I need an adult! I need an adult! Plotted GME highs against BRN.AX's daily highs per u/DarraghGogarty's post phase-shifted by 141 days...wrinkles needed

  1. EDIT 4: Rechecked the math on the correlation coefficient matrix, and made an error on the column's for the inputs (notice how numbers start at same height as Row 3 text in last 2 columns, but comes in 0.90103 vs. the old 0.901034...so still a strong correlation. Def recheck yourselves if can and lmk!

  2. If you're using Pearson's R to run the correlation make sure the data is 'normal' and if it's not you may need to do it again with something like Spearman's Rho although the overall numbers shouldn't change too much.

  3. I literally just saw that other post and didn't realize it was another's companies chart and not GME at first because they looked so similar up until that giant candle. Big if fucking true

  4. It's the same algorithmic software being run across multiple tickers by the crime market makers. It's their tool in action in this sham system. Despite retail involvement (and mostly minor impact), they control the long-term plays regardless, as evident in your findings.

  5. I’m about as smooth as your uncle Bobby, picking up fat chicks at the bar on a Tuesday night, so I can’t say for sure… but this looks juicy to me.

  6. What if you assumed the January run up was actually retail and scooted GME back and started comparing the first spike in BRN.A with the February run-up in GME?

  7. So what happened with BRN on that dare in their timeline any announcements that caused FOMO? Share recalls? Etc etc

  8. I just got here redirected from another post showing the squeeze in this stock. So hard to find such a relevant piece. Amazing work OP!

  9. This is very interesting and there are more stocks like that, raising the question that GME was not a single event las Jan, but there are some kind of baskets and hedges which move in unison

  10. Be interested to see how this turns out. If the correlation holds true forward moving, then we should bottom out around $90 in about 4 weeks before moving steadily up to $170 in mid-May shortly then spiking up to $350 hopefully initiating MOASS.

  11. Did you consider that maybe the first peaks are off and maybe there would be better correlation if you aligned the GME 2021 Feb run-up with the BRN.AX 2020/2021 Dec/Jan run-up? Just curious. Thanks!

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