1. What ever they did, they manage to kill the volatility and getting back at controlling the price. This unreal. Right in our faces.

  2. Nah volatility still 100% here, in fact (even as someone with currently ITM/ATM calls (a lot of them) I'm happy to see us consolidate before another big push over 200.

  3. So the term is "locked in" - they have the price "locked in" - they profit immensely of keeping the price "locked in" via their swaps they moved their short positions into.

  4. They halted to stop gamma and IV on calls Have you seen the call/put ratio? We were about to blow the shit out of everyone. That's why it was halted. Check on IV now and you'll see how we've drastically been cut

  5. It was a Limit Up Limit Down LULD pause which is supposedly to "prevent manipulation" but seems to really be used to neuter true price discovery.

  6. March 10th, 2021 stills feels the worst to me. Idk, maybe I’m too smooth to understand why today is worse.

  7. During this halt. All stocks on Trading212 were flat for almost 15 mins. Every single stock on extended halt. Weirdest thing ive seen.

  8. D) deliberate triggering of the halt, they knew shit was gonna blow. So they wrecked the bid and ask to ensure the market stopped.

  9. Agreed the halt was used to cover something. We will never know that’s the problem and we keep getting screwed and doesn’t look like changing it’s irritating for sure.

  10. They halted while they took time to get approval/set up the conditions with other parties to invent shit out of the air to sell so they could keep the bid/ask sides balanced after all natural sells had dried up while buy pressure (that couldn't be shifted into dark pools and on-the-book promises) persisted.

  11. I still have shares on brokers outside CS. I'm going to set a few single shares to take profit at various prices around $500 for one week. If that shit goes through in the coming days while the price shown is hovering around $180, that's more proof of criminal activity.

  12. It’s the same bullshit as the nickel squeeze halt I bet. Margin requirements for these criminals are being “waved” some how and regular folks are left holding the bag. I’m pissed!

  13. Sure would be a shame if there was, say, a DOJ probe, armed with RICO charges with eyes on wall street at the moment 🤡 Oops, there wasn't supposed to be an e in shame, typo.

  14. TIME TO STAY ZEN EVERYONE. This is where the dirty tricks will surface, just BUY, HOLD AND DRS. IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT HAPPENS. Which will be pretty soon, lmayo.

  15. don’t forget the high today was 199.41, just 60 cents away from having to cover $200 calls and then it freaking tanked. If that’s not blatant corruption I don’t know what is.

  16. I didn't get a screenshot of it but I had the GME page up on TDA and I had the GME ticker on the thing on the bottom that does the live prices and volume. The GME page said the volume was 4+ million and when the halt was over and it started moving again the volume the bottom part only displayed 2 million. I just checked it now and they're right on top of each other.

  17. I smell Fed involvement. Idk it just seems way too easy for this to have just been done by the institutions. Also, when was the last time anyone felt like the Fed has done a goddamn thing for retail?

  18. They will say and have right to stop if unusual activity! Perhaps they are trying to stop Moass from happening. I do not trust anybody including stock market. The US financial system is totally corrupt. I will continue to buy and hold for as long as it takes. We need someone with influence and power to look into this Pronto. We can also contact DOJ and SEC to let them know we are aware of this !!

  19. soooooo hate to be that guy but if they can shut it down at apparent will, how will they ever let it rise to the numbers predicted for moass. dgmw ill hodl for the long term value but.................?

  20. Why is it unusual to halt the price on a spike increase but not a spike decrease? Why is a stock GAIN of 25% in a day unusual but a LOSS of 100% a normal day at the office?

  21. Well I can tell ya one thing… We are certainly going to find out who is still using Robinhood today.

  22. I think what happened is that they literally ran out of shares at a reasonable price, the price jumped instantly to the first ape ask ($500), triggering the trading halt, after which they created more synthetics to restore liquidity. I'm not sure how they did it, but if my hypothesis is true (that there is a critical lack of liquidity for GME), then we should see these events repeated over the next few days, until the can is no longer kickable.

  23. My fear is that the road is infinitely long for can kicking. If we end up with a stock that violently swings up and back down before halting at the start of trading each day, then we’ll likely see a prolonged halt on trading.

  24. I think you are exactly right. They forgot to refill the fake share bucket. So the next ask was an ape at $500 which triggered the halt. They woke up and pumped more fake shares. Someone was sleeping at the fuckery desk.

  25. Can we please I'd love to cry from the sweet release of financial stress and overwhelming urge of just being stuck before I run out of will to carry on.

  26. Funny thing is, this time they have not been capable of droping it too much (like at $40 the last year), we are down like just ~3%

  27. I saw the screenshots of 500. This was on the way to 5000. That would have made me and my wife millionaires. We have EVERYTHING in there. And I was so happy for her... And my kids. I have made money and lost them again after a violent attack that gave me a brain hemorrhage. I have fought to come back. When I was not able to work, I got into crypto. And ended here. The morale? This network made me happier, better and much stronger than I EVER WHERE! I have learned what the reality of USA stock market is. And what governments are. And thst is the beginning of something new. I thank the idiot high UBER driver that almost killed me. I thank Uber for screwing me over in the process by not coirporating with the police. They had his fucking GPS. And I thank the police for not doing anything to catch him. I thank the insurance company for canceling my 1000 dollar Exec insurance, for no reason, that they can and know I can't afford lawyers. I thank the lawyers that wanted to help, and suddenly disappeared. I thank the morons at Citadel and the rest of the criminals that have a role. I know what life is.. And my kids will to. So one day... These criminals WILL wake up and smell the fucking Mayo!

