GmeStop said to ask your brokers about the stock split via dividend. u/smilethroughthebs outlines exactly what needs to be asked to avoid confusion:

  1. Talk is cheap, takes money to buy whiskey. i think it’s a waste of time for apes to play lawyer, especially when they could focus on scrounging around for another $50 bone to drs one more share.

  2. If you believe your broker did not handle the recent corporate action according to GameStop's statement, you need to reach out to your broker's compliance officer to request a copy of any instructions they received in relation to the event. Be polite but firm, send a link to GameStop's statement, and don't stop asking until you get something. Then report back here to share what you've received, and if applicable, send it along to the proper financial regulatory authorities.

  3. This is all well and good. But from how I read it, the GameStop report specifically told INTERNATIONAL shareholders to contact their broker regarding the issue with not getting shares.

  4. I think because of custodial chains they might avoid answering this question(not all, because transparency is crucial), they will point the finger towards upstream into the custodian chain (bank/prime broker -> Clearstream/Euroclear(for EU, there are more central depositories depending on specific country) -> DTC/DTCC). Its a blamegame with 0 clarity.

  5. Remember, the specific document from the DTCC is the "record detail page". That is from the clunky backroom system they're all running. We need to see the "function code" and the "ISO event code". These will show us how they processed and distributed this particular corporate action.

  6. Great questions to be asked including very first comment question about DTCC instructions.

  7. Just talked to Fidelity. They seemed to be really cagey about answering this. They wouldn’t specify how the stock was split. Just that “my account was credited shares” and “if I had questions related to the 8k filing to contact computer share directly”

  8. Do you have instructions how I pull my Roth IRA shares to an individual acct so i can DRS them? Their cost basis is currently below share price, so I won't be getting taxed I believe.

  9. Can we get a stickied post going that has a list of all the regulatory bodies/ brokers and their contact information, along with a template email?

  10. They will have the purchase date as the share they delivered for, if that share was ‘long’ then the new 3 shares will also be ‘long’

  11. If the question is where are the additional shares, then we should %100 DRS. Then we will know where the shares are because they would all be in computershare. So I think the answer is DRS everything.

  12. This is the way...because it puts your broker lemmings representative on the hook for realizing they have fucked up and lied to investors

  13. Degiro gave me some answers saying it was a regular split, i showed them the gamestop info and demanded to know were did they get that info from.. no they were responding quite fast until that point. Now nothing.

  14. Not entirely correct - DTC will provide the shares further down the chain of ownership. Your broker most likely has at least one entity between you and DTC. Overseas it’s almost certainly more then one.

  15. Shares are only held at Computershare. Anything in the DTCC is only second class beneficial ownership. You don't have any shares in any broker.

  16. E*trade seems to have gotten shares and told me today that they were distributed by the DeezTCC. And then I told them I wanna transfer them all out anyway cuz fuck em

  17. I asked Fidelity about my 516 shares in 401k (XXXX in Computershare). They said they were new and received them from GME.

  18. I truly expect massive fud from fidelity and other state side brokers this week to slow drs. Now that official word is out from gamestop that they have given dtcc new shares. All these brokers that were told by dtcc we are not giving out new shares, now will want their fair share and should be raising all kinds of hell. As well as any international brokers and regulators. This week should be spicy af. On top of that other tickers putting pressure on SHF

  19. Yup, that's what I did with the last Degiro email I send them. When you ask about dividend etc they talk around it, those sneaky dirty bastards. So I asked them directly, did yall receive shares for this split from the DTCC, yes or no? Let's see what those dogs gotta say

  20. I’ve also been seeing DTC & DTCC I always thought it was DTCC but here lately I’ve been seeing DTC not sure what that’s about

  21. I contacted TD earlier today and used this as a template. Changed it up a little for even further clarity. Here's my message if anyone wishes a copy/paste:

  22. Pretty sure the point isn’t to call the brokers and ask about what we already know. The point is to leave the brokers and dtcc entirely because they have all collectively proven the DD. They do not deserve our trust, our business, or our “shares” we left in their custody.

  23. If I had one share in fidelity should i have 4 or 5 shares? because I thought I should have 5.

  24. I just chatted with Schwab to DRS 500. They processed it all in the chat, no other paperwork. TLDR: the response from Schwab on the split/dividend was:

  25. I just got off chat with WealthSimple in Canada. They told me they handled the splividend as a split. Has any broker confirmed they handled it as a dividend yet?

  26. Honest question... This are nicely worded questions, but if we (I) already DRS'd those shares, do the questions/answers matter?

  27. I am a little confused about the answer I recieved from my broker and was hoping someone could provide some insight or clarification. I was told that the answer to (1.) was that new shares were added but when my contact reached out to his back office for an answer to (2.) the answer I recieved was:

  28. Awesome! I totally missed that comment. I've just inquired IBKR with those questions, this was their answer to the first one:

  29. All brokers are deflecting and telling us to contact GameStop investor relations even though IR told us to contact brokers…we’re stuck in a looo

  30. We need fucking Blockchain shares. This whole DRS bullshit can be solved immediately, and pretty much for free. Also fucks synthetic shares and dark pools.

  31. Questions to customer service is not enough - their statement is not the official statement from the Brokerage firm. Need to get a copy of the instructions the brokerage received from the DTC for the distribution of the shares. This will most likely need to come from the Brokerage Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer will respond on behalf of the brokerage firm. Let's stop screwing around. Let's get some documentation.

  32. Stock splits are when new shares are added as well. They don’t actually “split” your shares. The company provides the new shares and they issue them to you. This is exactly how everyone got their shares. Can people please get their information from somewhere other than Redditors. Read read read more up on this before coming to conclusions. Everyone received their shares correctly. It’s how they “book” that is different. When they are booked on a regular split it is a taxable event. In the form of a dividend it is not. Why everyone is spreading information I do not know.

  33. No, they didn’t. They said to reach out to ur broker, if u had a question or a need to. I, for one, don’t give a fuck what answer they tell me cuz I don’t believe what they tell me. Focusing on the brokers IS THE DISTRACTION. Drs is what matters. It’s basically the only thing that matters. Talk is cheap, takes money to buy whiskey. I remember

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