Has anyone actually run into anti-vaxxed haters? Or is this just the government trying to divide and strip us of freedoms?

  1. Remember that people in real life typically aren’t as quick to pipe up as they are on the Internet. Getting your nose busted hurts far worse than being called names

  2. One dude posted bunch of insults to everyone refusing to take vaccine and was just like "Yeah, your choice bro" when I told him I'm not vaccinated and it's my choice in real life.

  3. Yeah, we know one anti-vaxxer at work. No one tells her anything. But we all talk behind her back. No need for batshit crazy to find out and then go batshit crazy some more 😂😂

  4. If someone is mad at you for not getting vaccinated then it just shows they do not understand how the vaccine works at all and therefore they have no business even shaming someone for something they themselves don't even understand.

  5. Yeah, I've only run into a few anti-vaxxers. They were only waiting for more information, not totally against the vaccine. I heard one even got their 2nd shot just a few days ago. We all get it, eventually. It's like vampires: you will join us eventually. Whether you like it or not.

  6. Yes i have a liberal friend who was "disgusted" and called all people who didnt want the covid vax, anti-vaxxers and generally talked down about unvaxxed. I didnt tell them im totally against it. They just keep asking if im vaxxed yet and trying to fear monger. Its annoying.

  7. Just tell them it's none of their damn business if you are vaccinated or not. That's all I say anymore.

  8. I understand that differing opinions are what makes people great, and I also understand how brainwashing works, and that they can't really be blamed for their weaknesses. But, at this point in my life, I really feel so strongly about this issue and feel that this might just be the biggest battle that we as a civilization are going to face. A line has been drawn and I can't entertain these people anymore. If you are so weak minded to fall for the bullshit that's been shoved down our throat, I cannot allow you to drain my power, it is in short supply these days and I have to leave you to your own devices. Some people feel that if you don't go along with the herd, they cannot be friends with you - well, I am taking the opposite stance.

  9. You should go ahead and tell them exactly why you aren't taking it. Think of a list of every single reason why you're against it and have it ready for the next time they badger you about it.

  10. I work in chiropractors office. I would say at least 70% of patients remark on how messed up and selfish the anti vaxers are. The funniest comments are kind of like, "i just don't understand how educated people like doctors and nurses coud be so stupid!"

  11. You're right, that first sentence was the kicker. They've convinced some people that they are "intellectually superior" by the vaccine. It's like a different version of the Stanford prison experiment. But what's amusing, and also scary, is the very few I've encountered in real life are obviously not educated individuals. The government's tactic on this is frightening though. Because people LOVE to feel smart. 😐 There's always going to be those people, and the government and media know this. That's the real data they have..... How many people they can mind control.

  12. I'm in texas and um, we ready for a revolution down here yaull. Lol. Everyone I've asked, and I do out of morbid curiosity, don't want it. There's always a few that are being led by exactly what you said, the media divide machine.... But for the most part it is on the internet. People are paid to get on these platforms and frankly it's inciting violence.... If the shoe were on the other foot we'd be accused of if not tried for it. I just hope people keep to their convictions because I have this tingling hunch there's about to be some serious shit started with these mandates that are even more crazy. Yaull keep safe and don't let them folks bully you or shame you. The shot isn't OK guys, too many people trying to report horrible effects and loved ones dying so something is up. I'll probably get someone or *something, backlash at me, but it's just the truth. Love all u humans❤️

  13. I'm double vaccinated and don't care if other people are or are not. I'm happy I've done it for me because I've already got lifelong asthma and don't need summat making my breathing worse!!!

  14. In Toronto, yea they really do hate us. Just lost my best friend because I’m a selfish baby killer for not get the vaccine.

  15. yes, but they are more vocal on the internet. I get mild heat pretty whenever the topic comes up. Its not hateful, but people def scoff a bit. I live in a liberal west coast city though.

  16. My boss and my co workers want everyone at my work to get vaccinated. They pretty much look down upon the unvaccinated. Wait till my boss finds out im not vaccinated lol, he said he woukd never hire someone who doesnt want to vaccinate

  17. Definitely overblown divide & conquer tactics, & FUCK the government & everyone of its insidious, deceptive, rotten tendrils.

  18. I've not met anyone who cares whether I'm vaxxed or not. So far people have told me that it's my choice.

  19. I have one friend that says some pretty dumb shit every now and then, but that's it. The only people that have asked if I was vaccinated have been home care nurses that come in and out of my house (for my mother in law) , and my doctor. Besides that, shit only exists on the internet.

