Superstonk, we have a problem

  1. Respectful discussion is always encouraged but please keep the comments civil. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether you agree or not. At the end of the day, we are still all on the same side and are here because of one main reason; we like the stock.

  2. The relationships seem a bit forced, but I understand your concerns. Engagement in the sub has been trending down for a variety of reasons and I think the mods have recognized that as well and may be why we’ve seen renewed interest in AMAs.

  3. Coming from a cryp7o sub this feels normal to me. After a while there really isn't much to talk about. "What you up to these days? Stacking satsDRSing shares. Cool me too. Me too."

  4. Same. I hit up gmedd for a breakdown of any substantial news and check here in case there is something interesting like Atobit’s dd the other day.

  5. I def don't visit this sub as much but only because I felt it was affecting my anxiety levels. I'm sure many others feel the same yet we're still holding for life! We could certainly in this for the long haul, so everyone needs to just enjoy their lives.

  6. Yeah I realized this sub became a bit toxic at times too, and that I was too consumed with it. I’ve decided to buy, hold, and shop at GME while doing my own DD on GME.

  7. I know 2 things: Buy and Hold. This sub is certainly important, but I don’t need it anymore after nearly a year. I love y’all and will still bring memes, but peak zen

  8. This comment is similar to my experience. I'd say sometime towards the end of last summer I hit a point where I just didn't need to check this sub 100x a day anymore. At this point I usually do a skim of the top posts once a day so I can stay in the loop. When I get spare cash I buy a share or two. This is the formation I'm likely to hold until someone gets margin called or GameStops NFT marketplace starts reflecting on the balance sheet and turns into gains. It's not that I care any less, but I need less hand holding than when this all started and I was a new investor.

  9. it’s really that simple. the best dd in the world could drop tomorrow but that won’t change the outcome of the price. stay patient apes

  10. If the opposing argument isn’t debunking the DD then it isn’t worth entertaining. We can Buy, Hodl and DRS $GME to win, anything else is just playing the SHF’s game and we’re not idiots. This is a win for the Long game and DRS is the primary Long tool. Fully utilised it naturally exposes fuckery because we’re all going to want to buy more shares once the float is locked and we shouldn’t be able to right? I’m for finding out and not bothered by how long it’ll take. Grind mode.

  11. Also most of us are purely lurkers, I comment from time to time, but I mostly just scroll for 5-10 minutes every few hours. Definitely will blow up

  12. Dude, exactly. Engagement has been declining because the price is declining. There's a direct correlation between price movement and sub engagement. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see

  13. Who should I trust? The random dude on the internet or Dr Trimbath who’s been fighting against corruption her whole career?

  14. We have realized just how corrupt the U.S. Government/S.E.C. actually is. We don’t want to admit it but it seems there may be a small chance NOTHING we do will change anything because of the level of corruption and cover-ups going on. EXCEPT DRS’ing our shares, this is the only thing we can admittedly control, and the only thing we can PROVE to be an end all be all plan to this drama.

  15. Notice how borrow rates start rising quite alot and then post come along saying to give up on drs. Wow. Also look hard back on OPs comment history. For seemingly hating superstonk for months now he sure feels the need to keep comin back to shit talk drs and the sub as a whole

  16. I support DRS (of any stock, really) because it’s something individual investors can control. Another example is shopping at GameStop - no financial institution can dictate how much you spend at their stores.

  17. The only reason i have to downvote your post is cause you start it by telling people about why and how they should know you. If you have something valuable to add just post it. Turn down the ego

  18. I'm actually encouraged by all the Computershare posts. I'm zen, I don't care what the price is, I'm adding as often as I can...

  19. Yeah there are other explanations why sub engagement is down .. the number one being a lot of us have been here for over a year … have read the dd and are solid in the conviction of our individual investment. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe we don’t need to see the next theory of roll over dates to be convinced to buy options 🙄.

  20. My excuse is that it’s not sustainable for me to be that hype 24/7/365. It’s fun when there’s electricity in the air because of big events, but when it literally feels like the neverending gif of the truck about to crash for months on end, it’s not healthy to be so tied to reddit, so I continue living my life and just peek in on Reddit when I have downtime. It’ll come back but we are just zen atm

  21. You hit the nail on the fuckin head man. I dont need someone telling me about the next options play on the most manipulated stock on the market. Ive read the DD and like my investment, and the amount of people on a sub at any given point of day will not change this. This post is FUD plain and simple.

