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  1. For some reason Superstonk isn’t showing up in my feed anymore. I visit the page daily but the past couple of weeks I have to enter it in my search bar when it’s a page I’ve visited daily for almost a year

  2. They SHOULD give you shares, which would be a non-taxable event, but they haven't confirmed how they will process the dividend yet. I think we'll get an answer today due to the pressure put on them.

  3. My perfect man if I was gay? Smooth soft skin. Long shiny hair. A narrow waist and wide hips forming the shape of an hourglass. Pouty lips. Big doe eyes. A musical high pitched voice. Large, supple breast-like pectoral muscles. And huge balls. Something you can really grab onto

  4. This is a good question, if somewhat unartfully phrased. I think the answer is that yes there is an elite class that can do all kinds of stuff, but that they are often antagonistic to each other and if one of them makes a misstep the others quickly turn on them. Blatantly cheating opens them up to being legally vaporized by those who want to take their place on the food chain.

  5. Of course I’m still awaiting the moass the prophesies foretold, but I’m definitely balls deep GME for the long run. Show me what you can do Mr. Cohen, I’ll hold

  6. News: Looks like new Covid out breaks and sub-variants in Shanghai and Macau. More shutdowns looming? Glad I can play video games from home and have amassed inventory for my e-commerce business.

  7. This week I predict major brokers to begin they share recall from borrowers so they don't take a bath on crediting all the margin lenders.

  8. All it takes is ONE hedge fund to decide they wanna save themselves and close shorts to kickstart this motherfucker 🚀

  9. That sus post at the top of hot has a lot of FUD comments like “They have infinite cheat codes! We can’t beat them! Oh well I guess we can just eventually lock the float.” Probably aiming to kill hype buying pre-dividend if I had to guess. Also a couple of comments were advocating violent or criminal acts. Please report that shit if you see it.

  10. If they could cheat like that with impunity they wouldn’t be using shills and bots on here, they wouldn’t be spinning up media hit pieces, and they would have dropped the share price to zero already. It bleeds and we will kill it

  11. Am I the only here that thinks RC will jump up his holdings to the maximum legally allowed before the dividend??

  12. I hate that scrolling my homepage never shows DD and only the memes here, I have to go sort through the subreddit itself before seeing most popular posts

  13. I just realized… boomers who say NFTs aren’t worth anything … prolly still have a binder of baseball cards in their closet because they hope they might go up in value someday.

  14. I thought baseball cards did become super valuable again though recently, didn't they? Your point remains though, not speaking for all boomers, but as a group, they're a bunch of closeminded, arrogant, fucking idiots.

  15. Curled up in bed with my pupper, playing the "if I go to sleep RIGHT NOW, I'll still get x hours of sleep before my work alarm goes off" game, surfing on Sstonk. Anyone else?

  16. Question. Are my shares recognized as DRS’d when they are received from the broker or when I set up the account after I’ve received that information in the mail?

  17. Nothing against Gamestop but I like Loopring's wallet a lot more. It's an app and it doesn't force me to use shitty ass Chrome.

  18. Gonna be a long agonizing 90 days of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for justice for those who get boned by their brokers...

  19. I'm hoping for a boring stock day tomorrow, as I will be occupied almost all day and away from my desk. Sad apette noises. Please watch that ticker for me, friends.

  20. Night apes, looking forward to tomorrow! Taking my 5 year old son to get a free slurpees. Of course I'll check in buy in the meantime staying Zen and enjoying time. Moass will happen

  21. How many people are going to wake up July 22 expecting to see 4x the amount of non DRSed shares in their investing account, but instead the number of shares stays the exact same and the bank simply paid them the value of the shares they were suppose to distribute. We know this will be the case for unsuspecting Etoro users but who knows which other institutions. Fascinating times ahead.

  22. I want a conversion van that I can live in and drive around to look at cool shit. But the pre made ones are so fuckin expensive and building one seems really expensive and time consuming. That is all.

  23. I will continue to hold as long as it takes to spend more time with my kids, and grand kids and great grand kids and their kid's kids. Holding GME so I can play kick the can with all of them.

  24. The experience of drifting, making it back from drifting, starting a family, raising some toddlers… It’s all taught me that there’s no use in wondering. When I get lost in my head I just look around and see what my hands are supposed to do. It gets really simple as time goes on. We are here because we are here. Good luck :)

  25. I'm wearing a gamestop shirt right now with a little rocket sewn on to the side of it. What kind of company sells rockets onto their clothing In the middle of a short squeeze? The Kind that is going to the fucking moon!

  26. I want a boat, nothing fancy I just love being on the water. Maybe soon I can own my own boat, and learn all about it. 🛥🌊

  27. I still love ds2 didn't deserve all the hate it got and still some of the most fun I've had in pvp to date. Wish the arena was more of a thing in the other games.

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