Seeing a lot more users being approved to Superstonk - Whats everyone's thoughts on this?

  1. I don’t fear shills. I welcome them in fact. Refuting them keeps people on their game and leads to new DD to prove them wrong.

  2. I'm kinda with you on that, it's good for people to poke holes in the DD so we're not victims of confirmation bias. But yea, the bots being able to manipulate and move posts up and down on the sub to push whatever agenda they have is concerning.

  3. A new wave of posts saying "I was just approved" this week from a bunch of users on the sub. I am wondering how Satori works because after checking some of the users they have below the Karma requirements to post...I'm not trying to gatekeep, I'm just trying to figure out how Satori/approval works.

  4. Place is compromised. Just look at the number of name_name_XXX and name-name-XXX accounts cruising in /new and owning the threads early with heavily upvoted comments that always push a certain narrative, they are as obvious as obvious gets. I’ve been here over a year and it’s not the same anymore.

  5. I think that if after a year there’s no amount of Counter DD that will change the thesis. Let new people join and participate, if shills take control of the sub and cause people to paperhand then they haven’t read enough DD.

  6. I joined on the first day of this sub. I only got approved by Satori this week. I asked for approval when Satori was announced. Maybe I had to prove I wasn't a shill before being approved.

  7. I've been posting and commenting here for months. Two days ago I get a message saying I was approved...was like wtf?

  8. timing. Remember the post Jan end interest and spike. You're starting to see that wave incoming. as more found superstonk, and aged in through posts and time.

  9. Dont know what happened but i got approved recently as well and im just happy that i can finally post/comment in my favourite sub🙏 Dont worry i think most approved users will most probably be longtime lurker apes

  10. Same here, I dont comment really often, but have been in the GME game since 2020 and just got approved yesterday.

  11. The “newbies” like you who choose Reddit autogenerated usernames and hang out in /new downvoting and upvoting like mad while they spread their opinions on every single new post aren’t “newbies” at all, they’re shills. This place is compromised by people paid to disrupt us.

  12. Yea so far I've noticed that they're mostly posting DRS stuff so thats a huge plus. I'm just wondering if anything has changed about karma requirements - it didn't seem like there were under the automod section of the rules.

  13. I think it's pretty suspect after the whole voting thing and the excuse is "Satori" was back logged now they're letting batches of people in but I would say just watch what slowly pours in like all the recent shitpost and you decide, because when Mods are needed crickets and when no one asks they start "fixing and rearranging" the whole split between the sub over options not one Mod stepped up or maybe one silently but they seem to lately do whatever post about it and disappear.

  14. Agreed...I hate being a tin foil hat wearing nutjob but crazier things have happened in this sub and GME in general ...

  15. Yea I just got approved last night , was kinda wondering what the deal was, would honestly rather not be able to post then let a bunch of sus ppl in on posting

  16. Sorry but I don’t totally agree with OP other than him/her questioning the Satori decisions but I do agree with a lot of the other apes comments on the more the merrier. I remember when I was having a hard time getting to ask questions about 8/9 months ago due to karma requirements, since I don’t karma farm, to find out how to switch to fidelity and the correct way of doing it. Finally I reached the karma requirements and my question was answered by a generous and very helpful ape. Now we have DD post at the beginning in which we didn’t have back then. We are up against the most powerful people in the world and to fight them we need as many apes as possible. As for shills, come on, by now we can tell the difference and downvote/ignore them. We’ll never stop them but they can’t stop us neither. Our destiny is in our control by buying, drs and not selling. If you check my account you’ll see I joined at the end of January last year but have a low karma total because I mostly read and don’t comment unless I feel compelled to, like right now. Peace out ✌️

  17. Historically, if you met karma requirements you could post/comment. People are being approved who do not, which is what I'm inquiring about.

  18. Well considering there’s apparently 725k members and I only see between 30-35k ever online at the same time tells me there’s 650k members who are most likely shills. I don’t mind having more but the moderation/vetting leaves a lot to be desired.

  19. And at the same time, it seems I don't have enough karma to post my purple ring whereas I was able to post not so long ago... Makes no sense

  20. I've been here since day 1. I have shitloads of Karma. Randomly got an email saying I am an approved user about a week ago, so it's not just new people.

  21. Even though I've just been approved after so much time investing and DRSing in silence, I don't like it that much... It feels weird that we put all those fences around the sub just to take them down... But shills still managed to get into the sub with those restrictions so... Did those really mattered anyway ?

  22. Wut. Really. Don't tell me anyone has decided popcorn is a better bet after this long? Or is it just that this sub has become dull, which it has to be fair

  23. I hate to say it, but 99% of CS letter posts could easily be faked - you have to literally cover up the unique parts, and the rest could just be mocked up.

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