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  1. That sell (unopened) for double and more a few years later. There was a study recently that Lego can be a better investment than gold.

  2. Well they retain their value pretty well so I'd say I'm not an expert but Lego set stonks are pretty solid

  3. I mean yeah it's pricey (I'm a cheapskate, so i don't like that). But it's pretty worth it for the quality and looks...makes a great gift.

  4. As an avid fan of LEGO, they are not immune and have had some controversial decisions in the past as well. That being said everything is raising in price however with lego the more expensive sets are typically more detailed and have much higher part counts. Doing a cost comparison with part counts, licensed themes for older sets compared to now the price is in line with inflation.

  5. eeee honestly, there are worse things. Personally, I don't mind overpaying if it's a good company making a quality product. And if the price really bothers you that much, just don't buy it.

  6. Lego works directly with FEMA to provide food and water to disaster stricken areas. The containers used are weather resistant, and are actually used to build temporary shelters until more permanent structures can be established. Lego then gets the bricks back and reuses them.

  7. Eh, price per piece is usually pretty good, just more expensive than when you were a kid due to inflation. Only overpriced sets are really Star Wars and maybe Harry Potter because the licensing brings the prices up.

  8. Welcome to fucking Apocalypseburg! Have a set that is smaller than the equivalent in the film and still costs this much, maybe it's even more! And Chainsaw Dave, Fuse and some other guys were made exclusively for this set! Fuck you, customer!

  9. People still buy them, no? To be fair, the only guy I know who still buys/would buy lego sets is a star wars neckbeard who constantly flexes how much money he makes mining crypto, but Lego sets still sell, even the insanely expensive ones.

  10. When I was 12 my therapist said he never wanted his kid to have nerf guns because they were violent but eventually got him a small one but then took it away after he shot his sister with it.

  11. My parents think that Nerf darts have the penetrating power of .50 caliber rounds and thus I wasn't allowed to play with Nerf guns as a kid without more protection than a bomb squad officer

  12. Lego is too expensive because of the brand, Nerf is beginning to DRM their 50 cents-a-dart darts, but Hot Wheels is still leading the way.

  13. I bought 300 darts for like 10€ on amazon, those fakes are much better than the OG darts and dirt cheap

  14. FYI: There are no hotwheels in most retail stores that carry them. Logistics and aggressive scalpers have made the hobby frustrating and it's near impossible to find rare , premium or "treasure hunt" cars. This isn't Mattels fault but we collectors are having a hard time at it.

  15. Nerf sucks balls now. Everything they make now is super cheap and yet is super expensive. Not too mention how stupidly they overpriced the worst foam dart on the market

  16. The alpha strike line was a cool idea imo but the elite 2.0 was a bit of a step in the wrong direction. I still think the Rival series is awesome despite the price of the ammunition.

  17. I guess you are not into legos, even the lego fans hate lego rn, they are fucked up everything with overpriced and low quality sets, they were good but now they just care about money

  18. Hot wheels and nerf guns are undefeated. For me it was also the cars based off of the Disney movie cars. Lego was awesome but I could only afford small set the big ones were too expensive they’re to overpriced other than that it’s alright

  19. Sorry, just put together a Hot Wheels set with the Grandson today. It was poor quality and most cars didn’t stay on the track. The track is three different short lengths and aren’t marked or color coded to help with assembly and the instructions are crap. Give me the old 2 foot orange track I could smack my brother with and the purple connectors and clamps for the table any day. The cars don’t seem as fast either.

  20. LEGO(TM) is the opposite of unhated. They are shitting on their fanbase with overprized models, which are often garbage with some times shitty features. A lot(!) of their models are no toys, but simply models. Playing with them after 1-time building up is unhandlic. On top they are suing their official vendors and non official vendors for mistakingly using the LEGO brand with other non-LEGO products.

  21. Just to List a few for anyone interested. Bluebrix, Cobi, Xinbao, Cada, Mouldking, Wange, qman, Qbrix, Plative, Modbrix, blox and megablox. Ale of them Are compatible with lego bricks

  22. I say that's rather accurate. Toy guns, legos and die cast cars are universally loved and these 3 are the best at making them.

  23. Bandai have a lot of products under its belt & I'm more of a model kit/gunpla guy. Their quality & prices are affordable but Premium Bandai stuff sometimes gets on my nerves.

  24. Half the Western audience doesn't even know that most Power Ranger toys are cheap down-scaled versions of Super Sentai toys.

  25. Nerf unhated? Yeah... with their overpriced blasters that (in some cases) break after like 2 shots... yeah... yikes

  26. Really? Nerf has released the same sh*t year after year but with a new name, Hot wheels has run out of ideas and Lego is so overpriced it isn't fun an games anymore...

  27. If there is a human being in existance that hates HotWhells.....I would like their Location so that I can have a Friendly Chat with him.

  28. come to think of it, it's statistically very possible for 3 seperate children to have choken on three of theese toys, one for one.

  29. J more recent years I’ve seen lego sets that are overpriced. Like the iron monger infinity saga set which isn’t even that big is $60!

  30. This is very false Lego is super overpriced and they don’t listen to fans and nerf just reskins guns and sells them for more and they also don’t listen to fans

  31. Well lego had shell build but after the controversy lego didnt want to have lego builds about shell and broke contract as soon as they could

  32. I dont know about Lego and Nerf. They used to be industry leaders, but now they sell overpriced products. Elite 2.0 is garbage and a middle finger to the Nerf community. LEGO hasnt made anything noteworthy for beginners or people who just made it into the brand. All they sell are sets for hundreds of dollars.

  33. Actually it's a bit difficult in Germany with Legos since a Youtuber called other bricks legos and received a note from the original lego dudes.

  34. Nerf sucks, the keep producing blaster of lower and lower quality while also making them unmodable and making the more expensive. Dart zone is way cooler because all there stuff is modable and they make hobby grade blasters.

  35. I have to disagree with Nerf. The elite 2.0 line had horrible issues but the budget line was actually a good idea.

  36. Nerf commnity hates hasbro, there is no origibality and the community makes 3-D printed blasters better than any pfficial ones, the nerf commnity is kinda pissed at hasbro.

  37. Nerf ALPHAHAWK with Modulus Day/Night Scope and 7kg spring modification. It costs 1.8645833335 dollars to fire this weapon 5 times. I also duct taped a laser sight on the handrail to increase hip firing accuracy. Due to my enemy being scared of this weapon, it also has a screwdriver for breaching locked doors. If this weapon fails, I also carry 2 Nerf JOLT blasters as a backup.

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