These mods are hypocritical

  1. Naw naw, that person needs drug from their house by their hair tied to two Volkswagen vans by rope and literally and I mean literally torn in half in the street. Go ahead mods, ban me, fuck that person. (Well aware that's not a rational person's response. I'm not a rational person)

  2. At first I thought this subreddit was just middle class people complaining about not having free coffee in the office, but now I see small children on power trips are also involved. this should garner tons of support for a workers movement.

  3. RedditMod moment. Bit silly how all it takes is a "leadership" position over a community for some people to lose all decorum and connection with a community. They don't represent us.

  4. So did anyone see the pinned post by the mod with the proof that this is fake? You guys are so quick to jump the gun on some fabricated bullshit before hearing both sides of the story.

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