3.2 patch notes

  1. So that's it for pretty much one more month until next patch. Pretty underwhelming to say the least.

  2. I really don't see how they can turn things around at this point. This patch really isn't going to address any of the issues that players have been complaining about and then they cap it off by saying it'll be another month until the next patch.

  3. Just in case you are not aware already, someone pointed out that if you press the melee button, your ADS is back. Can confirm that it works for me. Sucks that this type of bug is not yet ironed out tho 🙄

  4. I mean, they removed the stunlocking from vehicle explosions. So so when a Bolte is shooting at you you don't get stuck in place anymore.

  5. Seriously WTF I feel like this is simple af. Just eject the body away from walls like how so many other shooters have done for years and years.

  6. Guess I'm still not playing it anytime soon. It still requires several months until most major issues are fixed and some of the "legacy features" are added in.

  7. I didn't even experience that bug because I only played HZ once and abandoned it straight after, lmao. This is their replacement for the campaign, would rather play some half-assed campaign than whatever HZ is.

  8. They actually spent dev time on this. That being said, I don't know how a handful of QA fixes and very slight number tuning is worth over a month of dev time for a game with hundreds of developers. What are they actually doing?????

  9. This is the first BF game since BF2 I haven't pre-ordered. Glad I didn't but at the same time sad. I enjoyed BF1 and BF5 was OK, but after grinding Apex for a couple of years I was REALLY looking forward to the more objective based plays of BF - not to mention a bit more casual gaming (Apex is super sweaty.)

  10. My brutal expectations were as low as simply fixing the no ADS bug, or not being able to switch weapons after exiting a vehicle, and it's still worse than I though, at this early game access will be finished on 2142

  11. wow... that's a short and completely useless update (outside of portal xp). Though, given that even the scoreboard won't be added until February, and VOIP sometime after that, I'm not surprised.

  12. Now that they're back from a month long vacation, I'd like to hope we get patches every week, big or small. But looking at these notes, and what's been said on Twitter. Would appear that this is the ONLY patch we're getting for the month of January, with a Scoreboard patch in mid/late February. If the February notes are as lackluster as these notes, and if they haven't posted information on "Season 1" content by then.

  13. At this point I enjoy bashing the tards that made this game more than the game no way someone sat back and was like yeah this is what we were aiming for 😂 it’s one head scratching decision after another like the whole studio is retarded how tf was this ever approved as a polished complete game

  14. Games usually only have a yearly cycle. So by the time the new shooter comes out by Q3-Q4, this game will be dead. I doubt this game will get the love it needs. I’m seeing a more of an Anthem-style destruction than a No Man’s Sky restoration.

  15. Or tanks you hit with your only three rockets only for someone to sneeze on it and destroy it, get all the points, and you don’t get an assist?

  16. I'm just uninstalling this dumpsterfire to make space for WW3. Also rebought BF4 yesterday and having a much better time there!

  17. Try battlebit remastered on steam. F2p right now and super fun with popped servers. A mix between the old ace of spades game, squad and battlefield.

  18. Lol guess that’s what everyone gets for so much whining and bashing EA, a nice 500mb patch with pretty much nothing. How long has it been since release?

  19. I don't think they want us to come back until season 1 begins. Which I think is in March? I just want to be surprised by major changes but uhhh, maybe this time next year? lol

  20. So no performance optimization, no ADS bug after exiting vehicles fix, the revive bug is still there in rare occusaions, no nothing

  21. I guess the thing that in twitter they call this update 3.2 but in actual patchnotes and in game it labeled as 0.3.2 says it all. They just sold us half assed beta.

  22. All I want is responsive feeling gunplay. My sights can’t track people due to no aim assist or it being completely broken, and just movement with your gun in general feels so clunky. Is there no way they can mimick bf5 gun play? It was perfect

  23. Wow fixing a bunch of shit that never should have launched with the game in the first place and then trying to lessen the blow by announcing a scoreboard? Something that 99% if not 100% of all online FPS games have had since the fucking 90's? Get fucked EA.

  24. What are the issues out of interest? I sometimes use a controller for flying, but I don't really do that often (only when I'm a passenger and the pilot bails really).

