REUTERS: Credit Suisse downgraded by Fitch to BBB+, 2nd downgrade this week (!) following S&P downgrade

  1. This is huge - there would have been mega pressure on Fitch to not downgrade, let alone downgrading the second time this week.

  2. CS was decided to be bagholdery like Lehmann. Shortez Cartel came together and made sure of it while gangbangin Hwangโ€™s portfolio.

  3. this seems like a slow bleed. but remember, we have been watching this unfold for over a year, following it step by step. in the very near future when the morning shows, and the local news, and the politicians start talking about the market crash, people will say; "it was so sudden". The bottom is a LONG way down from here. The big boys are just quietly getting out of the pool after shitting in it.

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