  22. I've been here over a year and rarely check in anymore because there's rarely any interesting or valuable information or debate posted anymore.

  23. Dont forget these options pushers have yet to provide an idea on any options strategies whatsoever, whether it be straddles or butterflies or anything.

  24. "But bro, near ITM call options are even better than DRSing your shares! Look at all the fancy TA I've magicked out of thin air with shiny graphs?"

  25. DRS will continue to take shares off the liquididty table. Do you think there's a correlation between available shares and the rising borrow rates? I do, but no proof. But certainly nothing bad could come of it. DRS may trigger moass, we do not know for sure. But the combination of DRS, increasing borrow rates, improving fundamentals and the NFT/tech turnaround story that provides more and more details, these will all contribute to either the moass, or a much higher stock price based on fundamentals and fomo.

  26. I have no idea if DRS is having any effect on the borrow rate now but I do know back during the sneeze the borrow rate was ~86%, without any DRS. So I have to assume that there is some other main reason for the borrow rate going up now (I believe DRS has to have an affect tho). I would say being thresholded, all of the ETFs being shorted to hell, and FED rate increases have made a bigger impact on the borrow rate.

  27. I agree. I don’t understand how OP needs proof that DRS will work or not when this situation has never happened before. Is there supposed to be a guideline or historical guidebook? I thought DrT showed a possible path but I guess not good enough since this historical amount of DRS never happened before. Did our founding fathers have a fuckin guidebook?

  28. There's a direct correlation with the borrow rate and the fact it started rising the day XRT got Thresholded. Because share creation for GME shorting comes in vast majority from ETF creation. And ETF creation doesn't require any type of share location whatsoever, it could still continue with the public free float entirely DRS'd.

  29. It’s a personal decision for me to DRS my shares. The way I see is similar to my vehicle loan. The sole purpose of my paying off my car loan is to have the car in my name giving me the title and official ownership. Putting my shares in my name feels like the equivalent. Ownership feels more secure when I’m entitled to more rights to my property.

  30. I don’t think this is the best analogy but it’s still a pretty good one. I will never understand the angle for not wanting to 100% own the thing you’re invested in.

  31. I appreciate the effort you put into your post, but it’s strange to me because you’re making some blanket assumptions that are pretty far out there.

  32. GameStop showing the DRS numbers at earnings is the best DRS DD we could have ever asked for. GS may only use the numbers to prove the fuckery to the SEC, and that's enough for me.

  33. I sometimes to forget my shares for a week at a time. I am not as active on this sub as I used to be. Even if I was always just a lurker.

  34. I think you’re wrong about DRS. DRS’ing by itself won’t cause MOASS because there are 500M shares out there. But DRS numbers can give GS legal arguments it might need to spur action from regulatory agencies, via pressure or court of law. Proving a stock is oversold is nearly impossible without DRS. I don’t think normal investing practices, via buy and hold, or calls and puts, will do anything either. But we’ve both been wrong so far, so we can agree to both be wrong.

  35. It's an asymmetric bet inside an asymmetric bet. Either DRS leads nowhere, then the loss is small (the cost of DRSing) or DRS leads to MOASS, and the gain is huge. I see very little downside to DRSing and a lot of possible upside. I personally think the cost of DRSing and the inconvenience of buying through CS is worth the peace of mind I get from knowing my shares are in my own name on Gamestop's own books.

  36. Also the reality is if none of this was taking place i’d be working the next 25+ years regardless. So if Moass can be with in the next 5 years i’d be ok with that also.

  37. I don’t agree, the point of drsing is to factually prove that crime is happening in the broad daylight. To legally record and show to doj or whoever, look, the float is fully registered, why are there shares still being traded? Also, you imply that drs posts are reducing the activity of the sub, how do you know that? A lot of people don’t visit this sub anymore cause there is no new ground breaking DD worth reading. Everything was written and read, some people don’t want to waste their time here, hence the zen apes, buy hold and drs.

