What are your plans, post squeeze?

  1. I’m not a spring chicken. My highest priority is to still be alive to watch the ending of this saga. I have loved every minute of this. Apes are an amazing group of people (who individually make their own decisions). It’s like reading the best novel ever. It would be a shame to die before getting to the end of it. So that’s my plan — getting to the end of the story. Although I’ll be sad when it’s over. It’s been an incredible exciting journey.

  2. I am with you here. Want to finish this novel alive. Then, the good Lord willing I'll give it all away smiling knowing I was right. My passion is to rescue horses, those in the wild and those abused, those thrown away for slaughter. Would love to bring in city kids to help with their care. I'd invest in education ...FINANCIAL education. Learn to read programs , critical thinking programs. The most vulnerable human/animal need us apes. We won, I will pay it forward.

  3. Going off grid seems like the popular opinion on this sub. I wonder if it has anything to do with the disenchantment of the entire system. Myself included

  4. I for one will have a cabin in some part of the remote boreal forests. I cant wait for just me and my future dog chopping fire wood before the sun sets.

  5. Start a non-profit to "hand out money". I see a lot of "handing out money" with no real thought behind it.

  6. Take care of my family, friends, and community. Pay it forward. Quit my job and make art. Travel. Reinvest in GameStop.

  7. First year, I will buy a RV and travel across America with my dog and my wife. After, we will buy a beachfront house and work on cleaning the sea. I think fish must be saved at all cost.

  8. My apes!! You guys ARE me! I’m getting an Earth Roamer & my plan is to surf and/or fish every beach 🏝 in the USA I LOVE the ocean & I plan on bringing my grandsons with me to do do clean up in between surf 🏄‍♂️ trips… my final destination will be in a house/beach hut in southern Cali OR in Sicily… so, we’ll see how THAT goes post MOASS 😉

  9. YES. I want to be reading fiction and philosophy, and poetry. And looking at art, and making art, and making music and beauty and love. I want to be giving and healing and adventuring and simply being.

  10. Non-profit donating gaming systems to children's hospitals. Would also set aside to be able to pay off/pay towards their medical exoenses.

  11. I would also love to donate gaming platforms and work to build VR gaming systems to help kids find where their aptitudes lie and train them to get ready to be part of the workforce so they aren't fed bullshit and then come out of school all lost with irrelevant knowledge that they can't apply occupationally

  12. I want to create more values to the society; I don’t know how yet as I feel I am still young, so will try to invest a lot into myself, then do sth will benefit everyone around me in a good way.

  13. Relax. Pay off my and my family and friends debts. Vacation for a few months. Then work on my physical and mental health for a bit while my wife and I search for our dream home on a lake.

  14. Quit job, and make games I find meaningful and fun without worrying about investors and money. Make my friends' and families' lives a bit easier and keep making new friends to help.

  15. Same!!!!! I’m not a teacher and I don’t know anyone who is a teacher, but the way we improve future generations is by fucking educating them properly

  16. Grow hemp, build/provide housing (largely built from said hemp), eliminate non-biodegradable plastic bags from my country (also via hemp), disrupt the paper industry (again: hemp), the textiles industry (hemp), bolster the food industry (you got it... hemp)...

  17. Lobby governments to make FREE basic housing a human right, change the world forever. Every single person entitled to a basic residence. No one ever worrying they might be homeless.

  18. I'm building a 30-home compound for families that have medically complex children; hopefully with 20+ acres so we can have a farm, a small school, and a medical center.

  19. RV. Endless nature. Eventually warehouse, tools, inventing the absolute fuck out of shit for life and traveling.

  20. Pay off debts, make sure my family is secure. Build my dream home with my dream pull barn gym and just workout with friends and work on hobbies.

  21. Prosecute some bad guys. Buy some politicians. End corruption systemically, using systemic corruption to do it.

  22. Sponsor my buddy Saleh so he can get his PR and get on with his life. Pay my Ukrainian buddy's law school tuition which is like 30k to homologate his degree from back home, so he doesn't have to keep working construction.

  23. Create sustainable rent-free living and food abundance for everyone, starting with Indian reservations in the US

  24. Pay off my family’s debt. Move out of the US. Buy a home. Then help others - haven’t decided exactly how yet as I have many ideas, but when my moon tendies are here I will have much more time to think and plan.

  25. I just want my own place away from all my family drama, where I can finally be somewhere where I can actually relax and be comfortable. Then after I get myself to a better place, spend my time making the lives of other people and the world a better place.

  26. Retreat into a remote location 100% sustainable on own, get season tickets to my favorite sports team and smoke a shit load of ganja and charity the rest but definitely some to rescuing dogs in my best puppies honor

  27. Pay for medical school and open a non-profit medical center for low income families and individuals. Always been a dream of mine, lots of people I know work in factories. When they get hurt it's a choice between a doctor visit and feeding their kids. I'd like to see that stop.

  28. Make a physician owned hospital and clinic that runs on donations and offers access to anyone in need. No need for government in that case, they too slow

  29. Anyone want to help create a free mental health program? (I know nothing about that field) The US seriously needs mental health help imo. Phoenix has such a problem. Makes me sad.

  30. Thought of that too, but too cold for my mom. Not sure my depression could handle the winters there.

  31. My plan is to get a bunch of smart people and a few other apes in a room together and figure out how I can build nonprofit businesses that create value that helps the immediate community build wealth.

  32. Who says you can't do both? 😏 You ever see "Charlie Wilson's War"? That's kinda who I want to be like, just without the drugs!

  33. Continue working on a non profit and improve my home town. Install an MRI, build a free health complex so people don’t need to spend money to stay in shape. Lots of school programs. Scholarships etc.

