Is this legit? I am an affiliate streamer in the UK. I have been receiving this email a few times now.

  1. I don’t know if it’s legit or not, but I would reach out to twitch through their support system on their site so that you know for sure that you are talking to them, and just ask them if this is really from them!

  2. These do expire every few years and need to be resubmitted to ensure Twitch has up to date information on you for these taxes (such as if you moved countries), but if you want to be safe, go to the page yourself in your Affiliate Onboarding, not by clicking the link in the email.

  3. Looks legit but to be honest there is like the easiest way ever to check if it is. Go to your dashboard and see if you have done the onboarding properly. ZERO risk to do anything wrong. So just go to and check your dashboard.

  4. Twitch is a US company so being paid "in" the US means you pay US taxes. Whether that money is then taxed in your home country is up to them, different countries do different things.

  5. Try right clicking the email address and check whether the email address is legit or not.

  6. This is most likely legit as companies are required to receive updated IRS W-8 Ben forms every 3 years for non-resident aliens of the U.S. Of course it could be a re-created email though, always use caution and look for spelling errors.

  7. I am a partner and contacted partner help after receiving this. It’s legit, I thought it was fraudulent as well though lol.

  8. they could have make it a little personalized or something that really identified its legit. than giving a generic e-mail asking for personal information for tax reasons without any sign its legit.

  9. If this was emailed to you, you can complete your tax form in your affiliate on boarding settings. Just navigate through twitch for it manually.


  11. The question is, why would they only email you about it, and not give notification on the website?

  12. Because generally businesses want to ensure you are going to be notified and people are more likely to check their email on the regular. than go to the website they check every so often.

  13. I honestly wouldn’t trust it, but instead go through the website. Something about then never mentioning your name. Remember, Jim Browning got scammed by a very convincing looking google scam so don’t interact with the email

  14. Except there's no service on Twitch that allows you to send messages to other users with official Twitch branding in an email.

  15. The United States is the only country in the world that has a law that states you have to pay taxes for money you make overseas. Because Twitch is owned by Amazon and Amazon is an American company, you have to fill a tax form out. Also, the email is coming from If that doesn’t scream legit, I don’t know what the fuck does.

  16. Omg yes this is legit! You are earning (or have the potential to earn) money from a job and you must file tax papers. Every job you ever do is gonna make you fill out this pepper work. If you feel unsafe clicking the links you can go to your dash board and fill it out directly. But this is 100% legit. Congrats on getting affiliate btw

  17. 99% percent this is real and this is a typical mail they send from time to time. I mean no need to press anything in the e-mail. Just go to the official affiliate page and Follow the steps. Worse case you send twitch your tax form

  18. Like most people wont say that the link pictured should be followed, but Twitch needing your basic tax info ( which for me was just NI number) in UK is valid, it means that an international treaty kicks in & twitch will not deduct any income tax.

  19. Update: I contacted Twitch support and they confirmed I need to do it. If in doubt contact support!

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