  20. Yes, I have. Up to saying that the uninjected should be denied medical care. These people certainly do exist, and I see a lot of propaganda-influenced people in general. I'm in fact surrounded by them.

  21. Funny thing is…. These same people wanting to deny healthcare demand free universal healthcare to all. How do they not see their hypocrisy?

  22. I have encountered extremist haters. I took my son to his indoor swim lesson and went in unmasked because all summer it wasn’t enforced. I sat there watching him for about 30 minutes with no problem. Then the “mask police” came up to me and politely asked me to take a mask. I politely took one but didn’t put it on. Then the liberal sheep started heckling me: “What’s your problem?” “We’re just trying to protect our children” “Tommy don’t stand by her come over here” a mother told her son who was standing near me the whole time. Apparently I didn’t have the Rona before confrontation but did after. Then it was time to get out children. I retrieved my son from the pool and let him watch the goldfish in the tank, still not wearing a mask. I was then confronted again by the mask police who at first politely asked me to put it on and I told her politely “no thank you” this went back and forth until she said she would withdraw my son’s enrollment. I simply said that it was okay we are leaving soon and my husband will take him next time. I stood there watching the goldfish with my son for as long as he wanted, maskless, and she stood behind me breathing down my neck, irate. Then we left. She marched right behind me. If I had the Rona she wasn’t social distancing haha!

  23. I know one person who strongly supports mandates and exclusion of the unvaxxed from society. It‘s an absolute minority though. Plus, she‘s not very smart or informed (proud of not watching the news) but somehow still spouts exactly the nonsense some of the politicians throw out in MSM.

  24. One of the assistant principals at my school posted online that she hopes we all die. No discipline was taken. Had another friend ask “what the fuck is the big deal already” who I hadn’t seen in months and I go to there house often

  25. I was donating blood and was talking with one of the employees there. I was asking her if it were true that vaccinated couldn’t donate conversant plasma, she said that’s true. That spurred the conversation forward and she told me the unvaxxed were causing all the variants. I said is that so? She said yes because they are the ones getting infected and spreading it. I asked her if there was a test for variants and she said no. I then asked her if it was possible for the vaccinated to get infected and infect others? Just asking her that question shut her down. She got agitated and said she wasn’t going to argue. She is a health care professional and should know the truth, but the truth differs from the narrative so she hates getting dosed with the truth. Even when the truth is in the form of a question that she knows the answer to. It’s really bizarre to witness first hand.

  26. I work in the health field for the Feds. So, we have to be very careful what we say. I'm vaccinated and still respect a person's right to choose. Anyway, I had a patient/employee come in who was very anti-vax/anti-government. Now I have a psych background, so I'm able to establish rapport and ppl feel comfortable sharing w me. But, this guy definitely over shared to be at work and told me all of these conspiracy theories about why I shouldn't get a booster. Ultimately, he thanked me for listening and allowing him to get this off of his chest. And said that if anybody ever questioned me, to say that I learned this info from "the opposition." I think we're besties now.../s.

  27. Everyone closest to me has given me a surprising amount of shit. And close, I mean emotionally. They’re in another state, at no risk of infection. By best friend since the age of 6 (now 30), my mom, dad, sister, brother. I can give you as much detail as you want, but the basics: was told not to visit, was told not to come by when I’ll be in town for an unrelated reason (haven’t seen them in almost 2 years) was asked to uninvite myself from upcoming family reunion.

  28. I have lost friends over this and i am more than fine with that. I won’t be hanging out with anyone that doesn’t get vaccinated because I’m not putting my health or my families life at risk.

  29. Honestly I have not. I don’t think they’d say something in person though either. Even where I work, most seem to be 🛑 💉 or at least anti Covid jab.

  30. Social Media Is Infringing On Our 1st Amendment Right's. The Only Way They Have Authority As So Is Because They Paid For It and Y'all's fellow government people gave it to them. we can't speak on anything that doesn't go along with exactly what they say!! um North Korea Has Nothing On Us! I Mean The President Was At The Beach Today 🥲 What we need is to demand a new way to Help The People. I Say We Demand An Emergency Special Election 🗳 Maybe We Don't have specifically a president anymore but Representatives that we can hold accountable from day one and they can be removed by vote of the people at any point we see fit. they aren't paid More than the American People and They Are Humanitarian Workers. Right Now The Anti-Christ Is In Office. They Need to be removed now!!