  38. Just another FUD attempt. Op is just mad that options bullshit hyping has been slowed way down and the anti DRS is not working so now we have the "sub does not have an open mind" FUD. This sub has a very open mind but once something is proven WRONG like options and something has been proven RIGHT like DRS then we are not going to keep falling for the FUD. That is not a closed mind. That is called SMART

  39. I just want my own name on my shares. I believe any long and rational investor would want to take reasonable action to prevent other actors with their own goals from harming their investment.

  40. If I want to prove I have 100 Pennies I would count them out in front of you, if we want to prove we own 100% of the float the most clear cut way is to have all the shares registered in our names. It’s that simple.

  41. Unless you can establish a causal connection, all you've presented is an elaborate visualization of a correlation.

  42. So whats your argument against DRS providing tangible proof for the sec that the float is locked and it spotlights naked shorting?

  43. I THOUGHT A WRINKLE BRAIN SAID IF 125k drsed 300 shares each the float would be locked.That doesn’t seem to hard or years to do

  44. It’s a logarithmic tail-off. Natural processes with limited resources almost always follow this trend.

  45. GameStop wouldn’t be including the number of shares registered with their transfer agent if it wasn’t important.

  46. I'm firmly in "Alea iacta est" territory regarding Direct registration of shares, and so because I have done that registration, I can remain zen, and resolute in my decision.

  47. First time I've heard someone say we should reach out but not with our subreddit. On point I think. We are a little too in-crowd. Our DD library is solid though.

  48. If DRS didnt benefit GME is some way, it wouldnt be reported on the annual and quarterly earnings reports. I want to help RC and the team any way i can, even if i dont fully understand the mechanics in play. Its clearly important enough for them. Its important enough for me.

  49. This is complete and utter speculation, just like the rest of your DD. If you learned about the markets by interacting with a sweaty neckbeard that doesn't understand the financial instruments he uses on a daily basis, then I don't put a shred of confidence in your ability to make rational conclusions or to analyze anything using mathematics.

  50. Is there any good dd here anyways? Engagement is dropping because nothing new is really coming out anymore. I dont spend as many hours as i used to here. But doesnt mean i dont believe as much as i used to

  51. I don't have to come and check SS every single day/hour/minute if the outcome is still the same. I'm not selling.

  52. ill clear up the theory for your ignorant arrogance. If the float reaches 100 % locked the SEC better lock their doors from Apes

  53. All I need to know about DRS is the fact GME keeps putting the number in their reports. I am rational and it makes sense to me.

  54. "Not pro-DRS"? Wtf. Why wouldn't you want people to have 100% of their shares in their name? What is even the point of all this if we can't own our company? I am 100% DRSed because I don't want to provide ammo to short our stonk. They can go elsewhere, to you apparently.

  55. The FUD is not about saying that we won't lock 100% of the float but it's saying that DRS does nothing.

  56. last year i spent around 900hrs on this subreddit redding DD now im zen, just buying thee stock when i can and read some minutes per day for entretainment nothing else.

  57. This will age well. DRS is the way. At this point playing with options is the best way to help the hedge fucks kick the can. Buying shares thru computershare causes the order to go thru the LIT market AND prevents that share from being lent out. These are FACTS. I'm not stopping because of this post, if anything I'm gonna continue to buy more.

  58. Why do you care if people DRS, it is their money, your opinion holds no sway to what people do with their money. And to cite gamestop themselves, on page F-17, as of January 29, 2022, 8.9 million Class A gamestop shares have been directly registered with computershare, the transfer agent

  59. Yup, all I heard from this post is: "meh, there is no proof that DRS will do anything so let's not do it". BS.

  60. When the former commissioner of the SEC says to Jon Stewart, in the interview they just did a couple of weeks ago, and I quote "the dumb money is in stocks, the dumber money is in options," this is all I need to know. It is widely known that hedge funds and market makers are able to manipulate options easier than they are able to manipulate stocks themselves. So why would we expose ourselves to that risk? When we have a viable alternative in direct registration? Direct registering ensures that the only person who will ever be able to manipulate my stock is me. And when you have such advocates like Dr. Trimbath and Ryan Cohen himself (cryptically), who are pushing the direct register narrative, it should be a no-brainer.

