Listen Up Smooth Brains! Don't Mess This Up! (GameStop Wallet)

  1. No, a picture on your phone is not safe. In fact, that is the FASTEST way to get your phrase stolen from you. I'm not going to push one or the other, but there are various metal keys that are available if you are very serious. Otherwise, store it in a safe place, written down, where a stray picture, webcam on your stream... or a cat can't come by and ruin it or take it. This is the backstop.

  2. And by all means never ever ever share or type it in to anything. Don’t click links that say you need to in order to mint something, or be on a white list, or fucking anything.

  3. Could you please push a few? I’m (like many others) incredibly new to the cryptoverse. I’d really like some direction. At least in what types of materials to look for. Thank you

  4. When you open a crypto wallet, you'll usually be given seed phrases, or a list of random words, that you need to copy and store in a safe place. If you ever needed to reinstall your wallet, to access your money or nfts that you have in that wallet, after let's say replacing your phone or computer that you were previously using... Those random words are your "keys" to getting back in.

  5. I encourage everyone to download and use a password manager. There are many out there, both paid subscription and free. Create a single strong password and memorize it. This will be your password manager master password. Store important information such as your seed phrases within this manager.

  6. Would it be normal that I don’t remember getting a phrase for the Loopring Wallet? I had assumed the use of guardians on there is why I don’t have one, either that or I’ve really messed something up…

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