  31. I’m a nurse in a hospital in the middle of the US and doctored are pretty awful about the unvaxxed here. I had a friend who’s a nurse I work with that said the unvaxxed should automatically be a DNR or do not resuscitate so we don’t use more resources on the unvaxxed… she said this to me knowing I’m not vaxxed and am about to be fired over it. The medical community is getting rid of the free thinkers here and it will only be the people who fall in mine that get to keep there jobs and get to get fair medical treatment.

  32. My dad literally calling his sister all this antivaxx bs cuz he thinks shes some radical. When in reality shes a generic blue con whos also a white collar government lacky whos being mandated to get vaxxed. Its wild.

  33. Some vaxxers are afraid for my safety when they learn I didn't get it, as they have internalized the fearmongering. I've never met anyone IRL who hated me for it, though - that's only online.

  34. I deff believe that the internet is nothing like the real world. Esp reddit, reddit has way more sheeple than any other social media platform. There are insane segregationists in the real world but they are too afraid to speak up or talk to you. They are the worst type of human beings, so they are cowards and instead of talking to you in the real world they quietly take pictures of you just minding your own business while shopping or doing other activities. Then they post a picture of you w/out a mask, online on one of these insane pro segregation, anti human rights subs, and fantasies about all the things they would say to you on real life because they are to cowardly to actually speak to you. That's why it seems like they don't exist in the real world. But they do exist they are just to cowardly to make themselves known in the real world.

  35. 100% real. Work at a bank, required to wear a mask. People just love to talk about what’s wrong with these anti-vaxxers? Kids are dying!!

  36. I got yelled at by my friends mom and I’m a fucking 37 year old woman. Like she went the fuck off telling me I was putting folks at danger. I told her I was simply waiting for more data was all. Like I felt shamed and I hated it. Also my cousin won’t visit me cause I’m not vaccinated yet. I feel sadness about that cause like we used to hang out more often than not !!

  37. I've yet to meet a person who coughs and berates random people in grocery stores or folks who have a meltdown about wearing a mask during a flight but they apparently exist and it's more common that I would expect.

  38. 100% real. My sister is a registered nurse in the ER, she is choosing not to get vaccinated due to how many people came in with side effects. People have told her they hope she dies and shes a murderer killing people in her hospital by spreading COVID.

  39. Come out to areas on the west coast. The ultra vaccinated are literally ready to throw the non-vaccinated in gas chambers and ovens. However, I do think the majority of extremism is internet propagated, but there are definitely pockets of real fruity psychos.

  40. I've made 3 trips to the left coast in my life. 1 to LA ,1 to Seattle and 1 to Anchorage. LA and Seattle have made me never want to go past Vegas again

  41. I walk around masksless in gas stations and grocery stores that have mask mandate signs on their windows. No patron has ever so much as given me a dirty look.

  42. I haven’t talked to a single person that is a “hater”, no one has actively wished death upon the unvacxed, but there have been people who have very strong opinions

  43. I've only met people who understand my reasoning....or even think the same......yet most (even those who think alike) took the vaccin anyways. I don't understand why but it's their free choice.....i choose not to.

  44. I think this is super geographically specific. My neck of the woods is like OP’s - a few masks here and there but mostly business as usual and people mind their own business. However- my adult daughter lives in Los Angeles and things are very different there. Michigan too- a friend in Michigan reports very different attitudes and procedures. - quarantine is still a mandated thing through contact tracing and people gobble up the fear porn and behave the way you would expect fear porn gobblers to behave.

  45. Legit got into a scuffle in Lowe’s with some Chad because I wasn’t wearing a mask last week, I’m in Montana and they aren’t required.

  46. They do exist. I have had a coworker tell me to stay as far away from them as possible because they are vaccinated and don't want to take the virus home to their kids when they are face to face with unmasked possibly unvaccinated people all day. Tell me that makes sense.

  47. The vast majority of people I talk to on a regular basis don't want to take the jab. Some have done it for their jobs but likely would not have otherwise. I have only talked to 2 people who actually had animosity over my views that I will absolutely not be taking the vaccine. So I think there are definitely people out there who have drunk the koolaid but it seems to be the minority... at least in the circles I travel in.

  48. Same for me. Haven't met a single person who wanted it or that's on board with the mandates. Everyone I know who got it did it for work or travel. Some of them are some far left leaning individuals

  49. Yes. I got a wedding invitation for December 2021 and on the save-the-date the bride and groom say they want proof of vaccination or a negative test within 48 hours to attend the wedding.

