The only thing the Splidividend fuck up has shown me is how many investors STILL have shares not with ComputerShare. Make the fucking phone call.

  1. If you have Fidelity, you can literally do it with a 3 minute text chat with a rep. It's so easy. Just do it.

  2. So I simply ask via chat with Fidelity to DRS with Computershare and they do it all? I don’t have to create an account with CS first? I’m really dumb so pardon my dumbass. Thank you

  3. Not if it's in a Brokerlink account tied to your 401k unfortunately... I hold x,xxx shares there, but I would get taxed as if I cashed out my 401k to DRS.

  4. I can’t speak for everyone but in my experience I was crazy nervous I’d miss out on MOASS while my shares where being transferred. I initiated my first transfer in early October and lost my marbles at how long the process took! Now I know it’s painless and easy. DRS every share you own for any company that has transfer agents! Boomer blockchain till we get a real blockchain 🦍💪🏻

  5. Tbh moass is at minimum gonna last a month. Like even without halts the fuckery and weeks closed from each time a major indexes tanks by greater then 10% cause at that point they aren’t slowing the decent it’s a nose dive of trying to get out the burning building and selling to save yourself. Heck I have a few shares just to see how DRSing mid moass is gonna mostly cause I’m curious like a cat typing in launch codes.

  6. I remember my first DRS 8 months ago being so worried MOASS was gonna be next week. But man just gotta get it done. Many theories are this squeeze could be months long or infinite. Just get your shares safe in CS!

  7. I'm living in a southeast asian country. My GME shares were in limbo for almost 8 months because computershare snail mails got lost. But I'm glad I got the shares in my name now. And I can buy directly through computershare.

  8. Boomer blockchain is a great term for it. It isn’t a blockchain, and doesn’t really show anything to anyone the way a blockchain does, but atleast you know your name is recorded with shares for each share you have in record.

  9. I think some people forget that it wasn't that long ago where every week there was some theory on MOASS being imminent, like within a few days, or the following week, not to mention all those special days like earnings reports, or quad witching day, or T+ specific days, and the list goes on. All those theories seemed plausible, and under fraud free conditions, it may have been true.

  10. For those that are worried, you WILL likely miss out on the MOASS if you dont DRS. Brokers CAN pull tricks and cancel your GME positions and just refund you your money if they don't want to be on the hook.

  11. I wish I could safely DRS my IRA shares where I don’t feel like I’m giving control up to someone else. I would gladly DRS the rest of my shares tomorrow.

  12. Unsure about giving up control... i feel like mainstar has my interests covered better than brokers do.

  13. It costs $340 to direct register moving from Wealthsimple. If someone wants to send me three hundred and forty Canadian dollars to do that I will show proof of DR. Otherwise I'm too poor to do it.

  14. I have some money in my Webull account I could send you (30-40 bucks) not much, I know, but it's honestly worth it for me to pay you to drs. Itll help both of us in the long run. I setup drs auto deposit from my bank account. They only take 3 bucks at a time. I'd say take the money out, drs directly from your bank. I'll pay that amount for the initial one time deposit. Not in Canada, not sure how to get ya the money. Message me if you're interested.

  15. It's really hard for some of us. I am currently in Nigeria and can't DRS. And yeah, I have seen articles/posts about people saying it's possible. Trust me, I haven't seen how too. I am seating on xxx shares with a broker that is piggybacking on drivewealth. It's very complicated

  16. I’m holding for 🦍🦍🦍🦍 like you. I’m never selling and despite the tough circumstances just know 🦍 🦍🦍🦍 never walks alone. I understand your situation so no matter what , you still do your best. That’s all you can do.

  17. Bro, try gift a share! Then you can find clever ways online with an online bank account for direct purchases. Also, you could buy and sell at the same time (ugh I really hate mentioning this) to get net neutral on 1:1 basis.

  18. i think op’s message is less for you and more for everyone where it is as easy as that call and yet they still haven’t done it

  19. Man, that seems like a rat’s nest. Maybe sell your xxx, and use that money to buy direct from CS? If that’s allowed from Nigeria and there is yet so very much I do not know.

  20. I did mine via think or swim app(tda), took about 10 minutes and they said the transfer process has been initiated. No phone calls needed

  21. Ally won’t help me. I got all out of other brokers but ally hangs up on me or puts me on hold infinitely

  22. Open a fidelity account and initiate a transfer from their side. They will get your shares within 3 days from Ally, they don’t fuck around.

  23. I didn’t even have to call.. just opened the ThinkOrSwim app, messaged support and said “please DRS all my shares immediately”, nothing else.. they called me the next day to confirm the number, they were moved to ComputerShare yesterday. I didnt even have to wait on the paperwork in the mail. I was able to verify my identity online with them after 5 questions.

