Concerning Simply Inc (SIMPQ) and GME 🤔👀

  1. Point number 4 is the big play I think. That was one of their hopeful coffin nails in GameStop, taking that owed money off the table

  2. Agree this is super fucking eye opening. It makes 0 sense how anyone would agree to blindly saddle a company with debt, but if you have “balanced” books then that makes sense. Then you just knock out some “reasonable” pillars balancing the books and it goes to shit.

  3. Yeah, but what's the underlying mechanism? Why wouldn't anyone call out the technical reason this is happening? They obviously know more how the zombie stocks works, but no one seems to say anything.

  4. I keep seeing this mentioned that it's relisted under a different ticker, but the trailing 'Q' is just indicative that it's undergoing bankruptcy.

  5. oh shit TIL! i'm guessing that's why blockbuster's ticker is now BLIAQ? or has been BLIAQ, with the 5th letter since it announced bankruptcy ages ago?

  6. Which at that point is when a shf closes out their short position. Buckle up boys. Going to go have over 25000% for GME too when they're force to close when RC ships out the big guns

  7. I used to work for Simply Mac, I started right after they were acquired by gme. This is crazy lmao

  8. So what are they doing here? Closing shorts and making Calls as well to make bank on the price? Is this possible? I really don't understand what is going on with these zombies stocks. All I know is when a stock was named idiosyncratic the SEC shut off the OTC to retail because they didn't want us making money on their bullshit.

  9. “I’ll have my commissioners take a look at it and hopefully in a couple of years you will all forget about it” -Gary Gensler

  10. That kind of pop on a fake stock has to really prop up a balance sheet. Just like we saw these huge increases from 'ghost' stocks occasionally throughout last year, I wonder if these are last chance desperation moves by hedgies fending off Margin Calls.

  11. Guys, SIMPLY INC could be the last stand for hedgies, trying to make us sell GME to jump on the Simply "moass" wagon. Isn't it weird it happened as soon as stock dividend date was announced? I'm betting this shit will drop very soon and a lot of people will hold bags.

  12. Texas securities compliance sends me bullshit things about Celsius and Voyager and ignores all my letters about GME. Criminals!!

  13. Confused as to why it would run today. Normally I'd say it would be to pad their books, but since it's delisted it doesn't count as liquidity.

  14. Ha, this is the closest I'll ever get to being in a screenie-post. I was either side of this. He made a good point. I'm grateful Apes like this are there in the comments.

  15. Here's the saddest part of this story. If you had been in the know and decided that you wanted to risk purchasing SIMPQ while it was listed as on OTC penny stock at $0.01, your broker wouldn't have allowed you to do it. Only "Experts" are allowed to play that game. This was just changed in 2021.

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