I was going to wait until the 28th for this, but might as well start now with my sub. I'll be giving a random one out to everybody, but only one each for scarcity's sake.

  1. On the 28th of January 2021, something transpired that had never happened before. The "Buy" button for certain symbols that were popular on the sub-Reddit "Wallstreetbets" was disabled, causing those stocks to free-fall.

  2. This happened For real! Check Out /r Superstonk For more Info and why Gamestop Stock is still Undervalued. Vince is one of the few artists who address this problem♥️

  3. Well said, Vince. A line has been drawn between us and the hedgies, a duality of good vs evil but they think they’re the good guys as much as we do. A duality of sorts is shared among us and this is the biggest war ever waged without being called an actual war. We’re in this war together, soldiers, and it has been a fucking pleasure serving beside you.

  4. seriously. if people want to see a rich vs poor scenario, look at the meme stock saga. I know there are apes with lots of money., but I doubt any of them have hedge fund money!

  5. yo man, probably not. when I hit 1,000, I will for sure. I think ill hit 500 in the next could of weeks and replying to the comments in this post will probably take me a week. going to post one in superstonk, gme and amc over the next two weeks though!

  6. Love these, thank you again. You are a trail blazer in the ape community. Can’t wait to buy your NFTs on the GME NFT store.

  7. thanks bro. I should've probably shared it in the beginning. I'll definitely do so when I post again on superstonk, gme and amc

  8. Absolutely amazing and beautiful as always, hell of a good job you do and well appreciated by all of your fans. Your resolve and ability is above the rest. 0x70F7129eD5F9737EF3A0bEB4Ad7f6e4cc1B9a24E

  9. Oh oh, they are great af! As always! Nice to follow you here and watching your work grow. Can’t wait to see you on the GME marketplace! fingers crossed for the rare ones for everyone

  10. 0x32743dcc45131a0d49da740acfd386a1192c6bd2 HOTDOG they all look soo dope. this whole past year has been so much for myself and family new norms arent quite right just yet. and thats why we hodL! thank you V. suarez!

  11. Thank you for continuing to create and chronicle this period in our lives. I just hit the 1-year mark since my first purchase. Put in $500 and thought I would either make me a couple thousand or teach me a lesson. Well so far the lessons have been priceless, and I've dedicated a LOT more investment to the education since... I never would have thought I would get familiar with NFTs along this past year as well, so thank you for showing the way!

  12. The sad thing is, I don't think anyone will ever be held accountable. While everyone involved in the investment community knew the markets are not exactly fair, this gamestonk episode has been shining a light onto how truly screwed up the situation is. I hope people never forget this.

  13. What a time to be alive! Well said Vince and always appreciated, it's been scary lately but still holding strong and your post and hard work are just what was needed to keep up the spirit!!!

  14. Vince I think you are doing such an honorable, selfless, community supporting act with these NFTs. These NFTs not only capture certain essences of this fight against corruption, lopsided power, etc, but these do so using a platform which can be part of the solution. I am so proud to have your Art (I show it off to all my friends) and I thank you so so much for being able to provide these for free, it means a lot to be able to participate in this!

  15. thanks for the kindly words and support! im glad I could be part of the journey with you guys and contribute towards it.

  16. Found your thread over at /gme but been a longtime lurker and don't post a lot anywhere so lacked the karma to post over there and came here to follow the sub and give a shoutout to a fellow ape capturing an artistic expression of the saga thusfar. Diamond Hands fellow Ape. I look forward to browsing your future works post-moass on the GME marketplace.

  17. I love the encapsulated history through the NFTs. Of course they mean something to apes, but creating them with descriptions helps to show others as well.

  18. good thing about nfts on the blockchain is that, the metadata will never go away. using this art to record history is really the best thing about nfts

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