  24. Most of my shares are in a RRSP account (RRSP in Canada is like a 401k in the USA) and a TFSA (tax free savings account) account so sadly I can't DRS them. I have been thinking of moving some out of the TFSA to DRS but it would basically sell them and rebuy them in the cash account and I reeeeally don't want to do that. I did open a cash account a couple of months ago at a bank/broker that doesn't charge a fee to DRS and bought and DRSed a share (now 4) so I at least have something in CS. I'm hopefully going to be in a better financial position by September and plan to buy more to DRS if MOASS doesn't happen by then. I wish I had the money to just buy more shares right now and DRS but things have been tough lately. I wish there was some way to DRS my xxx RRSP shares. 😭 I think if RRSP/401K shares could be DRSd we would lock the float the next day.

  25. This right here. I’m all for DRS but I think a majority of the conversation ignores that many of us are locked into 401ks and/or HSAs. If you are using a cash account/IRA different story… but there are many Apes who are XXX+ pre-split in these accounts.

  26. Yea... I know US found mainstar and I think one or two others... would be nice to find similar in CA

  27. Trust me. I'm in the UK with 101 shares in a Free trade plus account. In order to DRS them, I would have to sell from Freetrade, wait for the money to clear, add the money to IBKR and wait for it to clear, then purchase shares through IBKR to DRS. That's at least 4 days from selling to rebuying. It's too much of a risk for me in the current climate.

  28. I’m in this exact situation with Hargreaves Lansdown. Ironically this upwards move is stopping me from moving the rest right now because I’m afraid of missing out. If it was dropping days on end like it has in the past then I would do it knowing I’m not losing out or potentially missing something big. With the NFT market place and dividend and everything feeling like it’s coming soon I’m scared to sell my moon ticket and it taking a week to rebuy and I miss it

  29. Same with me with freetrade, except I have half the shares in my account and my wife has the other half of the shares in her account. We done it this way back in the run up to last January where we thought we might make a quick couple grand! Then there was the freetrade fuckery (amongst other brokers) and I opened up a degiro account and bought £2500 more shares on that. (Before the drs movement started).

  30. Adding money to IBKR takes about 20 minutes. With 101 at the moment it’ll cost you about ~£3.5k all in all to sell and rebuy immediately.

  31. Many are not doing it because they have to sell and buy back directly from CS. They lose their cost basis and also their long term capital gains.

  32. Not to mention a lot have to pay out the nose to do so. 300 bucks ain't cheap when it can buy 6 shares or groceries for a month.

  33. So back in February I transferred a share from HL to IBKR to computershare. The share is no longer in the IBKR account so I assume it went to computershare. However I never received any letters and I had a house move in march. So I've pretty much given up. I've tried looking at the FAQ'S on the CS website however I can't find anything relating to my situation. If any one sees this and could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

  34. call CS and explain the situation, they will find your account with your details (you should know what address IBKR gave them), they can give you the account number which is necessary for the online registration. then ask them to update the address on file

  35. Always love to see new faces, but the sheer amount of posts like "finally made the plunge!" Implies people are on here regularly and scrolling through drs posts all the time and STILL just now getting around to it. Thank you but ffs 🤦

  36. I think the bystandard effect combined with bigger hurdles is why its taking so long for most people. If it had been easier I swear that all 50 thousand of us swedes would have drsed straight away, but as difficult as it is I have only seen a handful, and I myself only started drsing now

  37. There are also new shareholders that are in but don’t fully grasp the gravity of the broker situation yet. It takes time to build that type of activist mentality for the stock. When you first get in, you buy some shares online and are fairly passive. But the willingness to take action grows later as memes are consumed.

  38. I just wish CS had 2FA security. Computershare will be a huge target for hacking and identity fraud, what if we’re all DRS’d and “they” go in and flush all the accounts back onto the market?

  39. For me it was easy because I used Fidelity. But if it was difficult, I'd do whatever it would take to get it done. Imagine telling your grandkids that you and they could've been wealthy, but the DRS procedure wasn't very straightforward.

  40. We are trying. I only wish you were here, perhaps you'd have an appreciation for the environment I am in.

  41. I finally said fuck it and withdrew my IRA from fidelity to have it direct registered. Sure I’ll take a solid tax hit, but ultimately I want my property in my name and not getting fucked with by a 3rd party. Regardless of MOASS I believe in RC and think GameStop will do incredible things over my life span. What’s a few extra taxes in the grand scheme of this whole ordeal.

