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  1. I'm getting sleepy but these gin and tonics are free and it's too hot to sleep. Thinking about posting up in the treehouse but the bugs got me last time. I have edibles but that might make me. Hit me up 4 discreet encounters 😯🌭🎈🙏

  2. Looks like popcorn had at least a medium sized rug pulled. If the swap theory is true, we go down with them tomorrow to maintain the swap. If we go up while they go down, either something happens or nothing happens. Truly an exciting time. I'm going to bed slightly earlier tonight so I can be blurry eyed and confused when market opens tomorrow

  3. Let’s play a game. Sit back, relax, buy, hold, drs, NFA. All the noise and fud you hear and read is not in your head, it’s right there in front of you for a reason. If they didn’t need you to forget Gamestop, would they be here directly and subliminally?

  4. Hey! I love you all!!!! I'm going to bed though right now!! Everyone have a great night!!!!! GME to the Uranus

  5. I love all of you , the commitment and endurance from all those of you who directly registered shares is commendable and you deserve the W

  6. Did that one guy who made the bet to ban himself from the sub 2 days ago if RC didn't tweet, did he ban himself?

  7. Has anyone seen that an APE ticker is being created for the other basket stock? I think they have to vote on it, not sure

  8. For some folks, gme is all we have. This is the only thing I really own- honest. And it’s one of the only things I still believe in. I can’t sleep. And honestly I’m just really tired. Not physically but like spiritually. I don’t know how the story ends, but I love each chapter all the same. Thanks for being a part of the story apes, and thanks for sticking around. I love you guys- honest

  9. It's been a crazy story and it just seems to get crazier. It's such a rush, & gives unending hope to many of us. But it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't a struggle. Keep your pecker up, and all you need is love (and hope). We got this!

  10. My theory is that our apes are maxed on buying shares. The biggest wave batch of DRS shares is coming in now. In order to speed up further we need outside recruitment. Can y’all get some street billboards going??

  11. Please keep an eye on Diamantenhände for me, I don't think I'm gonna make it 😴🛌🧘‍♂️

  12. Post MOASS while all of you are celebrating, I’m going to be on the sub laughing my ass off at all the bots continuing to be like “ugh can RC just do something” and “I had to sell a share I’m sorry guys I needed the money for rent”

  13. Let up on the man. He's building a state of the art digital marketplace. You don't see him coming by your workplace every minute and slapping the dick out of your hand do you? He let's you just do your thing.

  14. Did you know that on January 22nd, 2021 GME traded 136.03 million in volume? Now before you go raising pitchforks, this is Splividend-adjusted, according to ChartEx, and took place in one (1) 30-min Candle [12:30] on that date.

  15. There is nothing. No education. No family life to open my arms to. You'd say that my job is today, yet gone tomorrow. I'll be broke in a gutter. I know the opinion. A broken record. Fuck you and your college dream. Fact is, we're stronger than all. 🦍🤝💪

  16. Great DD tonight, had a nice trip down the k hole, got some Sufjan Stevens on, good night everyone. Hope you all relax and sleep well knowing we’re twisting every closer to the end of our saga

  17. Hey everyone I DRS more shares but my transfer confirmation was 7 digits but all of my others were 11 digits. I smell bs from Fidelity...does anyone have 7 digits like me?

  18. I know this sub hates the topic but if DFV returns with like 5 million shares or something crazy from option plays over the last year and a half how would you feel then?

  19. For any apes on here wondering updates from the korean ants. It looks like one of them recorded a call with an agent from their broker who further looked into this debacle. Per agent, dtcc has informed the korean security depository, who in turn informed the broker, that gamestop issued a split not a splivy. The dtcc told them that gamestop was reportedly the one who notified dtcc that it was only a split despite filing as a splivy. Last part makes no sense honestly. I think gme telling dtcc that it was a normal split could just be the customer agent being confused. The call ended with broker agent telling korean ant to inquire gamestop investor relations for further clarification. With regards to contacting the korean securities depository, korean ant was told it was indeed the dtcc that told all brokers in korea to proceed through as a split not split as a dividend. I believe their next step is trying to contact the financial services commission in korea.

  20. Still here, literally never leaving, more dabs, drs your shizzys, what is exain.gamestop.com, what is grandcentral.gamestop.com, what will RC tweet next, where are the shares dtcc

  21. Sounds like it, there's an interesting exploration of the filing pinned on uusb. If they are issuing 500M but keeping another 4.5B in the barrel for themselves to vote with, they'll be able to choose to convert every ape share into popcorn shares..... sneaky beaky

  22. I'm the worst when I'm drunk, I apologize. Luckily tomorrow is moass and I can delete reddit and focus on charity.

  23. Been playing some fall guys recently. Really enjoy it never gonna put real money in but definitely suggest you try it out it’s free. They let you buy some cosmetic stuff with in game currency. They do a top cosmetic like a hat, a bottom cosmetic like a belt or shoes, a color scheme that consist of 2 colors, a skin design, title, and nameplate design. Right now the color scheme is GameStop red and white. The bottom is a cat purrrrrrse. The top is a red bandanna…. Gonna get them all.

  24. probably, its fine tho cuz we got confirmation from computershare that its supposed to be handed like a split-dividend and not a split, brokers are desperate for shares.. lets wait on gamestops next move >:)

  25. Newsflash: The self-regulating DTCC did an internal investigation and determined that no wrongdoing took place.

  26. Literally just a way around diluting shareholder via…wait for it…dilution and then the requirement of additional dilution to receive the divi benefit?

  27. Didn't realize how hard popcorn tanked AH. It'd be a damn shame if someone dropped an announcement tomorrow morning PM and helped keep some of those calls ITM.

  28. I think if it popcorn falls tomorrow we'll be brought down to match, they must hedge their swap.

  29. The swap theory assumes popcorn needs to stay within 3bn mkt cap of GME, with its AH close its now 8.61bn and almost on the limit (GME 11.53bn AH).

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