Found my post MOASS project

  1. No he’s just buying it and not marking it up. The state of California is making an insulin manufacturing company though

  2. Be sure to stay anonymous - work through multiple layers of representatives, enough so that the person that becomes the face of your organisation doesn't even know about you. Do the same for the money trail, so that nefarious big pharma detectives and lawyers won't be able to find & sue you, allowing you to reboot your enterprise, in case the first, second or third attempt to set this up fail.

  3. Yup. Need Mark Cuban to fix this. Praying he opens a fucking rift up in the marketplace and sends all those old greedy shitbags into retirement.

  4. I feel like projects like these would benefit from a 501.3c/DAO wombo combo. I don't know how it works but it's provocative

  5. Yeah at the end of the day majority of US medications have thousands of dollars in markups. We can easily lessen the burden on people who can't afford necessary medications. I'm in.

  6. I’m helping whichever of you lot that’s smarter than me eradicate lung cancer. And will help rebuild Ukraine

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