  61. Yeah I am going to strongly disagree about the sub engagement. I know personally at first I checked this sub every 15 minutes for confirmation of all the DD etc. I now go entire days without checking because frankly I don’t need to. When it happens it happens. Nothing will change my mind that the DD is correct and some sort of wombo combo of Buy and Hodl, DRS, and options for those with the money and understanding will all combine and RC will drop the hammer at some point or it will happen organically.

  62. If I were a hedgefund and wanted to kill momentum, I'd first inflate the subs numbers with fake users. I'd make sure those users were active and blended in. I'd establish these users as familiar contributors in comments and posts. Then I'd wait, trying my best to identify the biggest threat to upward price movement, or maintained price elevation. Once that threat is identified (DRS), I'd do two things: 1) try to change the subject using topics or elements that have the ability to both excite and disappoint (enter options); and 2) try to subtly undermine that thing which poses the biggest threat ... make statements that are simply ambivalent. I wouldn't attack that threat head-on. No, instead I would say things like, "I don't think DRS is going to hurt anything, but it's not going to help anything either." If that didn't work, I would then kick it up a notch and point at that threat (DRS), and claim it as a threat to the community as a whole. Then I'd concoct "evidence" by having my fake users pull back, painting my caution as something evidence-based.

  63. Also the self reference for DD is a weird flex as so much of it and the TA has been disproven because of illegal practices and hedge funds simply not playing by the rules. There was some pretty sweet and exciting DD this summer that came to nothing.

  64. I think that it would b more likely that hedge funds would spread confusion and fud and make nothing too obvious. Muddying waters is easier than diverting a river when it comes to online discourse psyops

  65. Yeah I simply dont get op’s pessimistic attitude, I understand being bored of hearing about it, but to say that its false without evidence. Even if it DRS doesnt work, beats waiting around aimlessly and theres a good way to find out if it does work, if we lock it up, and it triggers moass job well done, if not, great then we own the float and all the real shares and begin to put pressure on the media or Gamestop and we’ll at least know we did it and can make our next move

  66. I think you might have missed another anti -drs group beside SHF: small time day traders. To day trade they will have to have a certain amount of assets in the account. They might be holding shares but also day trade it, or other tickers. So they won't DRS and they certainly aren't long term investors.

  67. Pretty weak arguments in this post. In particular, where is the evidence that engagement would be higher without DRS? The tiger king comparison doesnt make any sense, it's not as if DRS led to the demise of tiger king sub lol... plus tiger king is a one off show while GME is continually getting news, changing price, etc.

  68. I think this post discounts the bravery of those who choose to Direct Register and simultaneously shout to the rooftops that it is the best known means towards an end. Are some more blunt about it than others? Yes. But here's this post from a prominent member shouting to the rooftops that the ongoing DRS push has become FUD in and of itself, and will be the downfall of the community? You can't have it both ways, but I think in this scenario OP might be saying the community sentiment has morphed into "DRS or bust!" and [everything else.]

  69. DRS is the only insurance policy to keep shares in possession without a custodian liquidating positions because it goes against their survival.

  70. Why do you think the 125k people who have drs’d are going to let this place “go dormant”. Not to mention, those 125k continue to drs faster if the price drops.

  71. Things come and go, subs are no different. Superstonk is NOT Gamestop. It doesn't matter if daily engagement is down, OG apes know that MOASS is inevitable. Buy Hold, DRS.

  72. This post alone convinced me that Gherk, and you and your whole crew are full of shit, and I watch Gherk every day. I’m done. You overplayed yourself this time.

  73. This post is the mother of all FUD. Trying to sound concerned while having no solution, not even an idea of doing better. If anything harms this sub, then posts like this. You want to improve the sub? Then write some fuckin DD and dont shit on the community! Because this is what you do. You dont wanna help, everything you say is "Look at how fucked up we are because of .. because I dont like the same stuff that you like!"

  74. All those awards while all the comments are pro DRS. Wtf? 😂. If I have to pick between DRS and this sub I pick DRS. The sub can disappear(don’t want that) and I will continue DRS’ing.

  75. Who TF cares about this sub specifically? It's not about a sub. It's never been about a sub. I don't care if we get 10,000 comments a day or 10. The number of interactions doesn't get us closer to MOASS. Just because you're bored doesn't mean things aren't working. Go find Rensole and Red if you want some entertaining drama. I couldn't give any less of a frick about this or any other sub specifically, and I don't understand why anyone else would either.

