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  1. Very excited to see what the marketplace will look like in its final form. Jpegs aren't for me, but there are some cool ones up for grabs. If we can still even a fraction of opensea's profits we'll be rolling.

  2. Im three stocks short of becoming a three digit holder after the splividend. The fact that I feel the FOMO after 1.5 years of slowly accumulating more shares every month is insane. So much vibe in this community these days. I hope everyones tits in this sub is ok after all this jacking

  3. https://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2022/07/12/amid_all_the_uncertainty_can_you_blame_millennials_for_embracing_meme_stocks_841669.html

  4. Finally figured out how to send ETH to my new GME NFT Marketplace wallet (from Coinbase- they suck ass I transferred both loop and ETH) and transfer it to level 2. I feel very accomplished at 2:30 in the morning. Time for a nap and then back to work. MOASS tomorrow, RC is the man and hedgies stay fuk't

  5. anyone know whats up..cant buy any nfts witht he wallet, have money on layer2 and when i try and buy it asks to confirm but nothing happens when i clock confirm on the wallet?

  6. Is there a thread telling users how to make sure the dividends are paid in stocks from each broker? I saw some noise on twitter last night and some brokers paying dividends in cash.

  7. I can just hear the popcorn cult now..."it was really smart of Ryan Cohen to run with Silverback's NFT idea. He should listen to him more often! AA has the greatest ideas and really cares about us, doesn't he guys?!"

  8. It sounds to me like GameStop, ticker symbol GME, has transitioned its business model to the web3 space. I think I’ll invest more money in that company. As soon as my DRS settles in my name via computershare. Edit: NFA and all that

  9. ayyy bought my first NFT!! couldn't find a cat, but I grabbed a Launch Doggy from the ordinary NFT card collection lol

  10. Launch —> Hedgies already at critical margin take heavy losses —> CPI Wednesday used as excuse for massive market crash —> MOASS

  11. Do you guys have issues with "loading fees", I'm trying to send eth from my log in on the website to my account on the wallet extension. For some reason these are not the same

  12. alright I found the guy who took the 720 power glove and holy shit do I respect his collection and the grind

  13. Except when people start siphoning trillions of dollars of washes money and I’m screaming OOK in your face like a retarded ape. Fuck off you fud clown.

  14. hmm, trying to buy an nft and it just keeps going back to the purchase screen. guess the ol' gurl's busy but dang i found the perfect one

  15. Hey, why did the floor on the power glove go up by 10x? I bought in at 0.03, and now it's all 0.3. What the fuck, does the floor just keep going up? real answers only

  16. Actually an awesome concept. Investors in the marketplace fund creators who are invested in the company. So the creators buy shares with profits, the company expands with investment. The investors make more divi to spend in marketplace. It's a self sustaining ecosystem.

  17. I want to start this off with I am so far adoring the marketplace. I've already spent hundreds of my loops on some amazing things!

  18. I was in the middle of donating to Donut Media and commenting "Buy some $GME boys, we're going to the moon" when I picked up my phone and saw the tweet. I still haven't opened it or read any comments, I wanted some of that kinky delayed gratification from papa bear. Here we go!

  19. RC, I feel like it’s time you and I had a sit down heart to heart. Go ahead, feel free to pour yourself a glass of whiskey 🥃.

  20. I just wna pay off my student loans I'll be happy. If it does more than that I will thank the lord and papa Cohen that it'll change my life forever.

  21. You sound like you had almost 18 months to do research and still havent realized they have a phased release for their marketplace detailing a simple NFT trading hub as their phase 0 on their website for all this time lol

  22. Look, Germany, I get it. There are supposedly other stocks listed on the Frankfurt. But right now we’re gonna need you to open a little early for the main one. Thanks

  23. I read it as left for dead trailer and was looking all over for a left for dead 3 trailer. Fuck I need to go to sleep.

  24. I get a 403 error when trying to access the NFT marketplace. Is it not yet available in EU or is it overloaded?

  25. Is my problem with buying on nft marketplace coming from that fact I'm on an android phone? Been trying for hours 😫

  26. I’ve definitely found a few that are listed as for sale still but have already been sold so the transaction fails.

  27. I can't stand that argument. It's not about just having ownership over art. It can also be about supporting these digital artists.

  28. Holy Moly! There are already so many artists in the NFT marketplace on launch day it looks like it's been around for months! Are you guys seeing this??

  29. From this moment on, I propose that we NOT say when we buy shares...unless...you multipy the number of shares by 4 and say you bought X amount of future shares! They're regular shares, but from the future, and there's 4 times as many of them!

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