27/05/2022 - GME Bloomberg Terminal information

  1. I mean, DE Shaw and Renaissance Technologies both starting new institutional positions that amount to nearly 1-mil shares is pretty great.

  2. Manulife Finical Corp paper handed 18,200 shares a few days ago. See Bitches...If they would have held, they would have made more.

  3. Line 18 on ownership summary image. +92% Institutional ownership! Does that mean institutions overall have nearly doubled their long positions in whatever this time frame is showing?

  4. Agree. My question is what then... It kinda looks like we aren't going to leave the exchange. I hope we do. I hope we go Blockchain and screw these motherfuckers for all their scamming.

  5. It's because he's a retail investor and not a company/LLC/or advisor. So no need to file or disclose his holdings publicly on the terminal. What a boss though, amirite?

  6. Beta wasn't such a big deal as we thought. It just showed that gme has gone up way more than spy and it's sensitive to general price action on the stock market.. Now that it stabilize we're somewhat normal, +2 beta it's not something you're seeing everyday on a stock.. But we're talking gme so that's meh, we've seen bigger "glitches" everywhere 😅

  7. Beta is entirely retrospective. It doesn’t, and can’t, tell you anything about what’s happening now or will happen later.

  8. I find it convenient that citadel and sesq both file their 13f for their quarterly’s right when price starts dropping. Would love to see how many of those calls/puts were recycled to create shares.

  9. ‘Ello, gov’nor, Several_Image782, are you talking about Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel who lied under oath?

  10. How tf are there institutions with reportings from 2016 and 2018. This whole system is fucked

  11. Are we in a throwback episode? Blomberg terminals, epic video mashups and bets about putting food inside yourself (thankfully the mouth this time)... What a time to be alive!

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