  34. I've been asking myself the same question ever since parents immigrated us into North America. What's going to happen tomorrow? What am I going to have to prepare and brace for? It's an ongoing nightmare I've had to live with for almost 30 years. What do I want? Piece of mind. Never having to worry about tomorrow's problems and just live in the moment without dreading the unforseen bullshit. And I'm gonna celebrate having piece of mind by paying off student loans and buying a car.

  35. Depends cause I'm retiring in 4 months. I will buy as much farm land as I can. This whole Bill G buying up farm land can't be good.

  36. All I think of is helping others. Of course I’ll do some spending but I really just want to help people financially

  37. To help as many people as possible. First at random but longer term by focusing wealth on bigger picture to drive real change I helping the masses.

  38. Get out of poverty. Build a workers coop to sweep the nation with equitable employment. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, let's employ people in a way that brings them wealth, without needing to suck a corporate dick. Live off the land.

  39. Im going to try and get my health back. My microbiome got destroyed by a doctor, and I havent had an appetite in 7 years, my body stopped breaking down food, and all my muscle has atrophied. Then, if i can get my health back, Im donating so much money to the microbiome research. It has the ability to unlock the entirety of human health. Then obligatory ranch in the mountains.

  40. Really? Nobody? Ok I’ll say it: Two chicks at the same time! 😂 Jokes aside, I’d enjoy the financial freedom and the possibility to allocate as much time as I want for my family. Maybe build a company for online teaching (already working on it as a side) and start donating free lessons to children whose parents can’t afford it. Educating the masses for free is my wild dream I have been dreaming about for over six years now. Those two things are my ultimate goals post-moass! Oh and I’ll definitely start doing random acts of kindness to people who might need help.

  41. End child hunger. Nothing would make me happier than putting my money towards what those rich assholes have the power to do, but refuse to. It’s disgusting that we have any wealthy people at all when so many kids lack access to proper food.

  42. Considering the floor XXX million a share I plan on doing alot with my 1XX shares in the infinity pool while only selling 2.

  43. I have a this fantasy of anonymously funding peoples legal representation when they have been badly wronged by someone/something much bigger than Themselves.

  44. fund people to join political parties i don't like to run for leadership, and once in positions of influence, re-point their parties barge somewhere progressive.

  45. Depends on how big the squooze is. Providing for troubled family and friends is first on the list, along with being able to finally afford proper vehicle maintenance, decent winter heating, and especially time to not be stressed out and freaked out by rising costs.

  46. Lots of travel before the world collapses in on itself. Build off grid somewhere away from society. I mean I'll try and be an eco warrior for awhile striving for change but make sure I've built a good enough vault so when everything goes to shit I can retreat and lock down without having to be seen again....

  47. Thats cool i just tried to make a post like that but got removed for low karma. Glad other people are thinking this stuff, they're not just gonna roll over we need people in office. No taxation without representation!

  48. Make memories with my family! Skateboard. Take up woodworking and learn to cook alot more recipes. Get back into growing weed.... lose days gaming...

  49. Legal preparation aside, off grid house, P.O. Box for my GameStop orders, and a bitchin satellite internet set up. Then it’s hobby and home schooling time :)

  50. I have 3 little ones...so, for the first few weeks I’m going to pretend to go to work and just sleep in my car. Fuck I’m tired. After that, who knows.

  51. Take care of my parents financially. Not sure if I want to buy a newer car. Just replace the seat in my old car.

  52. I want to help people mostly. A few personal friends friends of mine are also apes. We are planning on forming an llc and work together and hire talent to find how best to help our fellow man

  53. I plan to start a group who looks for companies who are anti employee or anti consumer and bring charges against them so the people stop getting screwed by these corporations

  54. Im not gonna hand out money to my family because it will get taxed to shit, instead im going to buy houses and allow them to live there rent free, they will be responsible for the general upkeep but ill make sure they dont have an out lay for rent or mortgage again.

  55. One neat thing I’d like to do is form a team that buys struggling shopping malls and converts them into affordable housing communities. The large department stores on the ends will be apartments and the smaller stores will become grocers, doctors, dentists, CPA’s, etc. Restaurants will offer healthier options. Only the GameStops will remain.

  56. Finally get the septoplasty I’ve needed since a random man assaulted me, broke my nose and wasn’t held accountable for his actions. Don’t have insurance to pay for it & courts let him off with no charges.

  57. I have a plan of enabling kids from poor regions to educate them in programming, crypto etc. We don't even know how many talents are wasted cause they're born poor.

  58. have a house in my home country so i can see my family. Get my mom help for her glaucoma/health. Have enough food for my family, retire my father, be able to go to university! Maybe get a pilots license! Thats the dream

  59. Reinvest in companies necessary for a better, sustainable future. Amyris and ImmunityBio are two companies changing the game with synthetic biology/biomanufacturing and biomedicine, respectively. There's also a handful of Blockchain based companies with real potential to make things more transparent, productive and efficient.

  60. Do something to change the world for the better. Fund startups with morally grounded, but business savvy entrepreneurs. Plant seeds. Lots of them. Build something. Love people. Help people. Be kind.

  61. I will use the money to create healthier ecosystems so that they are more resistant / resilient to climate extremes. Education of nature, campings, list goes on.

  62. Personal I plan on laying low for a while, maybe go work for Disney for a year or two as a fun experience.

  63. There’s a family I’ve been using every spare penny I have to stay afloat during this insanity. They lost their home to foreclosure, have nowhere to stay, and are struggling to eat and find a hotel to spend a night at. There’s three kids between 16-10, all of them extremely kind and talented in their own ways.

  64. No idea. Making plans now seems silly. It’s going to be a radically different world after moass and I am confident priorities will shift for the vast majority in this thread.

  65. Opening an animal shelter first and foremost. Plus building an insane car collection, searching for the finest examples of all the hoopties that interest me.

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