  42. I’ve got 44 shares in a Roth IRA. Totally not worth it for me to DRS. Not for me, not for the cause. Can’t afford much else ATM so I’m mostly here for the ride. I’d assume I’m not the only one in a similar situation. I’ll hold these 44 shares until I retire though.

  43. +1 (800) 343-3548 is the number for Fidelity. It takes a few minutes to let them know you want to DRS your shares. You can also do it via live chat if you don’t want to talk to someone on the phone.

  44. you all are so loud to tell people to DRS but my brokerage wants $300+ in transfer fees, are you going to send me the money so i can DRS? i bet you all get real quiet then.

  45. Right? I get that DRS is crucial but keep in mind it’s not as easy for everyone to do it. Lots of apes are x or xx holders and paying $300 or whatever fee is not a viable option

  46. I paid $310 to drs through wealth simple. I figured having it safe from fuckery is worth the cost. I’ll eventually get that money back anyways. Note: I’m poor af, but instead of buying so much food that month, I pretended that I was fasten lol

  47. That massive fucking fee is the thing stopping me from DRS'ing. I'm contemplating just buying a few shares through Computer Share, then leaving the rest in WS.

  48. Is the infinity pool not a thing anymore tho? I thought that was the whole reason for DRS in the first place. DRS your shares but never sell them and only sell your broker shares at xxxxxx number. I have most of my shares in CS that i wont sell but still hold xxx in brokerage to sell off during moass. Did this get debunked or am I lost in the sauce?

  49. Infinity pool is still a thing. The cult of “DRS only or else you’ll miss out” took over DRS and tried to bury the infinity pool. I find it funny that these people also talked about blueprince in a positive light being a DD writer and completely ignored the DD he wrote saying DRS is the infinity pool.

  50. I DRS'd my first share through the chat w/ a rep option on the app. Got a conf #. Making sure it goes through fine and then with be DRSing the rest of my postion this coming week.

  51. I was bystanding til last week. Fiddy online chat—they know the drill. “DRS shares of GME” “how many shares?” “All of them” 3 days later they are removed from Fiddy and I registered my CS account. Immediately put down another $4k direct purchase that I’m still excitedly waiting to settle ☺️ feels so much better participating off-grid, so-to-speak

  52. In a way I would be quite disheartened if there was not a wave of drs. Because the wave now shows there are still apes out there. If this 50% of the float was all retail shares … that would be bad. But 50% float, as the tip of the spear of retail ownership, now that is goooood

  53. It’s crazy people are now panicking to DRS when we have been seeing nothing but DRS posts 🤯

  54. First couple days I heard about DRS I didn’t trust it till I realized gme chose computershare for a reason. The DD hasn’t been wrong yet

  55. for me in germany it took 3 months the first time to DRS my GME Shares. i had to transfer to IBKR and than it was easy to get these shares to CS. then i bought on IBKR and transfered to CS. on 2.8. i startet the new process to DRS my GS2 Shares from DBK to IBKR. they are still on my DBK account. i wrote 3 mails and will continue to do so. but i guess it will take time to get them out. so it's not people are bystander. when you know your shares are for weeks or months on the way it makes you think you could miss the moass. this was the reason i did not transfered 100% in ones. but you are right, we have to do it.

  56. Imagine if Govt steps in, or SEC, or brokers and say a big sorry and that we will fix the system promise etc etc and then say we will give you your money back lol while the real share holders are the ones who have their name on their shares. Yea you can then get involved in all kinds of class action lawsuits but the ship would have sailed.

  57. MOASS can only happen with shares in Computershare AND brokerages. The squeeze is caused by hedgies having to buy back the synthetics, and if any real shares are sold from Computershare then that gives them a way back into their crime and illegalities. Anyone that 100% drs's technically isn't going to be able to sell, at least not early on, and if that's your plan then great, that's fine, but stop telling other people to drs 100% because they wouldn't be able to sell without giving hedgies all their ammo back. This post is technically FUD.

  58. At this point any shares (even IRAs) are liable to be fucking deleted. I’m aware this is crime: so is what the brokers did January 27, and what the DTCC did July 22 and I don’t see anyone in jail or even a civil “slap on the wrist.”

  59. Yes, also deleted isn't even the worst thing that could happen... Shares could freeze, never know. It's not so black and white, it's bigger then just brokers being super safe or they gonna delete shares.

  60. I’m so happy I finally made the call to move my 200 shares out of my tfsa on Wednesday. Fuck it, I’m in!

  61. I sent my remaining on friday, hope they get their soon. Are we still seeing a couple business days to show in computershare account?