  50. No, and I’ve only had one person run their mouth about my choice to not wear a mask. She didn’t even directly speak to me. She was speaking loudly to another co-worker. I haven’t had issues on planes or trains either.

  51. Yes. Someone actually said they would like to shoot all the unvaccinated people to my mom...in her house...she isn’t vaccinated. She was very uncomfortable.

  52. You have to realize that some people religiously watch CNN and other CIA paid for channels and believe it as their reality , if they were to not believe CNN etc their entire reality of the world would collapse and they would have a extreme break down. It’s called cognitive dissidents and is a real issue for some people

  53. My whole family was forced to get it due to working for the government. But they were all against it. My mom actually got pretty sick after the first shot and never got the second. Whatever is in it apparently doesn't mesh well with her COPD medication and the doctor advised her not to get the second and wrote her a note

  54. I don't care who gets the jab when it's their choice, I cannot support anyone being forced or coerced. I will not vaccinate and it's my freedom to choose for myself.

  55. It starts as propaganda online, then people see that and adopt that as their own view because they think it's the popular view point and they want to be on the "right" side., people are very easily programmed as much as they wouldn't admit it. They think it's their own thoughts and ideas but it's not..its implanted programming

  56. Anonymity makes everyone an expert and a tough guy on the internet. This doesn’t only go for the vaccine, but nearly 99% of the things people argue about online. No one says much of anything in person. They know better. Most people want to go back to normal, that’s why they are following orders.

  57. I work in a restaurant where vaccines are required to come in. You can’t imagine some of the things anti Vaxxers have said to me. I have been screamed at multiple time I have had people compare it to the holocaust, and I live in a extremely liberal pro vax city and it’s almost a guarantee someone will get mad at me every time I go into work. I respect everyone’s opinion but god they are such assholes sometimes.

  58. Most people don’t care, I’ve had close friends disregard me and be quite frankly rude, but when I explain body autonomy they usually begin to understand

  59. Yes. There was a lady I used to go to church with that openly hated anti vax people and went so far to stop associating with people who didn't wear a mask

  60. Oh you haven't been out to Seattle or Portland. The programming is for real and I've had to cut out many friends for being toxic assholes.

  61. I wonder what it would have been like Had the media and governments had taken a different approach during this COVID problem? Had they NOT seemed like giant maniacal depopulation bullies perhaps the common people would be acting differently?

  62. They’re real. One nurse that went to my gym was disgusted the gym daycare didn’t check vax status on every child so she refused to bring her vaccinated kids there lol. I’ve met probably about four other people who would get so angry and say anti vaxxers should have their kids taken etc. mostly in the last 10 years in personal relationships waaaay before covid. I’ve seen hundreds of haters online in the past and even more lately.

  63. I'm not too worried about it. I work with a guy who is immune compromised and definitely not in shape. He got Covid-19 about 3 weeks ago and treated it with tylenol and mucinex. He tested negative 6 days in and had a lingering cough for about a week which is kinda normal for respiratory illnesses. I don't know a single person who has had anything worse than normal flu symptoms. Doesn't seem like a world destroyer to me. Now the government reaction around the world.... that could be the real threat.

  64. The pitch of your post (and the responses) show that you guys still didn’t get what this is about. It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom and you’re very badly informed about the purpose of the vaccine.

  65. "Unvaxxed", you mean "pureblood". There's only 3 of us at my work out of 10 in my shop that are purebloods and one of the muggles said that its the Unvaxxed fault that the covid policies haven't gone away and they still have to wear masks because we are causing everyone to get sick. I felt like telling her that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission anyways and its actually their fault for bending over every time the government says so. They should be mad at the people enforcing the policies not the ones who just want to be left alone. Anyways another pureblood got into an argument with her about it and it got pretty bad so I just sat there with my mouth shut.

  66. Yeah. One salesperson that work for us everytime i meet him, always ask if Im vaxxed yet. I dont want to argue with him because i dont have the energy to argue at work and i dont have the time for chatting.

  67. Long beach in southern california is full of them. I live in a bordering city and would come across some of them quite often shopping and running errands. I have personally heard many of them wishing / hoping the unvaxxed would die & or be unable to make use of our healthcare system.

  68. Italy here. I know one that makes fun of antivaxxers and hates them. He’s the only one though, and he’s as dumb as a rock.

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