1. Yeah, we only trust the scientists with ties to the energy industry who publish the real science that tells us we aren't destroying the planet and the economists who work directly for billionaire libertarians, those are the only scientists telling the truth!

  2. It's a single species of cockroach that give love birth vs laying eggs. They are no where close to even thinking of humans drinking cockroach milk. Last study just showed they produced it, they don't know if anything other then cockroaches can consume the milk without throwing up.

  3. Also…what is cockroach milk??? They aren’t mammals, they don’t make milk. Is this an oat milk situation, are we soaking cockroaches in water and calling it milk?

  4. Know what, for once, I'm gonna need all 6 criteria to be better than cow milk in a greater than 12% minimum across the board for me to even Try it. Before it would just be a Hard No, but under these 6 conditions being better than a cow then it'll be a minimum 1 try.

  5. I don’t get the “you will eat ze bugs” comments on these posts. Is this some dog whistle where the Germans will force certain people with certain religious beliefs that they will eat bugs?

  6. Yeah, I'll have a cockramel macchiato with those powdery bits on top, please. No saccharin, that's disgusting.

  7. I’m grinding hard to get the animals and material to raise my own meat and milk. Not eating the bugs. Fuck that. Got pigs, goats and chickens so far.

  8. i hate when they say this crap. at what volume though? more nutritious per ounce? per 20 ounces? even at ONE OUNCE, how many cockroaches will you need to make just the one ounce? it's NOT more sustainable or healthier and they know it.

  9. I'll just be over here milking my almonds or coconuts or w.e. thanks, you guys can suck on whatever teets you want.

  10. After what I’ve witnessed over the last couple years 70% of people will be drinking cockroach milk soon as long as the tv tells them to.

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