31/01/2022 - GME Bloomberg Terminal information

  1. Comparing info from your Last update, pretty big deal here Erik Swanson from the Chicago Crime syndicate of Simplex Trading , their Put positions failed their task lol

  2. some of these are glitches ... manulife for sure. check older posts for confirmation. i'm pretty sure credit suisse is glitch too. however, invesco is new, if memory serves.

  3. MUD waiting to happen. Of course they are; this isn't their short position, just options... so it is in their best interest to fudge their 13F reporting and hide their true positions via BNY Mellon.

  4. I have. Can't pinpoint exactly where because it's 4:24 pm right now but I believe they were helping Shitadel in some way. I'll look into it and make edits to this post when I find out more

  5. It makes sense with how the price has been moving. I don't think they like it being too obvious. When a crash happens they don't want people to fomo into gme.

  6. How did simplex trading get rid of 39,000 puts, in the terminal drop a couple days ago they had 80,000 puts, now 41,000

  7. fckery.. its like those 2 brazillian companies that only appears twice and never seen again that has hundreds of thousand positions

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