Jerkin it with Gherkinit S15e3 Daily Charting for 1.14.21

  1. 😭 I don’t get paid til next week n I’m considering selling one of our cars. Im just scared that shit will shoot up after I sell the Hyundai ☹️

  2. I’m not too far off from a pretty hefty influx of cash. I’m REALLY hoping these prices hold for another few weeks… I mean who knows though but if it does I’ll be happy lol


  4. Hey gherk, did you sell your Feb calls? I remember you saying on one of your streams you’ve got close to 100 calls and today you mentioned you got 10.

  5. 2 For Jan, 10 April, and the rest are Febs. I have no intention of rolling forward Febs till after the 25th.

  6. Coming into this week it was FTD FTD FTD, expect volatility. Every week is another excuse as to why the price and volume did nothing as expected. I appreciate the effort from people like gherk but I don't expect a word I read to pan out, because it never does. Eventually it unravels for them, and I'll be patient until it does.

  7. It's sad that I can't bring up a challenge to gherk's theories easily. I either get downvoted on here, told to go to his stream, etc. I believe his options exercising strategy needs to be refined in book moass book III.

  8. Message him on the discord, it's easier for him to see those than tagging him on reddit. if you go on the chat use the @ pi-fi (without the space) and ask it several times in the chat.

  9. I've seen you around these threads/this sub/other GME subs and I gotta commend you on your persistence to try and engage the gherk option theory with a calm demeanor and high level of politeness.

  10. He doesn't comment. He shills his "TA," pushes options and leaves. He wants you to go to his stream and donate money. Dude is a grifter. Mods don't care.

  11. They are drilling this shit into the cores of the earth holy shit. People will say that is because of the overall market - it is NOT. GME down 7% today and market is down less than 1% . I just don’t know what they are trying to do here? Is there a pending announcement or something that they are prepping for?

  12. Sounds like they are desperate to me. They have all of those puts expiring in 2 weeks and it seems like they are doing everything in their power to drop the price. This behavior reminds me of a cornered feral animal. They will do whatever it takes to get out of the situation. The difference in this analogy is, humans are part of a society and we have rules. We could argue this whole year has been riddled with abuse and market manipulation, but now it’s damn obvious.

  13. Smashing it down before all the FTD dates come due at the end of the month and beginning of Feb is the DD writers estimate. Gherk has some great DD on this. The moass trilogy.

  14. When you control the order flow and there is nothing acting against you with any strength you can drive the price where you want, that is why max pain is a thing.

  15. A few months ago when I received my first notice of 40 shares DRSed, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Let’r rip,” I thought; I’m in. Was happy to get in at $160.

  16. Get ready to wait a month with no movement. I’d use ACATS to transfer to Fidelity and DRS from there.

  17. Did you mean Ken "Kenneth" Griffin, the CEO of Citadel who lied under oath again, right? I heard there may be plenty of data about Ken Griffin from Chicago who lied under oath and may has stolen trillions of dollars from ordinary people on

  18. So I haven't done options before, but I have done a little research on it. If you were going to buy a couple call options on monday, what strike price and expiration date would you buy. I'm not looking for financial advice just trying to help the MOASS along

  19. Welp, expected issues... can't get to this thread from desktop, only mobile. It was up an hour ago... fishy shit is smelly. Came here to say HOLY FUCK! XRT % shares short just shot up from 335% to 447% in the last 30 mins

  20. Buy back would be amazing, but not counting on it to be honest. Maybe RC is personally adding. Lets go either way, probably a red day, but the end of the month we will pop off!!

  21. Zero evidence of a share buy-back. And it would make absolutely no sense. Just like when he kept going on about another share sell happening back in September.

  22. Next CS batch order gonna be 🔥. Love how I can pick a $ amount and be surprised by how many shares I end up with. Drop it more

  23. I am confused about the cycles. I thought we were expecting the ftds to cover this week? If they did not, and they kicked the can, why won't they just always kick the can? I thought it was a deadline that they had to close.

  24. The thing that has always bugged me is Shitadel being his own market maker along with operating a hedge fund and in a way being his own bank by internalizing the trades can easily kick the can. IMHO is why the Drs is important as the question to Kenny will ultimately be asked "where are you getting shares to make the market"?.

  25. If I understand Gherk’s theory correctly, then yes the FTDs have already started coming due and more and more will be coming in leading up to the 21st. So, we should see an increase in volume. If you look at the chart, we have in fact seen an increase in volume. (We’ve had days as low as 800k, but now are seeing sometimes 1M just in the first hour of trading.) So, that seems to be playing out as expected.

  26. It tanks because they want you to see it tank. I feel ya, but remember when you see the price drop like this, they want you to be disheartened. Ask yourself, are you going to let them win the battle of YOUR mind?

  27. If they drop it enough, a few people will be happy to get out at breakeven. Thats their goal. They know theres no way out, but they can make some people paper hand.

  28. Big mistake. Roll those badboys down. Deep ITM. Like 90-100 strikes where we have no call volume. Next week is gonna be a shit show.

  29. Thx for everything Gherk. We HODL the line. Diamond handing our way through the flames, and into the gates of Valhalla! See ya in the stream. LFG!

  30. What happens if he supports DRS to his YouTube/Discord/Ko-Fi subscribers? What reason would they have to keep following him if all you have to do is BUY HODL and DRS?

  31. Do you think they are driving the price down to make today's options expire worthless in effort to scare or bully retail out buying options on GME?

  32. If I didn’t tie up my capital in options, I would have 100% bought 100 shares at these prices. These prices are ridiculously cheap. I probably would spend it over the course of a few days to buy lower though. Incredible entry point

  33. Hi! Where is the proof that calls affect the price on the undelying? Couldn't MM/hedgies not hedge at all and deliver IOUs when the call is exercised?

  34. Are you guys seeing these few trades happening way outside NBBO? I saw a 4.5k order and a 1.5k order at 115 when the lowest bit was at 116.20

  35. Can anyone help me on here? Are options cheap already or does it take some time at this price level for them to get cheaper? Looking at the March atm or slightly otm calls

  36. I got a question. Haven’t really looked into to options at all. I want to buy some ITM calls but I no nothing about them. I have some money right now, but can get a hold of significant more later to exercise them. I guess I’m just looking to some guidance on how to read options chains and recommendation from the crowd. Or should I just forget about options all together?

  37. I would suggest not buying options if you don't understand them. If you want to learn more do some googling. Do some research on Investopedia. Open a free TDA Think or Swim account and paper trade options (no money on the line) to get a sense of how to buy and sell them and how the options react to time/changes in underlying stock price. lookup how to roll options (sell an option at upticks and use the funds to buy either farther out calls or lower strike contracts) and practice rolling some options using paper trading. Also learn how your broker handles exercising of the calls (cashless exercise, or if you have to sell a contract to exercise, as exercising contracts puts additional pressure on MMs)

  38. Im too poor to do options but have learnt a lot from watching Gherks stream and one of the the things he tells people to do before they use there own cash is to use a paper account till you know exactly how it all works.

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