UPDATE: Twitter “Oops *MOASS*” tweet - Sr. Community Manager @GameStop

  1. He first tweeted when stonk started following him " I tweet clothes, shoes and other cool things, not everything is a sign"

  2. If someone got into big trouble for it, then it doesn't sound like it was from Ryan Cohen even. No wonders it was removed from the social media account, if it was a low level grunt baiting shareholders.

  3. They've told the intern: "Just engage with the community, make them reply and like your tweet! I'll get some coffee brb"...

  4. This was most of the confirmation I was looking for. In the earlier tweet by Rukari he came off as condescending and backpedaling; I took it as a "Yeah, I use bait-and-switch hype to sell shit, deal with it".

  5. My take on it is that unfortunately, the legal system is part of the racket as well. Companies have to play it safe and are held to standards the short sellers are not.

  6. He’s a self-promoter. That’s what they do. They talk and talk and talk. Still not sure what his actual job is.

  7. Same. I get that he’s “doing his own thing” but holy shit some of the things he’s saying is unprofessional. Not trying to sound like a damn boomer but he’s still representing the company name?

  8. People act surprised that many of us think this guy is a dick, but don’t realize every clip that shows him is shitting on apes

  9. Why do you think that? I perceived him as speaking plainly, but maybe there is something I’m missing.

  10. It's just one dude's word, why the fuck would we listen? He can easily prove it, but hasn't. It's not that hard to show who logged into the account and what the actual punishment was.

  11. Not sure why this guy is all of a sudden a focal point. But, I don't really like how he presents himself, on behalf of a company I invested a good chunk of my money in.

  12. I’m with you on that. Rukari likes to hear Rukari talk. Check out his Twitter profile. This dude is all about self-promotion.

  13. He’s promoting and talking about himself, literally not relevant to GameStop at all since he can’t answer the „real“ questions anyway.

  14. This guy has sucked big fat donkey balls from the jump. Do yall not remember the day he tweeted Gamestop rocket emoji shorts and then the next day bragged about it helping his personal twitter reach 10k. Now hes at 12k. This dude needs to STFU cause hes certainly sounding like FUD. He said he doesnt even know what Ryan Cohen looks like. He doesnt know jack shit about the MOASS thesis. This is an idiot working remotely from like Seattle. Dude should be fired. What happened to judge us by our actions?

  15. Yeah, I don't really like the assertion that "using wikipedia as a source" is a deplorable thing. Wikipedia is a great source of information.

  16. IMO their lawyers told them they need their hands clean before the announcement and MOASS. Bullish AF.

  17. Yeah, right before their last shareholder meeting he said "not everything is a hint," and it kind of sounded like some things are. Personally, I don't read into GameStop's tweets at all. But it seems like his claims have shifted this recent week, to "nothing is a hint" from SMRT.

  18. That tweet was up for quite a while and they never noticed? And the guy chilling on the moon? Yeah don't try and backtrack now

  19. Did he just confirm it wasn’t someone from the smrt team? And that said person got in very big trouble, if I recall around when that was posted is when Cohen was around the sec

  20. No he actually didn't confirm anything, he just said that. Confirmation requires more than some guy, who is literally paid to represent the company and protect their interests, saying something.

  21. Oh 100% he answered literally every question I saw in the stream, even the silly ones. Basically just a good dude trying to do his best at social media.

  22. I met him in 2011 at PAX West for Halofest. Dude was absolutely as chill and genuine in person as he seemed on that stream.

  23. This guy has been so wishy washy the whole time. He says things that contradict things he’s said in the past. My two assumptions are:

  24. If that wasn't from Gamestop then they should say so and that they disciplined or fired whoever tweeted it. They can't just say "oops Moass" delete their tweet and act like it was of no consequence.

  25. I gladly accept this answer, and hope others will prove that this community acknowledges great hype history can be debunked. Also yes, don't be annoying on Twitter with stocks and create a negative view

  26. I acknowledge that some dude said a thing but has no evidence to back it up. Is the equivalent of when a senator says that an intern did it.

  27. I haven’t ever subscribed to the Twitter tin foil but the “oops MOASS” tweet iirc came one day after moon man, and moon man came on the first day that RC had visibility in the vote count. If this was someone stepping out of line then the timing sure is wild that they would tweet something so hype inducing on those specific days where it almost felt like a direct reaction

  28. No it didn’t, it happened around the same time as Mass Effect remaster was getting released in June. So they were about a month apart.

  29. This guy seems like a real dude but comes off as cocky. He needs to learn to engage with his customers in a way that is meaningful and not call them idiots when they take the purposefully misleading interactions to heart. Seems like a bait and switch to pad his numbers and stroke his ego. Not cool.

  30. Nah man. This was just a small clip from his full 2 hour stream. He was a super nice guy and literally answered every question anyone asked. This was on his personal Twitter account if you want to check it out.

  31. Fair point about not taking tweets as gospel, but why do I feel like he shitting on the best shareholders in the world? Is this ”Gamestop official” or this guys private thoughts?

  32. This is his personal Twitter. He hasn’t insulted or belittled retail investors, but there are bad actors and shills that make it difficult for him to successfully do his job. There’s way too much anger going to this guy. He’s a great person.

