What the hell is this

  13. Yup. My husband. Three years ago, pancreatic cancer. When I made that connection (it had never ever occurred to me, because no one is that evil, right??) I rage bought even more.

  14. Yep... there are nothing but millennials hodling gme. Not a single boomer in the world who isn't part of the fuking shf scum. I get it now.

  15. Pwahaaaaahaa....don't care which folds first. These SHFs need to be weeded out and burnt to the ground. They have gotten away with their carnage under SEC s watch for too long. Slaphead Gary Ginsler needs to wake the fuck up. Apes are onto your crimal intent.

  16. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-15/tybourne-to-shut-2-8-billion-hedge-fund-on-short-selling-pains

  17. It's so funny how similar this is to 2008. It's like they don't care to learn new tricks because no one ever punishes them for the old ones. Same old story. There are buildings crumbling all around us and everyone on TV is trying to sell you a condo.

  18. When the government over regulates, or lobbyists act to change laws in their favor, you get corporatism or Crony Capitalism, which leads to these faults.

  19. I wonder if the price dipped so low because they knew Tyborne was gonna get liquidated and they needed the price down to be able to control it when they get margin called

  20. Kenny- Were gonna start a new hedgefund ... raise capitol as a startup then sell all our shorts to them!

  21. From a Bloomberg on the same topic : "Tybourne is following Lansdowne Partners in withdrawing from short-selling activities, one of the hallmarks of hedge funds. It told investors that growing passive money flows, market leverage and retail investor participation in markets have fueled volatility, hurting especially short wagers, the people said."

  22. They're trying to show liquidity issues and show that the price will stay low even then. Don't fall for this shit. This price is garbage if a hedgefund has fallen with 2.8B worth margin issues on shorts.

  23. I wonder what they were shorting? 🤔🤔🤔. And now they’re gonna move everything probably into blue chips and buy the top. #HrFukk. The first of many

  24. Wasn't it predicted that the smaller short hedge funds would be the first to start failing then as time goes by it'll get more frequent and then the bigger ones start to go?

  25. When are they going to realize there we don’t give a shit about what’s said on cnbc. Buy, hodl, drs is all we care about. See you on the moon

  26. I somehow get the feeling that this is just another one who dies just because the potatoe in his hand got too hot and he couldn’t pass it to someone else in time. It must not be GME shorts only but some other stuff somehow connected - for example a swap with another party who is short GME and had to „do stuff“ which damaged tybourne in some way.

  27. In my 30 seconds of Google-fu, I saw something saying they had ties to Tiger Management and most articles are mentioning how retail is fighting short sellers.

  28. Do we have any data scientists of statisticians who would be willing to run the numbers and see if the amount of short hedge fund losses/closures over the last year is anomalous or statistically significant?

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