OMG big D energy Lisa B owns GME!

  1. I'm fascinated that she would buy into a piece of shit company like popcorn after it has become obvious that squeeze ship has sailed. As evidenced by the CEO dumping almost every share he owned.

  2. It's a shame she's 'former' SEC - although I don't blame her for leaving, we need more people like her in that agency to clean up the place.

  3. My friend and my now ex-gf both brought this up yesterday, saying I have a gambling problem and worried I'm not smart with my money. I hate gambling.

  4. Big names are now openly admitting going long on GME. What changed you ask. Well, if you have been here, you already know what changed. Also: somebody's going to zero soon. That's why.

  5. And popcorn. Weird… been hearing a lot of nay sayers proclaim that we aren’t holding hands with GME to the top.🤔 Don’t forget it’s US all vs Hedgies, not each other. Buy and hodl!!

  6. It isn’t popcorn vs gme BUT GME has a smaller float and even if the stock got split 7 to 1 making it a very similar price to popcorn it would then be similar float. GME execs haven’t sold except for that one that left a while back. Meanwhile AA and others but I know AA sold all shares he was allowed to. On top of that GME has much more space for a transition where popcorn doesn’t have as much room to maneuver. I think they started doordashing popcorn to peoples houses and selling NFT movie tickets (I don’t look at their stuff so maybe someone could fill me in as to what else they’ve worked on). As a consumer I don’t really see the value in either (same can be said about the games that will be available on gamestops NFT platform as they’re very niche, but the wallet allows access to trade crypto if I understand correctly).

  7. I guess it's just a professional shot and she wants to come across as professional as possible, rather than anything she could take herself 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. I’ve always used the “what if you die tomorrow?” Philosophy on my profile pics. You want something that’s going to be there forever, thus look your best. Your close friends already know what you look like now.

  9. I like the stock!!! Because I did my own DD and research and it’s better than any other stock. Fuck you SEC, fuck you shorties, I’m not fucking leaving!!!

  10. You might be sarcastic but the goon squad below you in the comments isn’t, they’re already doing their mental gymnastics trying to figure out how she’s been paid to promote that stock. Can’t make this shit up.

  11. More like the shill tactics worked on her. I doubt she frequents superstonk to read DD about how delusional it is to buy popcorn. She reads the headlines and the media loves to put popcorn and GME together

  12. More like the shill tactics worked on her. I doubt she frequents superstonk to read DD about how delusional it is to buy popcorn. She reads the headlines and the media loves to put popcorn and GME together

  13. Who fucking cares? I have some popcorn too cause I used the extra money I couldn't buy full shares of GME along the way. I doubt it's going to make me as much, but it might pop at different time.

  14. If you trust RC and are 100% confident that GME will MOASS soon, then you shouldn't be worried if people invest in A.M.C

  15. The popcorn company is not the same Lisa! Don't think superstonk DD carries over to popcorn cause it don't! Popcorners like to think so but no way Jose! GME is the idiosyncratic risk.... 😁😁😁

  16. Now where are all of those apes that were saying this “bitch should go fuck herself”? This is more like it. Let’s fucking goooooooooo

  17. Didnt this lady wanted to direct ELIA dd towards the SEC and used a bullshit excuse for the inaction?

  18. She bought popcorn so she’s clearly an idiot. Wouldn’t doubt this being another shitty attempt to divide retail buying power

  19. Why do these people constantly buy Popcorn also? What the fuck, seriously. I can only think of them being afraid of being sued for market manipulation, so they have to buy Popcorn, so that they don’t paint a target on their backs.

  20. Fuck yeah! Don’t know anything about her policies or previous employers, but can we get her back in? Lol

  21. And? When did someone from the SEC ever do good for retail? Announcing she “holds both” on GME’s earning day sounds sus to me. Now, popcorn brigades are here downvoting. Sorry, I am not falling for this.

  22. Anyone know what she actually does for a living now? She’s always identified as a former SEC branch chief but idk what she does currently

  23. so let me see if i understand what happened here: the sec spent taxpayer money producing an ad which directly insulted retail investors (tax payers). so we paid for that. i mean i think - right? or am i legit retarded - that's the government yeah? the need for this ad arose because... some of these retail investors 'dont do any research'? ok got it.

  24. If you are paid by the people you regulate, that is bribery. If you then go on the offensive against the people you are mandated to protect, you're a cheap lap dog.

  25. U can't see the wood for the trees, free advert by someone they respect. The movie stocks leadership is a pile of shite and in my experience, ppl will catch a whiff eventually.

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