  28. Feels like it started last Monday... as far as I'm concerned it started Jan 2021. I can wait. The game already stopped for them, they're just trying to slow it down.

  29. I pop in on this sub every few months just to see how the cynical downspiral is going and today you are that barometer, thank you

  30. MOASS started this morning. They hit the emergancy brakes and killed it. (Delayed it) Change my mind.

  31. We already know why… Do we continuously have to ask? There are trillions WITH A CAPITAL T of dollars on the line, do you think they’re just going to roll over and let us have our way with them? They’re going to try and claw and fight their way out of this any way they can. This isn’t going to be easy and we will come out of this scarred for life.

  32. Think of it this way people fight wars over territory worth a lot less than a trillion dollars. This is a war like any other.

  33. It’s so sad. You make a good point, that all that work is to live comfortably for the last, what, 10 years of your life? We’re a rich country and a prospering world - we should be able to take care of our elderly without them having to pay into a ponzi scheme their entire lives, just to survive toward the end of it.

  34. Lol I just did the math, when every share on the market, 76 milly, is worth the current gme floor price of of 95.7 milly, we will see a market cap of 7.3 quadrillion dollars

  35. It still is. Whatever nonsense was pulled did not fix their problem, it exposed it even further and to a new audience that knows what's happening is more than just strange. Maybe they bought another day, maybe they bought another cycle, we will find out. DRS your shares because I doubt there is a line that won't be crossed.

  36. As soon as the price touched 200 (well, technically 199) they slammed it down so hard it triggered the uptick rule. They froze at same time. Unclear to me what they are using to accomplish this, given XRT is on Reg sho and GME is getting scarce

  37. Maybe they just trying to fight another day. Moass is inevitable but they can delay it a day or two at a time through their fuckery.

  38. They were stop loss hunting and it worked because there are enough dumb motherfuckers setting stop losses on GME

  39. Apes that were here since they removed the buy button see this as nothing more than validation.

  40. I hope to see a HUGE increase in DRS in response to this fuckery. And put these hedge funds and citadel where the fuck they belong. In the cell.

  41. Seriously, this is so cringe. The biggest moment in GME in months and were talking about a Twitter? Take it down and halt that subject for a week.

  42. These fckr's are placing high Call Options, halting trade for retail, letting the price rip (removing suppression) and cashing out like f'cking bandits!!! This is corruption at it's finest. When will the powers at be finally pit an end to this bull$hit.

  43. We were halted because we were all literally about to be rich as a motherfucker. It was shooting up just like the sneeze....

  44. It's like the heist movies when they replace the video feed so the security guard doesn't see them lifting the Mona Lisa off the wall.

  45. The way it looks, kind of like a flash crash…only up. Seems like for a split seconds a market maker pulled out and stopped making markets and left the true supply and demand in the order books. Then halted to fix the issue before the price went to the next ape selling at what was probably 1000…

  46. I’ve been invested, following the DD, DRSed, and learning the market since last January. I’m waiting for our 🚀, and still mostly smooth. But from my understanding of market mechanics, even working normally, with the kind of volatility a squeeze will involve, and that we have right now, there will be pauses in trading as the rocket goes up. Right now borrow rate is HUGE! There is no liquidity, AND options that were unlikely a week ago are In The Money. The fuck twats we’re up against will surely pull all the shenanigans they can muster from their shit-arsenal. But we’re rising again, and are not outside of what the beginning of this launch was predicted to look like. From 14 months of nipple jacking, my poor guys are… well… beat up. So I’m not here to pump hype. I’m just saying, IF this is liftoff, I expect these sort of bumps. The rock and the hard place still have hedgie balls between them, and the pressure is rising. If this ride does ever leave the atmosphere, it will get a lot bumpier than this. Buckle up, chill out, and hold on.

  47. THANK YOU. Twitter shit is so fake if mods want one go fucking ahead. All those post talk how this is not a group then adds “we” to every sentence like fuck off. I didn’t even know there were trading halts until I got the notification

  48. Price climbed then tanked at open so fast that circuit breaker was triggered and trading was frozen for an hour. When the breaker triggered several users got RH notifications that their $300 and $500+ options were in the money, meaning someone was buying shares at that price.

  49. The halts are triggered automatically. The halt itself is simple and isn’t that deep. Now whether shares were sold/shorted rapidly intentionally to trigger the halt is a valid question

  50. I just saw a article about why we were halted and it literally only shilled the entire "article" about the clown Adam Aron and whatever bullshit "innovation" the clown is shilling next. Which was mostly about another company that has short interest on it as well.. trying much?

  51. All the more reason to keep buying and holding. They can delay it all they want, but it will only make things worse for them.


  53. Can we finally start protesting? I think it's time we start protesting. Does not appear that words are enough. Maybe a few 100,000+ people showing up outside NYSE , sec, Citadel, DTCC ect and making some noise could get the attention needed.



  56. At 510$/share i would have been at 100k profits and wouldnt even have considered selling. I am pissed. Fuck the edgies, im going to hold until i fuckin die

  57. I must be missing something because I was watching the ticker live and it went from $191 at open to like $199, then dropped $20-$30 before it was halted, so to me it seemed clear the volatility triggered it. T+2 for options which is a bit over my head but I assumed that was the reason for it. We had halts early last year so wasn't a surprise to me.

  58. Why are you angry at the mods for reserving a Twitter account name, and not at the forum sliders making it out to be migration worthy? Crime on an epic scale occurred this morning. The mods are the last thing that should be being talked about right now.

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