Apes would appreciate GameStop requesting Computershare to host retirement accounts for GME. Please and thank you.

  1. Canada cheching in, eh: there is a Canadian Computershare office; we similary want our GME TFSAs, LIRA, and RRSPs to be DRS! {These are similar to IRAs)

  2. If you have 2k invested you can bring this up as an issue that must be addressed by the investor conference. I think, going off my lousy memory.

  3. What if the notifications of registered shareholder percentage last quarter was a foot in the door towards addressing this? Information regarding registered shareholders has been disclosed, possibly to set a precedent, to address registered shareholders more frequently.

  4. Please don't bite my head off I'm only a smooth brain but maybe there is a reason gamestop doesn't want IRA in computershare cuz this is a squeeze play and an IRA investment may prevent people from taking part in the squeeze? I dno just speculating cuz papa Cohen is all about customer service and shareholders. And if the power resides with them to allow this there may be a reason they aren't. Again I don't know jack shit about IRA or whatever it's called as I'm no American ape but it makes sense for me to think of it like that. Maybe post moass they will open it up. But that still prevents those who already bought that way to DRS so I dno, just my two cents on the topic.

  5. Not gonna lie, this is the scariest part of this whole saga to me: why won't they do this? I wrote them several emails on this topic months ago and never heard back. I will write another tonight.

  6. I read a reasonable explanation a hour ago about possible ideas in why GME is not interested in directly facilitating DRS IRA, I have not followed it up with my own research so take it for what it is.

  7. THIS is the question apes need to ask themselves. Why won't they do it? They are an all star group, any true ape knows that. They must have a damn good reason why they won't do it and

  8. I also have xxxx locked up in an IRA. I’ve reached out to GME investor relations about this too. Haven’t received a reply.

  9. My thoughts are simple on this. They need us to hold a little bit longer so they can complete their transformation. Once it’s complete they have no reason to not throw us this bone. That being said I believe this is closer to happening than we think. They’ve been working on this for over a year now an there’s something we aren’t seeing. My gut says this FTD cycle will be the last and I’m throwing all my cash at this discount when it drops below $100.

  10. I have mid range XXX and I'm in the same boat. Good thing it's ready for battle when given the green light... until then it waits.

  11. You are not alone. Most of my shares are in my IRA. Given this group is probably fairly young, it may only be a small % of us in this spot, but realize your average person with shares in IRAs probably have a LOT more shares than your average holder here. It's a LOT of shares, and the type of investors more likely to patiently hold.

  12. I'm one of the few apes that Ally let through to CS... but supposedly Ally will transfer them all back to themselves, out from CS, against my will...

  13. Yellow border guy’s back. Anyways, maybe RC is waiting for the right time to request CS to host retirement accounts.

  14. I often wonder if Cohen doesnt make any moves such as this, or buying more shares etc.. The establishment would find a way to twist his moves in “manipulation of the stock.” I would want it to happen organically, with zero moves by gamestop until the float is locked.

  15. Yeah honestly I read this as another piece of confirmation bias for MOASS. GameStop knows what's on the line here and treading carefully.

  16. Probably.. or maybe stuff like that Tages ages and is not really that easy since the SEC ist waiting for them to make a mistake.

  17. I mean, he does have a Twitter.... if he is respectfully tagged over this multiple times, I do think he will look into it.

  18. Their IR team has to know about it, I emailed them in November and never got a reply and many others have reported the same. They must have a reason why they're not doing it and THAT perspective may help apes get to the truth.

  19. It’s seems odd they haven’t done it, odder still they won’t reply when asked. To me that has only three possible explanations, and they all need deeper research.

  20. Could retirement accounts be used as collateral or anything and "removing" that money/shares could tip the balance so Gamestop have been told not to? Probably not but just curious

  21. If at some point in the near future it is announced by Computershare that they now provide IRA accounts for GME, it would be hard to argue that GameStop finally requesting it is just coincidence or for any other reason than a further means to help lock their float in DRS.

  22. If financial restructure is going to take place don’t you think they have their investors’ best interests ?

  23. Can we just email their investor relations? Or even the regular contact on their website. If many of us do it they'll listen

  24. Why don’t Apes just request Gamestop to allow them to certify their shares again and pay for the paper certificates so they can hold them in their own hands?

  25. Please Mister Ryan Cohen, do not forget about all the International apes if you ask ComputerShare to enable the DRS button for tax-advantaged investment accounts. I made a list (please add if I've missed anything!)...

  26. Could be typical that IRAs don’t have real shares, which would render them useless in securing float. This likely why RC not making custodian move.

  27. This isn’t helping. People are trying to drs IRAs without hitting tax issues. That’s like me telling you to flair up and stfu.

  28. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/s5ioe3/shareholder_proposal_gamestop_corp_should_open/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  29. I would DRS my IRA so hard and fast. 70% of my shares lay there. Also have a buddy were 80% of his are in IRA. Like 80p shares worth or so. I'm sure that's the case with many of us.

  30. Would it be considered manipulation if RC did this? Kinda odd it's not already a thing since I have 3x as many shares locked in an IRA I'd gladly move out or fudelity.

  31. If major fuckery was pulled, people could lose their retirement fund, maybe he doesn't want that kind of thing on his conscience.

  32. I am gonna go out on a limb and say this isn’t as easy as double clicking the mouse or as simple as the wife’s boyfriend making her $CuM$…

  33. Probably won't do it because they don't want to be the direct cause for the MOASS. Legally they'd get fucked.

  34. If enabling people to DRS their own shares causes MOASS, then the system was fucked to begin with. Plus the short interest is only like 10% according to the data! The shorts said it themselves that they already covered and exited their positions 🤣

  35. While it would be nice to not pay taxes, does anyone really think they're not going to be retiring comfortably if they have to pay taxes?

  36. I wonder if it has anything to do with that law that prohibits companies from actively telling investors to drs. If they were to make this change now, possible legal implications? I don't know. All I know that all my ira shares have been xferred in kind to cash account taking tax hit, then all went to cs under MY NAME! I don't have to worry about ira fuckery anymore.

  37. I wish there was a clearer line of communication for things like this, we're just kind of shouting into the ether and hoping it gets picked up. I know there's no 'we' but still, as shareholders if we just so happen to have a shared request of our beloved company, there should be a way to make our voices known.

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