Bourbons better then buffalo trace in a similar price range?

  1. There are only 3 bourbons in the $30 price range that I regularly pick up. Buffalo Trace at 90 proof, knob creek for similar profile at 100 proof and WT 101

  2. All day. Just had a pour earlier actually. This has the sweet profile OP is probably looking for.

  3. One of the only suggestions here that has a similar flavor profile. Wild Turkey and Jim Beam products taste nothing like BT.

  4. Knob Creek 9 for sure, Wild Turkey 101(cheaper, but more complex), Elijah Craig smb, Four roses smb, Weller Special Reserve, Eagle Rare 10 for a few bucks more.

  5. Well Russell's is good in that it has a nice smooth taste, an "oak/wood" like taste. But its missing the very sweet caramel and vanilla notes that buffalo trace has to offer.

  6. RR10 is to me a better bourbon but its $35 MSRP as you pointed out vs $25 for BT. Have you tried 1792 small batch? Way more flavor than BT and same price point.

  7. I think of RR10 as my Eagle Rare alternative. I only recently got another ER bottle via lottery so I need to do a side-by-side, perhaps blind, to really tell the difference.

  8. I agree that KC 9 yr is the true winner but will offer Early Times BiB. I was surprised at how well ET BiB did in blinds.

  9. ET Bib @ ~$25 for a liter. I know it tastes nothing like BT but this has turned in to a budget pick thread.

  10. I was looking for this comment. The Death and Co. folks switched from Buffalo Trace to Elijah Craig as their go-to mixing bourbon somewhere between publishing their first two cocktail books.

  11. I actually did a proper blind tasting with 15 bourbons for my 30th birthday many of which were listed in the comments below. Each person brought a bottle or 2 of bourbon. We had 12 tasters ... I'll give you the top 4 voted on:

  12. So many flavor options in the Four Roses line. I’m way deep into their bracket. Standard Small Batch is my least favorite, while the Small Batch Limited (other 6 yeast strains) is a favorite.

  13. Have done similar blind tastings with large groups. BT has always dominated almost everything folks are listing here. This is one of many reasons I don't trust popular stances on this sub.

  14. Is there any other bourbon having the strong vanilla / brown sugar taste like the BT? I really like this taste but most stuffs this sub recommended are the high rye ones which taste a lot different.

  15. OGD 114 has got to be in contention for the best buy in bourbon. As long as you don't mind the beam nutty vibe, it should be a cheap staple.

  16. Knob Creek 9, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Russell's Reserve 10 (a lol bit more expensive, but worth it). Wild Turkey 101 and Evan Williams 1783 are both cheaper and better in my opinion.

  17. I'm out in Nevada where they're located and distribute the best, but Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon is typically $25-30 and IMO is a step up from regular old Buffalo Trace. As others already said too, Eagle Rare is usually sub $40 and is the next step up in the Buffalo Trace line. That can be much harder to find though.

  18. Four Roses Small batch is a knockout and if you haven't tried it you should. Also recommend 1792 small batch and wild turkey 101 as good $30 options

  19. WT101 is killer value. Great bang for the buck, and you can actually find the shit. Joe Rogan better keep that NAME out his FUCKIN MOUTH

  20. Oh man where to begin: WT101, KC9, OGD 114 & BiB, four roses small batch, old forester signature 100, Russell’s reserve 10, Elijah Craig small batch, makers mark 46 ( IMO )

  21. I did a head-to-head with Bowman Bros and BT, and BB was a little sweeter and thinner, but very comparable. I think you’re right that Isaac Bowman is a very strong choice; $40 (but difficult to find) in the Twin Cities. Can you imagine what a BT marketed as port barrel finished would go for on secondary?

  22. Better is subjective. But some things I’d recommend that are similarly priced and, more importantly, more readily available:

  23. This is probably an unpopular opinion. But Buffalo Trace in my opinion is my least favorite bourbon. I pass on it every time. It just has an off taste to me.

  24. On price it depends on what part of the country. I prefer Basil Hayden over BT. Price point in Nevada is about the same. I prefer the drier finish with BH, and the seems less alcohol forward than BT.

  25. If you can find any of the newer benchmark lineup bottles, they're cheaper than BT and the same mashbill. The single barrel and full proof are great for the price

  26. Better is subjective and are we talking MSRP cuz that’s only like $25 for a 750 which is very low. I frankly don’t think that at that price point there isa better bourbon. Some other good options would be: Old Forrester, Four Roses or Jim Beam or Larceny and my personal favorite, 1792 small batch. I prefer 1792 to BT but I bet I’m an extreme minority there.

  27. I can’t believe I had to scroll so far for this. Agreed 100%. It’s kinda like it takes different great stuff from other great whiskeys to make an amazing product. You get that Barton wood spice and banana/cherry palate that’s just interesting enough for experienced drinkers, but inviting enough for people new to whiskey.

  28. Decided to try BT again and picked up a bottle tonight for $24. BT is almost always stacked 6 deep on shelves around me, and the big handle bottles are $46. Isn't the bourbon thing funny? Non-existent in some places, and easily found elsewhere for cheap. I wasn't too impressed with BT or Eagle Rare when I first had it. I actually gave a bottle of ER away as a birthday gift! The horror! I thought BT was more floral/grassy and not as sweet. Palates are crazy. I moved away from BT and really settled in on Evan Williams BiB, WT101, Four Rose's, and Bulleit. I actually think Bulleit Rye in the green bottle is sweet! More so than BT! Don't know why, just me. Buy a few of these other affordable bourbon and rye, and test them out. You can always use them as mixers if you don't enjoy them neat.

  29. 1792 for sure. Knob creek is always a win for a similar profile. And old Forester 1920 is am awesome bottle. But then area runs normal prices on most everything still....

  30. BT is my personal favorite, but I go through droughts here in Jacksonville trying to find it. I refuse to pay more than $30 for it, especially since my regular place to grab it is $19.99 😬

  31. Redwood Empire Lost Monarch is a great value at $30 here in KS. It’s a blend of bourbon and rye. You do need to let it breathe before drinking.

  32. Anything in the $30-$40 range is better. I don’t like Buffalo trace though. I’m a Heaven Hill guy

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