  62. If I drs my 401k I’ll be in the hook for $500k in taxes for penalty and income tax. Not everyone can afford to drs.

  63. I'd have to sell and re-buy in Europe, broker doesn't do DRS or transfers, at this stage I can't have my cash in limbo for a week whilst the trade settles and then more time to land in my bank account.

  64. So you’re not even considering that some people are using the brokers to buy more and then DRS these IOUs?

  65. I just DRSd my remaining 4 shares (post split) from Fidelity and it was the fastest they ever processed it.

  66. I bought a share at last week still waiting for a account and then i will drs my 300 shares. Im get jacked when i think about it. For real!

  67. I'll admit I've been with fidelity most of this saga. This week I'll have 1,000 in CS but still more to come from fidelity. All fidelity shares are ira so I was scared of the tax hit. But I'd rather take the penalty on premoass prices vs post moass prices, so I've begun moving the rest. If moass doesn't happen by tax time I'm fukt but I'm convinced moass is this year.

  68. it's literally impossible for everyone to DRS (not enough shares in CS), so apes with brokers will always exist and expose their BS

  69. There should be a easier way for europeans in place to handle DRSing shares. Like a Computershare Europe division that handles those stuff including all the tax stuff around.

  70. Seriously, is there an excuse anymore? Haven't we discovered a way to DRS from nearly every platform or system? And haven't we posted these tutorials dozens of times just this summer alone?

  71. Traditional IRAs through an employer...don't necessarily have a way to rollover to another IRA provider, and can't DRS within the system. Sure, some would allow you to cash out, paying a penalty and income tax during your prime earning years, to get into Computershare. Doesn't mean it would be wise to do so.

  72. Yep, and these exact same people that are crying about the fuckery with their shares are gonna cry even more when their broker sells their shares for 1k each and tells them to fuck off 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 then we’ll see how many people will be making posts about how they want to die. DRS now✌🏼

  73. Imagine missing MOASS because you ignored the primary focus of the entire sub which is clearly locking the float in CS 😂😂😂 basically shills at this point

  74. Yeah some people like me xane DRS all their shares. I have a bunch in RRSP and literally do not have enough money to take the tax hit working a minimum wage job

  75. Don't you take the money out of the shares you sell to move to computer share? Wouldn't you have enough? Just saying not saying to sell but everyone who wants to do this definitely has enough lol

  76. I was going to transfer my remaining shares, but when I setup the CS account I got cute with the security question…now I can’t remember the full name of my favorite car and can’t get into the account

  77. You don't need to log into computer to DRS, and I'm sure there's a way to reset that lol. The point is to keep others out, not you!

  78. I left a few in Fidelity just so I can be part of the $10 class action settlement twenty years from now.

  79. I know a few $GME holders who refuse to DRS despite it being obvious that they will be rugpulled if they stay at their shady broker.

  80. We punching down, now? Is DRS the elite club where only the float’s amount of people are allowed? Every one else is lesser than the DRS group?

  81. Imagine spending your hard earned money on GME, all the hours of reading and research, just to fuck your self over at the last hurdle.

  82. By now, with everything we’ve seen over the last months and year, all the DD, all the positive news about direct registering, if investors get caught out when the float is locked and ComputerShare is not accepting any more GME registration, I have literally no tears. No compassion. You had your chance.

  83. My concern is that those that are bystanding are not only preventing the launch but it's clear that their broker will do everything to fuck them over. So in summation: They're fucking everyone over by holding onto shares and will absolutely miss out of the generational changing wealth

  84. I’ve found messaging with Fidelity through their live chat to be the most affective! My first batch of DRS was with a phone call (waited on hold over and hour until I got through). Then I used the live chat twice for the next two batches. That took less than five minutes! And I took a screenshot to have a record. I am 100% DRS now (except 401K)!

  85. It's not showing how many people have yet to DRS. Look at the numbers, we already knew that there were hundreds of thousands of people yet to adopt DRS, even 10% of their shares.

  86. Due to my employment situation, I am literally not allowed to DRS. I have to hold my shares with an “approved broker” so every single transaction I make can be monitored. The day I don’t need this job to put food on the table, you better believe I’ll get my purple rings. I am 100% in favor of DRS and I know you apes got my back—but just wanted to share that it’s not all black and white and not everyone who hasn’t DRSed yet is lazy or ignorant.

  87. Yeah, I know... This made me open my eyes to DRS my shares. Kinda hard here in Canada with registered accounts and fees... but you know, I made it... now waiting for my letter!

  88. as a canadian, i tried to drs, but rbc said i can’t do it from my tfsa, and not only do i not-want to take the shares out of my tfsa, but it would take 2 weeks to transfer to another account, and then 6-8 to drs :\

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