Dog wearing shoes.

  1. Not only that, it's sadly not uncommon to come a across broken bottles or similar things and this way you don't have to worry over them accidentally cutting their paws.

  2. Samoyed's are pretty well adapted to cold but heat not so much. Also there's bacteria, chemicals, broken glass and other debris that can injure.

  3. When I lived in a city, my dog kept walking into broken glass, cutting his paws open. Made me think of getting him shoes as well.

  4. I live in the city, and my dog wears shoes for the reasons mentioned here. She has sensitive paws that get irritated and burn easily, and she seems to much prefer wearing them over me cleaning her feet after every walk.

  5. I live in an area that's exceptionally hot lately and I'm getting my dog shoes for walks. She's a husky/boxer, so she's sturdy, but if I won't walk barefoot I'm not expecting her to endure it. The alternative is less walks and uh... I wouldn't survive her pent up energy

  6. Saw a cop with his k-9 walking and standing around a parking lot. In Phoenix. On a HOT day. No shoes for that guy. I've burned my feet on my patio even though I was moving quickly. I have a pair of rubber soled shoes that got sticky from hot pavement. A dog? Cruel.

  7. It probably wants to be pet too. Samoyed’s LOVE people. They love people so much. They’re also very goofy.

  8. I would’ve sworn that MTA passed a law saying that all animals had to be enclosed or carried (or something to that effect)

  9. City dogs can have paw pad problems brought by hot pavements. I have to treat my Corgi/Jack rescue twice a week. His pads are so callused from pavement burns they sometimes will crack and bleed.

  10. He looks like a big fluffy muppet with teeny feet. This is the best thing I’ve seen today, and this is the content my fellow Americans need right now, since our country is dumpster fire currently.

  11. Pavement burns on paws is areal threat. Most people do not think about this when they're out walking their dogs in 95+ degree heat

  12. In AZ summers there is no excuse for dogs to not wear shoes. My boys have at least 2 pairs. Besides, it’s cute as hell.

  13. This dog probably has arthritis and needs his shoes to be able to get up from slippery surfaces.

  14. Why sick? The shoes can help if conditions can cause concern for frostbite, cutting paws open and such as long as you don't keep them on all the time.

  15. I love the NYC subway but hell no I wouldn't let my dogs feet touch the floor in there

  16. Always wear closed toe shoes on public transportation. Had a friend lob the tip of his left big toe on an escalator because he was wearing flip-flops

  17. It’s very popular in New York for dogs to sport some teeny shoes. It’s practical and the cutest stinkin thing.

  18. Dude thats me everytime I'm made to go somewhere and the someone complements my hair and then I smile like the dog.

  19. Absolutely adorable! This is the kind of dog I’d love to roll around on a big rug with, for about an hour!!❤️😀❤️🐕‍🦺🐈🐕🐶👄

  20. Yeah sure, cover up his sweat glands, that seems like a fine idea... ffs, that is a breed that developed feet that can handle the freaking snow, he does not need fkn shoes!

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