  25. What about bugs where you cant ads when you exit vehicle or cant revive teammate when half of body is within wall/object?

  26. So glad they fixed the rare bug that stops the music while I load into this garbage game lol. What a joke of an update!!

  27. I actually love this game unlike so many, but I am absolutely fed up with having my character, weapon, and vehicle customization getting reset nearly every time I play. It is driving me crazy! Why can’t this be fixed?? And why does it never happen to my friend?

  28. Best part is that ”Buy now” at top right corner. I feel these ”patch notes” are just marketing trick.

  29. This looks like something devs would release 3 years later just to improve stability a bit, not for a broken game in the first few months, I'm actually impressed how terribly this is being handled, game is already parked now just here for the train wreck

  30. “Fixed an issue where music would stop playing during loading” no thanks, please leave the shit music off

  31. lmao this is it ? like for real ?considering the thousands of issues the game has i was at least expecting a patch a la cyberpunk, with at least 100 fixes or something but that wouldda been a BRUTAL EXPECTATION

  32. This announcement may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.

  33. Nothin mentioned about Aim Assist. Guess this will be the first Battlefield game without it. If, and this is a big IF, there is Aim Assist and Snap on target then it’s abysmal compared to other Battlefield titles. Playin wit other console players isn’t the solution cuz some of us casuals ALWAYS use Aim Assist, while others choose not to use it.

  34. All i can do is Laugh about how little is done. This game will never be as good as they claimed it to be.. the jig is up, just move on people!

  35. Omg these are the updates for this abortion of a “Battlefield”? JUST GIVE US REFUNDS AND LET THE 15 people who enjoy the game have fun with leather cowboy hats, comedy , flying squirrel suits and “non binary gender fluid” characters. This game is a pile of DOGSHIT and I want a refund you scamming deceiving thieves!

  36. You mean the update 2+ months after launch that doesn't fix anything that's broken in the game? They deserve whatever response they get

  37. This is what happens when an entire company all go on leave for 1 month just 1 month after release. The customer is left with a broken experience for at least the first 4 months. Why not go on leave before the game releases and factor that into the release date??

  38. If you guys want to play a battlefield like game…go play Hell Let Loose. It’s $40 and well put together with some bugs here and there. Nothing too game ruining.

  39. Problem is I want something new, and not a ww2 shooter for the 50th time, Battlefield V suffices for everyone, but Insurgency Sandstorm is good, requires constant cooperation though.

  40. The base game sucks ass, these fixes suck ass, and the updated XP and progression on Portal suck ass. Seriously? No mastery XP or progression if using rules editor even if AI health/damage is left untouched? Nothing

  41. I kinda expected that they would at least fix the distance to medic bug with the UI. So confusing to look at. It's also not sorted by distance and is just showing some bugged distance value sorted in a randomized matter. (put the closest medic at the top of the list!)

  42. You can’t polish a turd and DICE is definitely showing they don’t even wanna try. I’m still in awe of how badly they missed the mark with this game.

  43. I’m still a little disappointed that they still won’t give us full exp for player-only servers, except for featured portal, of course.

  44. I'd complain about the fact there's no mention of increasing party size, but it isn't very difficult to get in the same server as four friends, with the current player counts.

  45. Instead of making scope glint even more visible, can we just get rid of it altogether? Or at least make it realistic and only have scope glint when the player is actively in sunlight? Could also add attachments to the scope to minimize detection.

  46. So basically didn’t fix anything that that is of importance. Like the hovercraft climbing buildings, loadout glitch, back pedalling when prone etc.

  47. You know, with BFV I eventually just phased it out because I wasn’t particularly interested in the WW2 time period. I came back way later and now consider V one of my favorites in the series.

  48. Well thats it. I officially am deleting this game off my steam and most likely will not be playing it again. I won’t be too negative because I don’t want to come across as toxic but wow am I so underwhelmed by this. Not even addressing how bad the game is and how much the players have not been liking the direction. Good luck to anyone willing to stick around

  49. So underwhelming what has been supposedly fixed. Is this the best they could do? You know the saying "easy in , easy out" that's their motto..

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