Like Old Forester. Dont care for Woodford Reserve. Is that normal?

  1. I don't think they taste alike at all. I love all the Old Forester I've had. I do not like Woodford at all. Neither does my partner. We're happy to let others drink up the Woodford.

  2. You like what you like. The distillery chooses a profile for each label and tries to stick fairly close to it. The aging process whether years or location or barrels or whatever contributes to the same mash yielding different results. Drink what you like how you like it.

  3. No. This has become increasingly abnormal. It is less and less common for someone to have a personalized opinion tied to personal taste. It has become increasingly common to have an “opinion” exclusively tied to hype, allocations and exclusivity, not to mention bottle design and marketing. Good job being abnormal.

  4. I am the opposite, I like Woodford Reserve and am not a fan of Old Forester, don't get me wrong, I don't think it's swill. Just likely to take any other option if it's available.

  5. WR is fine. But never something I purposefully buy. But I am a huge Old Forester fan. Same parent company but I dont think of them as similar at all.

  6. It is normal to like whatever you like, but I do like both of them. I think the standard Woodford is a little flat tasting, in my opinion, but still a good bourbon for $35. I recommend it to a new person. I am more of a Double Oak man, myself.

  7. Same. Really don't care for WR, and I keep trying. In a blind tasting of similar proof bourbons, the WR was last place for me. I strictly use WR as a mixer now. It makes a decent old fashioned. I haven't tried OF 100, but predict I'd like it better than WR. 1910 and 1920 are fantastic, but much higher price point than WR.

  8. The double oaked is the only WR I have liked so far. The regular is meh. The wheated isn't sweet...I just taste ether. I sprung for the Five Malt Stouted Mash and it was a drain pour for me. I guess I'm not a malt fan. I have the batch proof 128.3, but haven't opened it yet. I'm scared after the 5 malt.

  9. I haven’t had WR in a long time. My Costco had 1.75’s for $52.99 so I grabbed one. I had one last night on the rocks. I’ll be serving that to my friends 😂

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