New World order begins in Australia

  1. Yes and the censorship is on such a large scale. Media is screwing with us. On newspapers, television, internet. They only let us see what they want us to see. Their gameplay is realy psychological warfare. Why do they keep silencing professors worldwide who also know what they are talking about. Ppl need to wake up. We need eachother in this

  2. They’re certainly hoping to do it in the US. That said outside of a few key major cities most of us are VERY well armed and have the local municipalities on our side and the US is a massively different demographic than Australia. It’s going to be much more complicated.

  3. In America, ALOT more. And far better armed. And far better trained with those arms. A couple of Government issued Humvees, and a SWAT team is not going to cut it when an entire city says enough.

  4. It is. The american media refuses to report on it. Unfortunately many Americans are so brainwashed they're literally supporting the global fascist takeover and loss of freedom/rights. If this did happen in america, it would be much more deadly. Citizens are armed to the teeth and the police would be given "shoot on sight" orders, which they will happily follow because they're tyrants.

  5. Message to all police! Choice is yours guys choose the people or the elite and prepare to fight!

  6. There is people from Australia here on Reddit who say everything is completely fine in Australia…. This video sure doesn’t make it look alright. Go Australian brothers and sisters kick their authoritarian asses!

  7. Nothing is okay here, we're all getting fuckd by this Gov. Don't believe the sheep their just to scare to let go and open their eyes up to what's really going on.

  8. we the good people of this planet do not want to harm police or politicians so do us a favor and get out of the way. we have had enough. people are angry with complete justification. how long did you think you were goin to beat the living shit out of us physically, mentally, economically and spiritual? if you dont stop and persist you will be doin so at your own demise. corrupt police, criminal politicians, greedy bankers and heads of large corporations, pedophiles, fake news and scientist this is coming to an end but not on your timeline. no one will hold us accountable because we all believe your the problem

  9. This is what happens when the government tries to force fascism down the throats of the people. When the people unite against the tyrants, the tyrants don't stand a chance. These bootlicking Nazi cops got what they deserved for following illegal orders. The people have a right to fight for their freedom. Cops better stand down or else......

  10. Is this what we have become? Cops smashing defenseless people with batons and spraying them with pepper foam in the face for walking down the road.

  11. This is fucked man why are We not Down there helping them, the USA I’m referring to. Oh ya cuz we have some brainless evil dumb fuck in the WH and they trying to pull that bull shit here in the US also but they ain’t gonna win In either place cuz we won’t play that shit! Us or Australia! Keep fighting Australia we rooting for u guys, don’t give in keep fighting for y’all’s rights!

  12. Oh good! It's about time the people of Austral!a stood up & said enough of your bull shit to lunatic police & government officials pushing it to far.

  13. The new world order begun with the Breton Woods system, and then begun again when Nixon used it as toilet paper.

  14. Just wait til the non-surrendered weapon caches open up. These police have no training how to deal with large groups of armed citizens.

  15. I know I’m kinda outta the loop, but what exactly is going on down there? I just want to be informed as much as possible so I apologize for the “stupid question”

  16. Why don't Americans get pissed like this?! I'm fucking ready!!!!! Let's take our country back!!!!!!! We're fucking Americans, fucking act like it!!!!!

  17. Proud of these guys for standing up, hope they give our government here in the US pause to consider. I’m looking at loosing my job in dec over this vax and I’m ready to flip the fuck out, man can only take so much

  18. Don't quit, make them make the move and do all you can to know your legal rights and your legal steps needed to be taken before you leave, you may have a lawsuit on your hands at the end of the day that would one day benefit you.

  19. I hear you man. But OP on the original post said that Australian media isn’t even covering this protest on their news channels. This protest might be organic.

  20. I get where your coming from... but It's true man, they even shut down the transport so no one can get in and out of Melbourne to do the protest unfortunately it backfired on the police and the government. They made it. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi .. we will take back our country

  21. First this is NOT the new world order. OP should know better. The NWO is a system in which only those that pledge allegiance to Satan as God may enter and involves public identification proving allegiance like the mark on forehead or right hand. It’s explicitly synonymous with denouncing Christ as God.Those that refuse are imprisoned and beheaded. Second regarding the many comments about censoring this video: This protest is no secret. Its even all over leftist modded and leftist group think sub Reddit pages like

  22. 😌🤣I love it they said we are reclaiming our rights. The media is trying to play the game of if we don't talk about it it doesn't exist. That country is literally like a prison state. I saw people that were coming in to Australia from overseas being forced to go to a quarantine camp there was no option to quarantine at home or anything.

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  24. Thin blue line. Back the blue. Blue lives matter. Well at least till they enforce the laws we disagree with amirite ?

  25. Unfortunately no way to stop it, NWO has been working for a long time, we are all on the way ether in or out

  26. Well, they are not allowed to shoot or use harsh repelling equipment against the public which is why this happened. In third world countries or even from developing countries in South Asia for example. Police would handle a situation like this with excessive force and weapons. People in jail or hospital. New world order what a joke. Public does not have the luxury to establish a new world order.

  27. I don't know exactly what the aussie are protesting (I'm based across the ditch in NZ) but almost every single comment in that entire threat bar like 5 has been deleted. That's pretty suss, does anyone remember how to access the archived version of reddit where we can see the comments?

  28. 😂 you again. Wrong. Seattle and Minneapolis were practically burned to the ground and just a few were killed. So your point that “if this was in the US the cops would have killed dozens” is moronic. Ask Captain Dorn’s wife what she thinks about your comment. What are you smoking there Goldman? Time fo sober up. You sound ridiculous.

  29. Someone please fill me in on what is going on and why people are protesting... I apologize for being ignorant

  30. Umm, people gathered because they are sick of lockdowns, mandatory vaccination, and the repression of home treatment I think.

  31. Isn’t this regarding Australian politics so shouldn’t be allowed in this group ? Can’t have political things so I’ve heard.

  32. They need to put away that cowardly piece of crap that body checked the cop while the cop’s back was turned. Totally chicken sh#t and unnecessary.

  33. I sincerely hope they don’t believe they’re actually fooling anyone with this. No wonder mainstream media hasn’t been talking about it. How humiliating would that be for the reporter lol

  34. Yea, I googled what the fuck was going on after seeing the vid and multiple sources popped up. It wasn’t even the only protest held, but the other two were more peaceful

  35. Get that shield wall tighter lol. Wear something for protection, & never forget surprise is the winner in ANY kind of warfare, along with flanking & attacking from behind. Don't fight these retard police on their terms, hit them were they are weak, asymmetrical war.

  36. Nothing new, really. This is not the first time a crowd has overpowered police presence. So how does that translate to new world order? Everyone in the video would be arrested in the US. Then, they'd go right back to licking boots and pretending to care about police officers.

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