An 84-year-old daughter smiled after her 107-year-old mother gave her candy in central China.

  1. What really amazed me is that these two ladies probably have been through the era of warlords, the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese Civil War, the famine and the Cultural Revolution, and they still seem to be able to keep that positivity in their hearts!

  2. These people got this far,by appreciating the simple,little things in life,and showing pure unbiased joy and gratitude towards kindness, is one sure way to live healthier and longer.

  3. Sure sure sure. Look how old and happy these average Chinese people are… wow! Don’t mention Tibet or Tisnamen Square revolution tho

  4. The majority of all these accounts who are commenting are China karma farms and don’t have anything that proves otherwise. They’re all new accounts and only spew propaganda.

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