Porn psyop?

  1. One of the only conspiracy theories I’ve ever read that made actual sense was all porn being basically a psyop, it’s probably more debilitating to society and the chances of revolution than marvel movies or alcohol lol

  2. Yes its called the destruction of the family and is needed in authoritarian regime. A sister is a woman you should love and protect. Sex is the most powerful drive in the human body. Sexualizing the sister or brother is the destruction of these bonds, weakening the family structure. Notice how they also removed a bunch of pronouns from government documents like sister brother son and daughter.

  3. Possibly… it looks like it’s to make males feel hopeless if they don’t add up to societal standards. Hopelessness is being thrown at everyone right now in a million different ways and I’m pointing out how absurd they are going with it.

  4. I think the prevalence of incest porn is to get all of us to have that in our viewing history for potential black mail in the future

  5. And also maybe hitting the Christian guys with like ok this is starting to get really weird and this is the interweb we are talking about lol they might see it as a push towards the old days of sodom

  6. Idk if it’s a psyop but it can definitely be one. It is highly addictive, could be compared to a drug even.

  7. The withdrawals can be worse than hard drugs like cocaine... Because your mind can constantly remind you of the visuals

  8. I think porn itself is a psyop. It makes us complacent and lowers testosterone. For thousands of years humans' survival instincts led us to procreate. Finding a mate requires bettering yourself so that someone would would choose you. Now we do that ourselves so a portion of people are complacent with not putting forth the effort to better themselves. In that 2030 future where we own nothing and couldn't be happier, i would assume theres going to be alot of robo sex and masturbagion to keep us content, complacent and docile.

  9. Pretty sure it doesn't lower test at low medium dosages, only when you're plugged into the brain eating dopamine dumping amounts

  10. Nope, I watched for the story line when I did masturbate but I stopped since I believe that porn is really bad for men.

  11. What storylines do you speak of? Does anyone actually watch these movies? I only watch clips where the action is.

  12. Casual racism is the psyop, imo. Anyone who spends more time with people than porn will understand that the "BBC" stereotype (and associated racial genital categories) are gross and unnecessary.

  13. Maybe white men are just more fetishized there? Also, denoting anything as "white" in the west is seen as glorifying white people which is a big social taboo here. It's almost like the fetishisation of black men is a form of overcompensating weather consciously or not.

  14. Easy accessibility of porn in general is decreasing masculinity and testosterone levels in men. Most likely a control tactic to have a force that addictive so readily available. Always remember, if something is free, you’re the product.

  15. Do they really have to control us or do we control ourselves? Also some of the things we consider psyops or control measures, I wonder if the people who are implementing them even know there are a classes of elites above them? I think there are levels to the control and most of what we recognize as control is more akin to the nobility factions of medieval times. I think those upper classes are getting larger by the day to their detriment.

  16. It definitely hasn’t lowered my testosterone or masculinity, granted I’m not watching it every hour of every day so idk

  17. No it doesn’t. Masturbation increases levels temporarily and then they fall back to normal levels. It also doesn’t make you go blind or grow fur on your hand.

  18. I never knew the latter information was a thing, but it makes perfect sense to exist. This secondary effect of pornography is about inferiority and demoralization. If the media says that you are inferior and not what women want, you end up in the "incel" community. Even now if you look there is a lot of racism with "incels" because they blame other people for their issues, which is really just the media distorting views to demoralize and make them hate each other. It is likely just another system to demasculinize men and make them out to be loser "incels".

  19. Yep, cause a man is portrayed as the provider and protector of the family, plus naturally has a better resistance against conformity and following orders. So gotta turn them into women. And make women lose all their unique feminine features, and convince them to fight for "equality". However, there's nothing in that fight about women's rights, besides an easy bait. The fight turned out to be about being literally equal to men🤦🏽‍♂️ and men have been convinced to victimize women, and lose whatever makes them men, which are their values, self reliance, survival capability, etc

  20. You're absolutely right. All this porn does is degrade the human soul. There is an agenda behind this all, but it's hard to put all the pieces together.

  21. Porn, all kinds, alienate you. It's the cheapest "sheeping" ray they have. At some point it was championed by free speech activists and the like, and there were stupid anti obscenity laws in place. But now it's all a monopoly. And I have no proof but no doubts either, that there is an inverse correlation between porn views and the likelyhood of protests, at the society level.

  22. To make people feel inadequate and with that less willing to try to find a sex partner. The less people procreate, the better seems to be the credo, in general and i can understand the reason for that, as there is no need for that many people to be around.

  23. I think it's more of a "you" thing OP, as we typically only notice things we're uncomfortable with. I dunno why you're uncomfortable about it, but those are demons you should face and handle yourself. Just making an observation like this is fine, but trying to find reasons for it starts to become a slippery slope...

  24. All entertainment is a psyop, so I think you might be correct. I'm only half joking when asking is there an influx of BAC porn in Africa? China practically owns the place, so it might make sense.

  25. I think there’s multiple psyops in porn. The BBC thing is something I brought up to my gf recently actually. It feels as though this and the agenda for interracial families have the same root.

  26. can't believe this comment doesn't have more upvotes. They want to destroy peoples identities , traditions, ideologies, and put everyone in one basket

  27. And isnt almost all the porn owned by that one company Mindgeek or whatever? And its weird how that trend started around the same time as the george floyd riots last year, as if it was to continue to push the racial tension issues on every front that people would want to escape to, just like football and basketball.

  28. It makes sense they are doing that in both places given the porn industry was created by a group of people with the plan of wrecking the moral fabric of the US. Porn was not considered "free speech" until fairly recently. There used to be something called "The league of Decency" which had such strong boycotting power of Anerican Christians, that Hollywood would never release movies that contained pornography or other degeneracy. E Michael Jones has very a profound thesis on sexual freedom as means of political control, I'd suggest checking him out.

  29. Harder to really establish the true demand for various adult film genres oversees when you factor Chinese firewalls and pixelated genitals, especially in comparison with the US and its' lack of restrictions on online behavior.

  30. Psyops aside - porn is bad enough on the mind + a product that sells that all of this is rather just really clever and smart marketing, unfortunately.

  31. OP. You're probably a white American. Porn is racist as fuck in the US. In reality, there isn't penis size by race based on actual doctor measured studies.

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