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  1. hmm, i wonder if they crashed crypto and now they are back to their bullshit. I remeber last year everyone and their grandma was hyping crypto, and we knew shf had big positions cause when money was due btc would drop a significant amount. Was this the last rug pull? did they sell out maybe because regulations are comming? Im just brainstorming 🧠

  2. Any slightly smooth euroapes lock themselves out of their CS account and get a message saying a temp password will be sent out? Hope it doesn’t take weeks 🥴😬🙄

  3. Scumbag Webull just trying to squeeze $75 from people for transfers on any remaining shares in their accounts....

  4. for anyone having doubts, for GME to run up $30 AH, and then proceeding to drop 40% since the start of the month, if it was really over would we see this fuckery???

  5. They dramatically lowered guidance despite small beats on top and bottom lines. Forecasting fewer than half the subscribers previously expected. Plus their costs are running high as they produce more media. Plus they’ve been trading at a mid 40’s PE and that was pricing in growth—which they certainly won’t provide.

  6. I'm drinking some brandy and listening to Kenny Rogers tonight. One of the best year of my life. You apes fuck!!!

  7. Given everything that has been happening and with how it feels like things are... Intensifying, I feel like RC's next tweet is gonna be a big one.

  8. “what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.'

  9. Yes! Great jam! I saw them play a show a month or two ago. I think they might have played that but can't recall. Leo seems like an interesting dude.

  10. I currently have my GME positions in IBKR with a missing cost basis (transferred from another broker). Got the email notification on the 10th of Jan. Now its the 22nd and I am trying to DRS it, but IBKR says I have no positions available to DRS, probably due to it being not settled. Is 12 days insufficient for shares to settle or is it my missing cost basis that is the problem? Please help this ape-wannabe

  11. Trade should settle in t+2, so problem is on their end. I would search for ibkr posts and see what other apes experiences are

  12. It is an ETF. It has GME as one of it's holdings. Market Makers are able to short ETFs in a specific way - they can take a share of the ETF and strip out the various stocks. They can keep the ones they like (go long) and short the ones they don't (GME).

  13. So selfawarewerewolves is having a NFT circle jerk off session. Literally seeing so many people criticize and hate a technology they don’t understand and are probably all gonna end up using is strange. It’s quite sad how some arguments are literally not even about the technology but are hating it cause of the way some people use it. Personally I hate the arguments of “you don’t actually own anything” but then proceed to believe they own their house and land and that their money is more then painted paper cause I’m all for acknowledging the grand illusion but doing so but saying yours is different is going full retard. Also the weird eco ones are strange cause they assume all power made is powered by fossil fuels and even then if they pay for the power the fair price why do they care. Honestly how manufactured their counterpoints are is tiring cause they speak like it’s the worse thing since pop up adds but no one has actually managed to criticize the technology they are all blaming the book for what was written on it and saying burn all books. It’s like the encryption arguments all over again.

  14. You have to admit that current nft usage is pretty stupid and the problem for the masses is that they absorb what they see first. They’re fed these stories that this is all that nfts are for. Nothing they read will explain what the function of an nft is.

  15. I can't believe how much money I lost in the past 3 months Edit. I haven't sold I just mean it's cane down from 250 to 100 and I've got a feeling it's not coming back . This time feels different

  16. Lol pip it’s like people don’t know you live on the sub with the rest of the regulars. Always getting downvoted for your jokes

  17. I wonder...couldn't more and more people start DRSing all their shares and move away from the traditional broker-dealers like Ally, Goldman, and the rest, and also move to ComputerShare or a new blockchain based platform created by GameStop and/or Loopring?

  18. I think you’re overestimating the impact of DRS’ing some GameStop shares on a brokerage. Share price almost certainly would remain unaffected.

  19. So if brokers are using retirement shares as a locate for lending to short sellers... do we have to just eat the penalties and sell our IRA shares, then buy through CS?

  20. How do you all feel about Patrick Byrne a)having nothing to do with Gamestop, and b) being a lunatic proponent of a cult that rhymes with Blue Anon. Like if Patrick Byrne shit is getting spammed everywhere, shouldn't that be addressed? I thought this was a sub for Gamestop stock.

  21. I paid $23 for a burrito today. I did get extra meat $3 and tipped 15% as a good person in a shop to go. But I paid $23 for a burrito today. FFS. In the past 2 years of SPACs and IPO’s GameStop is really the only legit market cap company in existence. Just saying. Burrito was acceptable. Gonna be rich in 3-5 years!

  22. if you see in my post, they shorted the tower of loans in bundle #6 (CMBX.6), but if Tangers spiked as well especially with so many of the same loans, then even MORE reason that who ever was shorting meme stocks probably KNEW ppl were shorting malls too

  23. About todays options that became worthless: How many shares do they have to buy? And could they somehow decide not to buy those shares and if they do wouldn’t that buying influence the share price in a major positive way next week?

  24. From what I gather from our fellow shareholders these put options expired worthless which means they are worth Pennys on the dollar on their books. They can’t kick the can further as it would be much more expensive to open these type of wayyyy out of the money options but probably will anyways because these are lifetime financial criminals we are dealing with.

  25. They could kick the can again I believe, but supposedly at a much greater cost than last time. Otherwise they have T+35 to find the shares that those worthless puts were hiding. But I'm just repeating shit I read from apes on Reddit who could've been smooth as eggs.

  26. 🎵It was a Clear Green Night, a clear white moon🌙 The Apes we're on the NYSE just tryna consume, some Shares for the Eve, Staring at they phones, Rollin in they Ride🚀 Pondering on this Poem🤔 Apes Just Hit The Buy Side on the NYSE, on a mission tryna find some Discount GME, Seen now All the Fud ain't no Need to Speak, All you Hedgies know wuts Up with GME🎵

  27. My SO ignores all things GME, so it was weird when today he asked if I was still in. After I affirmed, he mentioned how low the price is now. I nodded and did not mention buying the dip.

  28. Don't you find it odd that the 3 stocks the Citadel is long on have been taking a bath lately? Pton, tsla, and Netflix? With the bottom falling out of crypto they must be hurting. I am just speculating that perhaps they are being attacked.

  29. I'm sure he's got way better things to do on a Friday night than lurk in a painfully quiet daily chat, but idk, I just get the feeling that he's here with us rn.

  30. Went over to the old gambling sub’s daily to say GME is negative beta. Got yelled at and harassed endlessly. That place is full of shills and broken hearts now.

  31. If MOASS arrives while I’m at work, really hope I run into at least one other ape walking to their car in the middle of the work-day as we vow never to return again.

  32. Can you imagine? Like something out of a music video. Everywhere random people dropping their shit and running out in the streets for ape new years

  33. They borrow an ETF because it contains a number of stocks but they short sell just the ones they want and return the rest of the EFT so as to short a stock without directly showing that you are.

  34. It's my 9 year cake day, just want to say I love you fellow Apes, bought 2 more shares today, let's keep up the fight and I'll see you next week!!

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