Remember…. They control the narrative. Even if we are doing the right thing they will continue to paint the picture to those suck in the matrix that we were in the wrong. Keep fighting! Gme to the moon!

  1. Seems there is not just one Billionaire, who is not part of "The Big Club". So we know by now at least three are not, noice 😉🚀✨🌒🏴‍☠️

  2. Musk is no friend to anyone but Musk. Both of these headlines should include some iteration of the phrase “thing bad”

  3. I mean I agree with the title but I also agree with the 2022 headline. It is chilling that one man (with a history of being spiteful and silencing critics) can buy a social media platform used around the world to promote free speech and have the ability to suppress that at his whim.

  4. I don't disagree with the musky part... I do think he is a megalomaniac who's all about meme and self gratification thanks to his legion of fuckbois

  5. Although I agree it is manipulation. But when bozo bought wapo he bought into a dying industry, twitter is a growing industry so I don't think t is apple's to apples.

  6. While I semi agree with you and your point Is valid, if Elon musk bought a newspaper the headline would still be the exact same Lmayo

  7. I hope we don't get associated with Elon Musk, because that's one step too close to being associated with the far right that got booted off of Twitter for their hateful language and extreme conspiracies.

  8. Even though I don't like the idea of either of these two people having control over a news paper, or Twitter... The Wapo isn't social media.

  9. To dodge the poison pill, Elon should pledge to buy a share of gamestonk for every share we pledge to by of twitter and vote per his recommendations.

  10. This says Bezos is definitely in the club and Musk is not. I know we know Bezos is the baddie here, but I haven't always been sure. This helps. :)

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