Drove the Alaska (Al-Can) highway last week - Trip Report in Comments

  1. My family received PCS orders to JBER this summer so we took the Alaska highway up, starting in Minnesota where we visited some family and friends prior to the trip.

  2. You're holding out on us .... What kind of sandwiches???.... I might be driving up with a new vehicle in the next month. Thanks for the write up

  3. This is a great write up. You obviously have some skill and common sense, unlike most who want to know if their Mazda Miata can make the trip in December. Welcome to Alaska. Blink too long and your tour will be over!

  4. You did way more keeping track than us! My wife and I drove from Anchorage home to Texas last week in 7 days 6 nights after driving up a year ago. No tires lost the first time, and only one flat in Casper Wyoming on the way home. But we just winged it. 🤣

  5. I've driven the Alcan pushing ten times now and I've never needed a spare - but I ALWAYS have one, two if possible.

  6. Do you remember if the campsite you stayed at on Day 6 was Congdon Creek? If so, how was it? I'm looking at staying there next year for a day or two on the way to AK.

  7. I’m not sure about the Alcan specifically (been a while since I drove it), but I saw a few names in rocks on the stretch between Anchorage and Fairbanks last summer.

  8. ballsy! thanks for sharing. I make the trip next June. Right now, thinking 30 ft motorhome with or without flat tow vehicle.

  9. Ha! That was the average across the entire trip. Leaving Minnesota and on the way to Dawson Creek it was like 7. Only as a I got into Alaska did my average increase enough to bring that 7.0 up to 7.9.

  10. Welcome to Alaska. Something to know is that Dan Sullivan voted Against the PACT bill that would have provided health benefits to veterans suffering from burn pit exposure.

  11. Aww, this is making me miss this drive! I've done it 5X (three up and two back down) in the last 10 years or so, and it's always had its own beauty no matter what time of the year. Probably a little less harrowing than your experience - no trailer and about 500 miles of range on my gas tank.

  12. Welcome to AK. I got to JBER last September drove up from AZ towing 40' 5er. Great trip writeup. Hope you enjoy your time up here. This is an amazing place. Just yesterday (on post) saw a black bear running full speed from tree line across road, right in front of me, to the next tree line. Then 1/2 mile later saw a cow moose with baby feeding in a field. What a great place

  13. What's funny is that if they had flown it would have still been 2000lbs of CO2 (assuming only one child) and they'd have none of their stuff.

  14. Thank you for this. I'm supposed to be leaving Alaska at some point hopefully soon and have been dreading the drive with my trailhawk. I hope I can make it with 1 spare cause that's all I have

  15. I drove down in a VW Eurovan and people routinely drive worse. I’d take the Cassiar Hwy and bring one jerry can for good measure

  16. Welcome to Alaska!! Thank you for posting! Driving my daughter down to San Antonio this week in her Subaru Forester pulling a small trailer. Looking forward to making some memories!! Thank you for your service!! ❤️

  17. Thank you for the first hand information, heck of rig and tow! What all do I need for my USA-CAN border crossing? I am leaving in 15 days.

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