  33. “That’s like saying you did your research project and researched on wiki pedia” Is this what Ryan Cohen was referring to in his Wikipedia tweet ?

  34. Idk… this sounds like fud to me (not accusing op of it but saying the contents of the video sound like a guy who either doesn’t know the details of the moass thesis or someone who is familiar but discounts it as internet hype).

  35. He is self admitting to not know anything about the MOASS theory or anything related to the stock. So yes, he isn’t coming from our perspective, but he loves the company and wants it to grow.

  36. Yet the GameStop company has revamped it’s image using rocket emojis, apes, cats, moons, bananas, red bandanas, etc. They also made a game where a cat in a banana costume jumps over rockets on a moon. They posted pics of astronauts on the moon with the GS logo on their arms. They’ve referenced our sub numerous times, used our memes, and exploited our money not only as shareholders who buy stock but as people who buy from the company. The chairman of the company has tweeted memes from this very sub numerous times.

  37. Lol calm down, this guy is a self promoter from the social media team. They don’t know anything related to the company itself

  38. This guy doesn’t know what the guck he’s talking about. He’s a game show host at best. He’ll be gone soon.

  39. They didn’t play anyone for fools. He just said the social media team didn’t have a part in that. Large corporations like this are very segmented. He doesn’t have anything to do with their other behind the scenes activities. Like for real, they gave us exactly what we wanted and we will see MOASS one day soon

  40. Bro it’s just PR, there good to us. High management doesn’t let low level employees such as this guy in on anything. Decide for yourself but me personally I still think it was Ryan Cohen that posted it.

  41. This guy doesn’t speak very professionally, saying get the fuck off Twitter to the customer/investor base. Remind me how this guy has a job?

  42. I wouldn't use language quite as strong as that, but agree that his manner of engaging with the investor base is often patronizing, aggressive, and unprofessional. Kinda pathetic how we elevate an ordinary, corporate employee to celebrity status and fawn over him.

  43. Also, if you expect that someone who you think has gone to the effort of posting coded/cryptic messages, to just undermine the entire reason why said messages were cryptic by telling everyone on livestream, you're a complete and utter moron.

  44. Sure there's some random dude on Twitter randomly posting things to the GameStop account and sure he got in trouble, sure cereal guys. That's why this guy can't/doesn't tell us exactly who he it was and what specific trouble was had.

  45. ngl, I'm not a fan of this dude. He acts like he's the bleeping (figersnaps)CEO. I really don't need a low level twitter whore telling me what to say or not say when I own more than his annual salary in stock. Who works for who here? GME is not his "moment" to shine like a Tik Tok diva, just engage with fans and be cool, he's not good at either of those things. Really don't think he's going to be around much longer. Talking down to customers and shareholders is NOT the RC and GME way.

  46. Lol bad judge of character on your part, pal. He is an excellent social media lead. He doesn’t want the spotlight. This was his personal Twitter outside of normal company hours.

  47. In other words, he don’t know shit and is self promoting using GameStop. He said he wasn’t even there when the oops tweet happened weeks ago. Ofcourse the Social Media Team doesn’t know anything related to the company but this guy should learn how to talk to shareholders lmao, he’s not streaming a video game.

  48. I dig it, I was beefing earlier but this clarifies things a lot, 100% shouldn't be bothering this guy. Wikipedia's pretty lit but I appreciate the twitter thing, lol

  49. who can blame him, neckbeards here are fkng annoying. let it happen, it will. stop badgering the shit out of people.

  50. He is 100% right and all you idiots who think he owes anyone in this sub (who he doesn’t know exists beyond his Twitter feed) anything is delusional

  51. I actually love this guy, he's really nice and just trying to do his job, I just feel sorry for him having to deal with the idiots on twitter claiming to be invested in GME.

  52. We have to remember that most folks in business or public roles who use Twitter also use it for the “Kharma”. They use social media to gain a following so it makes sense to sometimes pop in some kind of content which will increase the following/engagement. This could be that in a way? I might just be talking out my bum after all and have no clue about a clue.

  53. True story, I had multiple professors tell me to use Wikipedia as a source, one went so far as saying we could reference it because he's likely the person that wrote the article if we end up on Wikipedia for this one assignment. TADDDR; Moon tomorrow

  54. Which hype is BS? DRS shares, price movement control on low liquidity and volume, ETFs FTDs, share FTDs, Deep OTM options that no one would buy except to use for manipulation, social media manipulation (recent one was by MSM in one day bashing on the NFT marketplace news that GameStop never officially released), push to divert with other market diversions, "glitches" on share lending, etc. Those are all types of hype that hasn't stopped. Twitter comments or posts from a social media manager are not since their job is only pertaining to company products/services.

  55. Prior to this video, I would've sunk a lot of Moass money into gme. Now, not so sure. That is all. Moass still happening and drs your shares.

  56. I’ve been loving following this guys account. He’s doing his best to tell folks to take off the tinfoil. That’s a good thing, GME doesn’t need tinfoil ideas, there’s plenty of solid stuff to go on without reaching for nonsense.

  57. MOASS ain’t happening. But what happening is a transformative company pivoting to a very exciting industry, worth billions. I’m on that train. Any type of squeeze is a bonus

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