non religion based answers only: who is satan / lucifer

  1. Not a real entity at all. It is in fact a state of consciousness in which the person gives into their animalistic urges. It is an anti-spiritual archetype which favours flesh over spirit; Prison over freedom. The religious satan entity archetype promotes the victimhood mentality, whereby you believe all your problems lie on the shoulders of an external being manipulating your free will, and the only escape from this entity is a more supreme and benevolent being. The individual is powerless and biding their time. Religion is satanism disguised as spirituallity, when it is infact anti-spirituallity.

  2. The 'el'ite are satanists, just not in the way which the 'truth' movement portrays it. They don't worship and external entity known as the d(imension)evil. They merely cast spells over the rest of us which restricts our sight and knowledge to this 3D physical plane of 'real'ity.

  3. Satan was cast out of heaven and split from it. That is the duality. Two oppositions trying to destroy one another completely is the essence of Satan and can lead to complete destruction/apocalypse.

  4. It’s easy to see the principle of “unity” used for evil ends though. I think evil’s power is to take anything that stands in its way and create a fake version of it, even unity, even good itself. Evil can wear good like a skin. Good can’t do the same. Interesting book on this subject is Baudrillard’s The Intelligence of Evil.

  5. Satan means resister, it’s a title and not actually a name. It’s interesting because the Bible never gives a true name for the one known as Satan. In the Bible Satan is an angel who challenged God’s Sovereignty and the right to rule.

  6. You've done good here, and I appreciate the response given, Thanks for providing some more in depth info for others.

  7. And then one might wonder if "history is written by the victors" also applies to gods. I might be wrong but i thought the original translations refered to god in plural. As this is all about good and evil and both are a matter of perspective, it wouldnt be unreasonable to assume that the winning side of such a "heavenly" conflict simply declared the losers as evil and themselves as good. The old testaments god doesnt represent him as an omnipotent being, either and it often made me wonder what would actually have been worth worshipping about an entity with such flawed character.

  8. Moloch is the Babylon diety that the Israelites constantly struggled with worshiping. All demonic deities operate under the realm of Satan. They fell under his leadership with him. You can not sell your soul. It isn’t Yours to sell. The devil has no power in the afterlife. There is no afterlife with the devil. He is powerless there. He must operate under the laws set in place.

  9. So satan is the king of evil? This is religion based. A spirit gas access to things flesh doesn't so it makes sense they can do things for us in the material world

  10. Just want to point out the title "Morning star" is only Jesus's title. In the KJV it correctly names the fallen being in Isaiah 14:12 "Lucifer" and his title is "son of the morning." Fake bibles like the NIV remove the name Lucifer and give him Jesus's title form Revelation 22:16. The TV show Lucifer also often reinforces this deception by giving him the last name "morning star."

  11. Just wanted to back up what you are saying. In Isaiah 14:12 the Name used for Lucifer(Satan) is heylel (then it says son of the morning) where as the phrase given in Revelation 22:16 is lampros kai orthrinos astēr (bright and morning star) . One is literally a name and one is a Title phrase referring to Messiah. You are absolutely correct that they are not the same thing.

  12. Before we talk about extraterrestrials what about admiral byrd and what could potentially be beneath us? Nazis have a map of what people believe to be agartha an inner earth civilisation. Who knows if they're peaceful or hostile

  13. I think it's hard to really separate it from religion. As in, many people at the top believe it in a religious sense.

  14. when I say religious I mean 1 religion. All the religions describe a devil. I'm assuming they are into demon worship or contact but whos top dog? Baal moloch or baphomet ? Are they the same?

  15. I believe they are worshipping saturn; whether or not the planets are actual entities/beings is a whole different thing entirely. But these cults obviously worship saturn hence the black cube symbolism, eating children etc

  16. I watched the whole thing and it's very weird to think they gave so many fucks about the sky. Whyd they personify it so much? I believe they use astrology but its all strange. Maybe back then it was more obvious the energy of the planets

  17. This question is right up my alley. I believe these entities exist in some form, but not because any bible tells me they do. I've never been religious and I view religious texts with as much skepticism as any other narrative this society tells.

  18. If I remember right that Dante guy going by azazial or something these days says he has a nice spaceship and lives in France I think lol

  19. So when they say they worship baphomet they mean they worship the will of women and children? Or are you saying when women and children are not under direction of man their inner satan comes out?

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