  76. What a bunch of illogical nonsense. You bring points 1-4 and offer zero examples, then use the fifth point as a logical conclusion as to why 1-4 are true. That's some aggresively faulty logic you are applying there.

  77. I think the thesis is so strong and data seems to infrequently threaten the thesis that engagement is less urgent. I feel like we are waiting. Although DRS-ing the entire share count may not be the only path to MOASS, I think the DRS line items now in the quarterly reports validate the direction we're going in. Perhaps, DRS-ing the share count creates leverage that RC needs. Either way, i think it's value is self-evident, even if RC were to have left it off the quarterlies (which he did not).

  78. Here we go with the fucken options again - also, looking at the amount of disagreeing comments with OP, Gherks squad has def upvoted the shit out of this post. Fuck this post.

  79. I think your biggest mistake is putting DRS in the same camp as everything else that has been discussed within the walls of this sub that relied on market signals and activity as a system of measurement.

  80. For someone who prides themselves on staying above emotional reaction, this post definitely makes a lot of conclusions based on pre-conceived notions. You had a hypothesis and went out looking for proof to back it up rather than the other way around, with all due respect.

  81. Have we not been thru this?! DRS train starts gaining steam and someone comes along and knocks it down. Nobody has 100% proof of what to do and honestly there isn’t much that apes can do. Buy and hold is great but any tard can do that and we know our shares are being lent out to naked short. Mrs. T and Lauer have been supportive of drsing and they hold more weight than dr gingerballs, what are you a doctor of again? Here’s a script to buy more options, been down that road and it ends with jamesrolands banana in your ass. You say there’s no proof of drs being a positive well where’s the proof that it’s a negative?

  82. He may possibly be a paid shill. Why put in so much effort to imply drs is not going to do anything when it removes shares from the dtcc.

  83. That chart looks like utter bullshit to me. It's suspicious how there is an immediate, sharp downturn in the near future, when the past days charted indicated a gradual slope.

  84. You lose me when I see the author. I always wonder whose posting the DD. Stay with pickle in his discord and worry bout your options there. We get it, we’re retarded..DRS FTW!!

  85. You want sources on something that has never happened before? The very situation that shows there are many synthetic shares?

  86. Being that we just like the stock, though, who cares if we are dormant or not? Nobody is selling. What is to be gained from distancing from DRS support besides parasites who gain from youtube channels.

  87. Are you actually serious? Do you not see GameStop posting DRS numbers? Do you not see the talk from very knowledgeable people in favour of DRS? Do you not view RCs tweets?

  88. You criticize DRS as not working once again, which is funny, because at the pace of 4m shares per quarter it would take just about 1 1/2 years to lock the free-float, which is pretty fast.

  89. First I see vvsb posts pushing options on our stock today and now this guy. “Hey all our options plays have been proven incorrect, but drs hasn’t caused moass yet so it must be incorrect also…. Don’t pull your shares from shitty brokers to drs them. Please don’t” like wtf even is this post? I remember you shit talking in the forums to tons of apes dude. You are gherkins little buddy, stick to his sub. You are pushing against people promoting DRS with this post. Making far fetched claims about the sub dying. No we just don’t have daily updates by your friend gherkin hemorrhaging peoples funds… like I’m all for more engagement but this post is basically just bashing the people on this sub and saying drs is pointless because it hasn’t caused moass yet…. Get off it dude. Post something useful if you want, not some hit piece against the subs activity and a guess at a drs ceiling. FUD is all this is.

  90. Lol, so what? Your theory is just theory. If we do extrapolation of global temperature to the exponential disappearance in number of species on the earth per year, the graph will show that all life on earth will be extinct in less then 5 years. But we know that’s not the case. And we don’t know what will happen to this sub in 2years let alone 2months.

  91. Why do we need more engagement? Lol. Times are different than a year ago. Also, our primary source for why DRS work, is GameStop publishing the DRS numbers in last and this most recent earnings.

  92. “Unconvinced DRS will do anything…” — dude, it’s NEVER been done before! No one knows! There are many good theories of what could happen…the easiest being to CONFIRM manipulation and perhaps give GME a reason to exit the NYSE.

  93. Call me crazy but all of these recent changes are because of DRS. I am not saying it’s causing rips in the stock but it is definitely causing chaos.

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