On vacation in Romania, last place I thought I’d see this shit. Asked the host for more information about the imagery shown and he basically avoided the question. What’s your opinion on this and why would a restaurant open to the public have these on display? Discuss

  1. Yes but this is the first building with this on display I have been allowed in. There is lodges all over the world, there’s a lodge 2 mins from my home, but you cannot go in on a whim. I just wonder why they would have this. I just found it very weird.

  2. There was a world map that showed major countries and how far their influence reached Asian European and American. It went on to say Masonic influence is the whole map.

  3. There is a retirement home near my house with Freemason symbols on the buildings. It’s just a retirement home for Freemasons, that’s all. This restaurant is obviously owned by Freemasons and they are probably just signalling to other Freemasons that this establishment is owned by Freemasons. They like to support each other.

  4. No but they will do anything for a fellow freemason. An avg freemason doesnt have to be a daily player in high level conspiracies to be valuable and participate in elaborate schemes.

  5. It’s a great point for sure and of course crossed my mind once I thought of this. Like I said, maybe it’s my paranoia about the (not so subtle symbolism) that’s has me worried 😂

  6. Just throwing this out there, but maybe your tour guide didn’t know? Or possibly he was a Mason & didn’t want to divulge that he did know to an American tourist- political climate & all that...

  7. I asked can you tell me more about the symbols on the walls and facade? And more about the history of the mason connection. Like I said I may be paranoid but it was honest questions. I received nothing. Maybe they had genuinely no idea but I wasn’t aggressive. I just thought it was weird to say the least

  8. It’s a Masonic Lodge. I got initiated at 26 years old and most of the men in my family are members, it’s not a sinister thing. We’re just discreet about our private affairs.

  9. Probably a bunch of dudes in robes pretending they have magic powers and shit and then circle jerking to lady gaga music

  10. Many lodges have restaurants attached that are open to public. The Singapore Freemasonry is one of those. Also, only the Temple of the Lodges is purely forbidden to non Freemasons logically.

  11. Something’s wrong with your post and I’ll explain. The restaurant in your pictures is called The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant, and it is located in Lviv, Ukraine.

  12. That's irrelevant for Freemasonry, because it is possible to join, whether you're a plumber, accountant or shop clerk.

  13. I stopped respecting Masons when I realized they are just dirtbags who cover for other dirtbags. Plus the whole Job's Daughter's and Rainbow Girls that just teaches little girls to be subservient housewives to jerks that will use up their youth and cheat anyway before they bail is not something I approve of.

  14. I was in Job’s Daughters. I can confirm that the highly ritualized meetings were a little weird, but all of the girls in my group were in their late teens (there is a specific minimum/ maximum age range) and there was no teaching “little girls to be subservient housewives” going on. It was more of a social group. There were never any men around & you were only allowed to join if you had Masonic ancestry.

  15. I’m a Freemason and none of the active members of the lodge I’m a part of are dirtbags. They are kind, upstanding guys and we do various things to help people and the community. We did a beach cleanup yesterday and we have scholarship funds to help put kids through college. Whatever your experience with Freemasons was, it was about those people specifically, not Freemasonry at large.

  16. Being subservient housewives is probably more a reflection of the people running that local group than the organization overall. But Jobs Daughters and Rainbow Girls seem to be on the decline even faster than Freemasonry overall. A lot of lodges don't have any of those groups connected to them anymore.

  17. Sounds like you're working through your own issues. Any covering like that would be grounds for expulsion as a violation of the constitutions, and one's obligations. Same with infidelity, so i'm not sure what kind of unusual JD or RG assembly you belonged to which taught otherwise.

  18. Don’t suppose it really matters. They’re everywhere. Any man can be a Freemason, perhaps there’s a few lodges in America that don’t allow blacks still but I dunno. You could sign up and get all the answers you please.

  19. Incorrect, not every man can be a Freemason. One of the criteria is to be a member in good standing within the community, i.e., no dirt bags. Regarding African Americans, A.F&A.M. as well as F.&A.M. lodges are fully intergrated. Prince Hall lodges were created by the African American community a long time ago. However, these have become integrated as well.

