Just in case any new Apes were wondering...

  1. High jacking top comment to say, if you don't already understand this, you haven't read and understood enough of the DD. No judgement.

  2. I plan on selling one on the way down but thanks to Mayo man dragging this out as long as possible, I no longer have to pay short term capital gains. Majority of the shares I hold are now long term, thanks Mayoman!

  3. It’s attic boxing! Like the opposite of cellar boxing! Never close your position but then on the high end! Just take out a loan and use your shares as collateral

  4. I’m selling one on the way down, only if it hits 100M first, not fucking kidding. My money is considered as good as gone, and has been since I bought my first share

  5. Exactly, money was written off when I invested it. If this goes to zero, it just gives me one less thing to look at throughout the day. Unless they start taking fairness seriously and eliminate dark pools and naked shorts, I’m out after whatever this ends up being. My prevailing thought is they’ll change the rules to ensure their continued shenanigans. I have no faith in this system.

  6. Also, can it actually hit over 10k? Thats 700 billion in total for the 70m shares. Can that ever be paid to us and where does the money come from? I cant wrap my mind around it, can someone eli5?

  7. They've had 18 months to try and negotiate with Gamestop Shareholders and they've chosen to use this time to dismiss, deflect, diminish, mock, chide, shame, disgrace, and embarass us in addition to painting us as conspiracy theorists and fools.

  8. Anyone whose been in this over a year at this point has a head harder than a diamond and doesn’t know what the sell button is. We know where we’ve been and we’re more excited than ever for where we’re going!

  9. After what happened like a week ago where asks of $500,000 were the only ones available it dawned on me that $10 million was far too low.

  10. Pretty sure that's because apes put in those asks and liquidity is drying up, tbf. But it does reflect supply and demand, at least. For once.

  11. Just think what a nice world this will be when the apes have all the money. Most of us are used to no, or not much money. I have faith that most apes will help his fellow ape.

  12. And stop trying to convince non apes what the price will be. It's like fudding yourself because they will never believe you.

  13. Agreed…. Seeing posts about 100m a share just seems like insanity to the uninitiated. Frankly, it’s off putting to anyone not on the hype train already, and even to a lot who are.

  14. The derivative market alone is near 1 quadrillion dollars. GME can and WILL hit very high million’s

  15. Hopium is only that - opium for hope. It's a temporary high. New apes will only stick around if the hopium turns out to be real. Hopium =/= patience.

  16. I’ll believe it when I see it. Personally I think many of you talk a big game and will sell much sooner. But for the sake of my x shares I hope I’m wrong.

  17. Ape protect ape. I have XXX in the perpetual cuddle puddle where I’ll never be able to sell because I fucked up the security question anyway. X in broker which I sell on the way down after it crosses $100M. This is for all of us who’ve been here since JAN 2020 when Citron cancelled their short selling lecture.

  18. Oooo weeee dividen split. Man-o-man talking about set for life kids and grandkids. I might go impregnate a few more women after MOASS to share the wealth

  19. The funny part is, we should only have to sell ONE. Idk wtf they’re gonna do about the others because they’re more than likely mine for life.. before I buy more.

  20. Look I love those stock but can we stop this bullshit? This would put the company value at something like 7.635 QUADRILLION dollars in value. That’s approximately five times all the money in the world.

  21. How would they pay out that much per share? Not trying to shill. I just want to understand because my biggest fear is the government stepping in and doing something shady to screw us over.

  22. The fact that you even feel the need to say you're not a shill for asking that question says a lot about how fucking retarded so many in this community are

  23. Stay on track w current life and never be a millionaire and “retire” off my POS small 401k for the last few years of my life before I die

  24. i dont have to worry... I will see the ultimate high... unless I die, because 99% will never sell.

  25. 100,000,000 is a meme btw. That’s 7 quadrillion. Market cap. If you don’t think $100,000,000 a share is a meme you are truly a moron. $100,000 a share isn’t a meme though

  26. Can someone explain how this works? I’m just curious. Is there dd I can read somewhere? How will this stock be worth 100x the entire global economy?

  27. The DD is solid but it won't be worth multiples of all the money in the world. People like to mention derivatives as the reason for it, but people also naively believe every single short ever will be covered/closed.

  28. For one person? Yes. It’s still a tiny fraction of what billionaires already have. Which is, in turn, a drop in the ocean of the wealth acquired by these fraudulent wall st companies.

  29. I bought my first share for <50 and my most expensive for >250. I'm currently holding XXX shares 25% of which are CS and the rest are 401/IRA. CS is forever, Ryan Cohen himself couldn't buy one from me but those retirement account shares start at 11 digits, I'm old school and have to dial a 1 for calls outside my local area code

  30. I plan on holding majority of my shares forever. I will only need to sell 3 or 4 of them to be generational/familial/neighborhood changing wealth.

  31. Real price discovery is when you find out that the price you sell your shares for is the real price and not what is seen on any ticker.

  32. While I definitely want to see the price at 100 million per share, can someone explain the mechanics that would drive the price up past the limit sell price computershare has? Doesn't there have to be an ask price in the millions of dollars for the price to jump that high?

  33. I'm not saying I'm going to sell lower, but I am saying that I literally wouldn't hate myself for doing so. There wouldn't be anything to forgive.

  34. You are missing the point and big picture. SOMEONE must have that money and the corresponding power it wields. Do you think THEY are the better stewards or YOU? This is how apes change the world for the better.

  35. I get what you're saying. I think the same sometimes. I need a bit more than you evidently haha but I see 6 figures....I don't know what I'll do.

  36. I’m holding for WORLD changing money, not LIFE changing money. No one else is going to fix this fucked up world other than the people in this, and similar subs

  37. If only 1 million shares were sold for 100 million per share, that’s 1014 or 100 trillion dollars. To put that in perspective, the US GDP of 2020 was 20 trillion and the GDP for the WHOLE PLANET was 85 trillion. If you think the governments of the world will be fine with this you’re fucking out of your mind.

  38. My ape arms are strong AF from carrying these bags for a year and a half. I am ready to carry them to the moon where they will become weightless and I will finally be free from these horrible shackles.

  39. To the motherfucking top. New apes, this is real. We're all individual investors but we all gain from holding until 100M+ per share. Anyone try and make you FEEL different/wrong/doubtful is a FUD agent!

  40. I like the energy and I even hate to spell the word selling however 100 mils is way out of reach for those wishing to sell. Im just being realistic boys N girls.

  41. 🎶Time to stand strong and hold, my brothers, don't forget what they did to blockbuster. This is for Geoffrey and radio shack, rocket past moon and don't look back🎶

  42. Ngl I will sell a single share at $1M to pay off my student loans and secure temporary financial freedom. And then I will HODL like no one has ever HEDL before.

  43. Ok, so let’s get a little serious here for one moment, i know I’m going to get downvoted to Dante’s enferno for this, but we need to be ready to figure out the technical part of selling (i know, only 1 share at $100 million) through computershare. According to what i have read you can set a limit sell of somewhere in the $214k (might be wrong) online right? Now how does one sell a share at $100 mil? Call them? write them a letter? Can someone clarify without bashing. Asking for a fellow smooth brain of course.

  44. Sure. Definitely look it up to make sure of this yourself, but I believe that if you set a sell limit order at 214k and the price of GME is above that, your order will fill at the highest available price

  45. These posts don't do shit for the sub. Let's wait till moass actually happens. These posts are just karma farming posts.

  46. Why won’t Computershare let me place a limit order of $100m per share? I know they raised it to $214k but that’s not even anywhere close to $100m.

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