The French squirrel chose the perfect apartment to set up home for her babies.

  1. Per their TikTok, the babies were hidden in the nest until they got big, hence the "skipped a few steps" transition

  2. We used to have these red squirrels all over Britain before they were pushed out by the grey squirrels we have now, red squirrels being a lot rarer unless you’re in the Scottish highlands.

  3. Lmao I thought the same thing. So stylish and extra cute. Plus the color. I’m noticing that the animals do morph a bit depending on where they live.

  4. Completely agree, I was hoping it would be like the video of the momma squirrel in her tree home. Hopefully the person filming this set up a camera and got footage of them from day 1.

  5. Brings back good memories. We raised a baby squirrel that fell out of his tree from infant to adult. We were lucky that we had the perfect environment for him. We had been given a 6' by 5' cage for another reason.

  6. Their cute little hands! Slightly creepy but completely adorable! I was wondering if she chose that window so she could watch the people inside for entertainment 🤔

  7. Too bad they build like shit. What was the point of that nest outside of the bedding? There was basically no protection from the elements. The American nests are forts. I call them Twigwams.

  8. Gorgeous. We used to have red squirrels here in the UK too but they've been all but driven out by the invasive North American grey squirrel. I'd love to see one someday, I've heard there are a few left in parts of Wales and Scotland.

  9. That would be cool as hell, normally squirrels get into stuff and start destroying houses but this one didn’t do a damn thing wrong.

  10. Do you think he’s going around thinking “oh this is good for structure” and “these leaves are great for the insulation of my nest” or do you think that he has no idea what the fuck he’s doing and he’s just doing what his DNA tells him to do?

  11. Always been weird to me that being on the other side of a window doesn't scare most animals.

  12. An Indian squirell made the same house near my bathroom window and I could see the mother give birth to a tiny tot just 3 weeks ago 🥰

  13. Thank you so much for posting this! I really enjoyed it and after a really tough past 24 hours it made my smile and warmed my heart!😄💖🐿

  14. I’m 100% sure that if you showed me a picture of that squirrel, with no other context, I could guess it’s from France

  15. The squirrels where I live are apparently racist ? Maybe someone can correct or fill me in better, but the grey and black squirrels hate each other, and both the grey and black squirrels hate the red squirrels.

  16. Why are red squirrels so cute? Here I am stuck in florida with our normal grey squirrels and I just see them as ground pigeons.

  17. God sends the sweetest little blessings to us, just make sure to slow down, admire and enjoy these precious moments of pure awe 😍🥰 love this

  18. I sometimes wonder what they think in that nest. There's an invisible wall they can't go through with monsters on the other side that watch them. But the wall is always there, and the monsters don't seem angry, they just watch.

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