History repeats itself

  1. Medical tyranny pushed by the media. This image was made by a media paid for by a medical system that profited from, and still does, emotional arguments, like yours, instead of real knowledge.

  2. Yup a bunch of emotional ass people that r mad cuz I won’t get a vaccine that was made in less than a year and won’t fully trust the US govt with my life

  3. Misinformation about how diseases transmit also lead to the black death. Or more specifically lead to deaths that otherwise could have been prevented. So that this seems kinda reasonable.

  4. And if you can't tell it's propaganda you're brainless. Why would you negatively depict and insult the people you're trying to save? Think, Ryan

  5. People are dumb. How do you not know that after the last four years? Like a third of the population worships a moron that wears orange makeup and a weave while calling him the manliest man on earth. They need all the coercion we can muster.

  6. The people that are anti-vaccination are leading the rest of the anti-everything crowd over the cliff of misinformation straight into the sea of smallpox.

  7. COVID isn't small pox. The real misinformation has more to do with its origins. Just another example of Americans outsourcing. They do it with pollution, labor, and apparently viruses too...

  8. So has staying alive... Maybe the two have something to do with each other. I don't know. Someone should look into that.

  9. Upon listening to Reiner Fuellmich, David E. Martin, Dr. Kaufman, Sally Fallon and reading books such as The Contagion Myth; upon seeing loved ones getting sick from doing "the right thing" and even one passing away untimely at age 22, I disagree with the point (I think) you are making here.

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