  20. I found out very little info. I also asked who owns this and I was told by the host that they don’t know him personally. I thought ok but what’s his fucking name? I may be paranoid but even these simple questions go unanswered.

  21. I've seen the freemason symbol on cars many times. They're not a secret but I guess we could say that whatever they do behind closed doors is...

  22. More “private” than “secret”. No different than people not knowing what you do in your house, or what a company does in a closed board meeting.

  23. The soldiers face in the center is uncommon. I've not encountered that before. It first looked like it was simply Pythagoras theorem as it's been used as well.

  24. Yes but what is the excuse for it being on the dollar bill? I’m yet to find an explanation for it largely due to never looking for the answer

  25. It's a local lodge, most cities have them . The One in my city had an open day where anyone can go in, it's pretty much the same as this.

  26. It’s not a lodge as it’s a restaurant lmao I have a lodge 2 mins from my place and it isn’t open to the public

  27. There's lots of 'masonic' pubs, hotels, restaurants etc. Usually it's because the business has purchased a former masonic buulding or one built by a masonic architect and rather than ignoring the imagery they decide to make it a part of the branding to give the business a point of difference. There are a few in my country that I can think of off the top of my head. There's a shit load in the UK

  28. Thanks it’s great point!. When I think about it the usage of Masonic imagery from an existing building, from a business point of view could be pretty lucrative. If this sub is anything to go by 😂

  29. OP have you heard of operation “mindfuck” the CIA said the Illuminati rule the world in a playboy magazine. And it backfired. Because people believed them.

  30. Most big European cities have great masonic influence especially Rome, Barcelona, London, Paris etc. But even in the US: Washington DC (Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Oval Office). Basically look for pentagons (or 5 pointed stars) and obelisks (or mimic obelisks like thin elongated church towers). The freemasons where only just that, masons... They build shit. It was an answer against the catholic church to fund and protect scientists.

  31. If they are old fashioned it’s because they are old men, probably. I’m a Freemason and our lodge is mostly old guys but there are more and more younger men joining. We espouse "liberal" values of truth, free thinking, personal freedom, and accepting the differences of others. One of our officers is a gay man and he is as welcomed and embraced as any other brother. I’m sure there are some that have more conservatives but as a rule, politics are forbidden from discussion because it will divide us.

  32. Freemasons lodge. Basically, some old men doing shit together wearing funny outdated clothes...the guide is embarrassed that is why he avoided cinversation.

  33. Don’t worry world is full of freemasons they basically run the world/countries/companies etc. It is just how it is so get use to it no one can change that.

  34. I was invited to join the freemasons and visit their lodge, honestly it's not as exciting as you'd imagine - it's basically just a club for men to meet up with friends and have a few drinks. Yes they help eachother out in business and I'm sure some dodgy stuff happens in the higher degrees, but the average mason is just a middle aged man who's trying to get a couple of hours away from the mrs

  35. Looks like a masonic building w a club upstairs. Masons are all over the world, ism The masons are shit? Or what. If you don’t mind, why shit? Just wondering. The other day I told my neighbor my Grandpa was a 33rd degree mason, and he said my Grandpa was a satanist and that it made sense. Whaaaat? Is that supposed to mean? Now he ducks when I drive by.

  36. The imagery is there to let other Freemasons know that if they need a meal or place to stay the host will look after them. As well as a way for Freemasons passing through to network with local Freemasons. Some Freemasons have the symbol on their car and if are also a Mason you can flag them down and they will usually give you a ride.

  37. in brussels there’s freemason symbols everywhere. i’ve seen them on university buildings, a moscaist’s store front, loads of places. cities where the freemasons had a lot of influence tend to have this sort of thing. that’s probably an old building that was built/used by freemasons

  38. Ik crazy how far the influence goes. I was in the phillipines even and they had it all on this big old bridge in the middle of the province. It’s so werid

  39. I was in Cuba a few years back and the waiter had the same Masonic symbol on his belt buckle, when I mentioned it to him, he gave me a strange as look like “how the fuck you know about that” and kept staring at me the rest of the holiday 🤣🤣

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