“Hindenburg Research” is under DOJ Investigation For Potential Trading Abuses.

  1. Haha....why give your company a name that everyone else on the planet associates with a huge fireball disaster?

  2. Interesting post history also... they hit a bunch of sites with this post and frequent many weird trading sites i wouldn't dare visit...

  3. Like could a hedge fund be any more unashamed of what they do? They make money burning public companies to the ground.

  4. He’s fucked. They have evidence he colluded with a hedge fund in Toronto Canada. Say goodbye, Nate Anderson, you two bit MF

  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2022/02/16/doj-investigates-short-sellers-for-potential-trading-abuses-including-spoofing-and-scalping/?sh=67810b8b78fc

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