Anyone else think MOASS will happen once Russia invades Ukraine? I mean every news outlet would be consumed with war coverage, more than likely would limit FOMO because the news wouldn’t be covering MOASS, prolly just my tin foil hat speaking tho🤷🏻‍♂️

  1. You don’t put tanks and a couple hundred thousand troops on the boarder of Ukraine and Russia if you’re not planning something

  2. They will need a cover or multiple covers yes. COVID variants were tried but didn’t gain much traction so they will need something super spicy.

  3. Point valid. Can't see moss happening if Russia invades. But I can't see Russian invading any time soon. Been here 5 times in 10 year already.

  4. I do not think Russia would invade Ukraine but try to force hand of the West to give what he wants. War will be ugly for Russia too. This is a crisis created by Russia .

  5. They always need to blame X country and fear war and sanctions because of liquidity issues within crypto. Like last run up when China banned crypto. Same same but different

  6. MOASS?? What MOASS??? Hey look over there!!! It's a war/solar flare/5G plane crash/murder hornet invasion/full ancient aliens disclosure!!!!!

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