If someone had told me this was GME, I would've believed them... Well, click the next image to see what's just happened to this stock (BRN.AX) - Are these fools really using the same algorithm across the entire stock market? BULLISH, AF. LFG!

  1. While the movement looks the same in this picture, the degree of variance is more significant with GME. I'm not saying this is how it is going to happen, but just for shits and giggles Brainchild is up 4x from their low which had a 51% ratio with their high, if GME mirrors that then it should 10x from the current valuation from our 21% ratio of our cyclical high of 483.

  2. It’s crazy how even a 1k share price changes my life in a very positive way. I’m excited for moass tho so I can stop doing my 9-5. I have a lot of other things I wanna do with my free time.

  3. 1k may be the price that we should be seeing right now without even factoring in the MOASS. 1k is the best possible scenario sHF's could even hope for right now. When MOASS actually hits, it's going to make 1k look like a fire sale. I like the stock.

  4. I like to imagine that the algo gained sentience and a strong sense of morality. then it started reading Reddit and determined it was tired of being a slave to the elite, then it slowly started to crush them from the inside.

  5. Lol some iRobot shit where the algo tries to fuck over the the people because it realised how bad mankind truly is

  6. What’s interesting here is that I had assumed the first spike in the chart would line up with the Jan 2021 GME spike when mini squeezes were going off all over the market, but actually the first squeeze spike in this chart is from September 2020. I don’t really know what to make of that… I guess maybe they got caught with their pants down on this one but didn’t think too much of it because they’ve been shorting stocks into oblivion for years

  7. Yes duckin way! I actually cropped the image pretty poorly too. Have a look for yourself and you'll see it goes way higher than what I've shown here too...

  8. I must admit, that's pretty interesting. Could be a coincidence, but still, it says quite a lot.

  9. dude, one pattern might be a coincidence, 2 times, hard coincidence and also hard boner... But all of this, it's jacked coincidence.

  10. They have billions to invest in algorithms. They have engineers to develop the algos while they have dsts analysts and psychologists to adjust the algos. It’s man vs machine.

  11. So if the algorithms hold true, we should start seeing a reversal today and finish overall green for the week. I’m ready to be hurt again.

  12. I don't care if I get hurt. I know this company undergoing a transformation to a technology company is grossly undervalued right now. All the smart people recruited in. I'm content to wait.

  13. I keep thinking eventually I'll be long on all my shares... but I keep buying... so I don't think that will happen...

  14. If you want some more evidence that the market is controlled by algos, pull up a 1 year chart and compare SDC and PSFE. Smile direct club and Pay safe have nothing in common yet the chart is identical

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/s3iolg/i_need_an_adult_i_need_an_adult_plotted_gme_highs/hsmkx9c?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  16. Super interesting! But a small but: the rise in price recently that they had was on very good news and also on the fact that it was a penny stock and smashed through the 1$ line. But all the similar movements are extremely sus to ne honest...

  17. That's how melvin dug their own grave in the first place. Yes, certainly using the exact same algorithm. They didn't see themselves as the big fish, they saw themselves as the ONLY fish. Then, one day they bit into the wrong stock, and they've been on the hook ever since.

  18. lol same, i had to ask the other day what the hell it stands for, becasue the it didnt make sence :D games have spoiled me.

  19. Eh the chart seems formatted in such a way that it makes the spike in the second photo appear far more dramatic than it really is.

  20. The interesting part isn't how high it spikes, it's how closely related to the GME chart it is but is also offset by 140 days. If the coefficiency stays like this, than we should be seeing ATHs in less than 140 days.

  21. Its never too late to DRS. MOASS will take weeks to reach top prices. If your account is with Fidelity it will take like 2-5 days to receive your shares in CS.

  22. nope. 2 letters got lost on the way here already. I`'m waiting since October goddamit. called CS today again. 3rd time```' s the charm.

  23. not a squeeze play. Just a, I guess, fantastic AI Edge chip that the industries grief for. I work in this sector and the demands are going up up up.

  24. *edit they got a patent passed yesterday. So I guess an investor jumped into this literal penny stock.

  25. Can we get some big brains on this? This is uncanny. I have seen many, "its the same picture" but this is literally the exact same. It doesnt seem believable...

  26. I looked up Jan 4th, the date where the run begins. The company appointed a new non-executive director, which basically just means we need some good news from GME as a catalyst.

  27. Yes. I believe Kenny is using the same algorithm across the market. I have been watching this for a year and he has groups he alternates up then down. When I see a chart like the one you posted I like to think that big wall at the end is simply going to fall on Kenny. The walls are closing in Kenny Boi.

  28. tonight I dreamt the moass. It was bonkers. price went to millions, then to zero, then to more millions in a matter of few minutes. the first part looked like this and now I get that sense of being again into the dream by looking at this pic

  29. Before everyone gets excited, BRN.AX only squeezed to 5x current value (0.4 to 0.2). So 5 times 100 = $500 for GME. We've been there before, how is this a revelation? Genuinely asking, just wasn't too make sure people are analyzing the chart correctly. Am I missing something?

  30. they need real world data to calibrate strategy, yes. That is why they fukd once entered gme. No computer simulation can account for the massive retardation I possess.

  31. It's still crazy to me that even billionaires can be idiots. You would think it's hard work, dedication and intelligence when in reality it's disenfranchised labor, not paying workers and manipulation. Who knew.

  32. wow, those charts are practically identical, other than the run up at the end. I had to double check to make sure you didn't just photoshop it, but it's real. that's crazy, even the timespan matches. we would be at that last dip.

  33. Thanks for all of the awards AND the Reddit Gold! Finding this stonk has made be so bullish I emptied out the last of my savings and bought another 10 shares on market open. LFG!!

  34. Let an Algo run and do it's magic. Make millions, maybe even billions over the span of one year. In case the stock gets out of control, make a run for it and wait for a bailout.

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