DoorDash is Winning(or so they think)

  1. Exactly putting a pretty bow on on a piece of shit, doesn't make it more than a piece of shit...Neither does giving shit a fancy title or name, no matter what you put on it, call it, or do to it, it is still gonna be "shit".

  2. I have a low bar of $6.50 minimum $1.50/mile and my acceptance is at 7% because my market is full of top dashers and now people think it’s ok to not tip

  3. Trying to keep up with this model has had a negative impact on my earnings. I think in part it exists to target ‘problematic’ drivers.

  4. The thing is though, I think they actually do have an endless supply of new drivers to recruit. It's essential for DD that this is the case. Drivers who consistently take garbage orders like this, don't make any money. Even if they're okay with that for whatever reason, eventually their cars are going to break down, and they're not going to be able to afford to either repair or replace them because they're not making any money.

  5. Yea.. things will probably suck for a few weeks but once everyone realizes they're making less / the same but driving more shit will balance out and people will start declining shit again.

  6. If it aint even enough for a gallon of gas they can kiss my ass idk who these people think is bringing them there food but my car don't run on your hunger

  7. Can you explain this more? What's shitty about the $3.50/mile? I'm a new dasher and I read through a lot of this sub before starting and that looks like a lot per mile based on what people recommend. Is it shitty because it means there's probably no tip? Or some other reason?

  8. Because orders take time. It’s not the drive time that kills you on these, it’s usually the restaurants. On average, these orders still take 10-15 minutes to complete. It’s not time well spent.

  9. couple reasons, first you spend time picking up and dropping off that make small orders diminish your hourly rate. but also, small or no tip orders are more likely to be people who look down on delivery drivers and therefore may abuse you, attempt to scam you, or just rate you poorly

  10. Will never bow down, we're here to make money not work for free, if i can't accept a low or none tipping order on doordash other apps with respectful pay will do it. To me nothing less than 8 dollars for a short drive will be acceptable, my ar is 0%

  11. This Diamond garbage also blends the peak pays into the final payout. I’ve had the same runs without diamonds…now some do and I’ve noticed the mile payout has dropped by $1 when peak pays are in effect. What used to be say $5 for 3 miles is now $4 when a peak is added.

  12. I don't know why people get so upset over other drivers taking garbage orders like these. The fact of the matter is, 80% of doordash customers tip $0-$3. If it weren't for a steady supply of mathematically challenged noob Dashers willing to take these garbage offers, DD would lose most of its customers and would cease to exist. This means the rest of us would be out of a job.

  13. If people stopped takings these offers, DD would raise the pay a little when they started to lose customers. They're not likely to just give up and go bankrupt. They'll try to save it first. That's what we want.

  14. Thank god that Calif has helped protect us from such a dishonorable no ethics company like DD …..everyone likes to talk such shit about Blue / Democrat / liberal state all the time !!!! Thank you Calif / Gov. Newsom !!! Still so much more to fix especially with DD

  15. There is a large homeless problem there too. People living in cars and getting their kids ready for school in a Walmart bathroom. All governors need to start fixing problems in their state. Don't blame the federal government. It's not their job to take care of us. Blame your state and local politicians and vote them out!

  16. On a $/mile basis, yes. But Dashers also have to look at the overall payout. Why would I take a $3.50 order for 1 mile when $6-$8 orders for the same distance are available?

  17. Well it’s not 3.50 a mile on your end. If the offer is 3.50 that means the customer tipped 1.25 in a market that pays 2.25 per delivery. A 1.25 tip is not good.

  18. It amazes me the number of dashers that bitch about the high paying order thing. Is $3.50/1 mile high pay? No. Is that the exact formula this reddit tells people to use? Yes, it's exactly that, but it's missing the minimum total pay.

  19. sigh … again, we’re complaining about $3.50 TOTAL PAY (for deliveries that are sometimes 10+ miles), NOT $3.50 per mile

  20. I'm holding out on resetting my ratings till closer to the end of the month. Gonna reset at the end and see if it gives me top dasher for having it so high 🤣

  21. You mean to tell me im missing out on diamonds? Tf ? I dont even know what you are talking about ima update my app if ima get fucked might as well get a diamond.

  22. $3.50 pe mile should be a minimum. I’d do $9.50 for 3 miles but that small of an order could take forever to pick up and then isn’t worth it

  23. Doesn’t seem this new system has hit my market yet, i have an AR between 0-5% and i still get bomb ass offers when I cherry pick

  24. If your not in any special programs and there isn't peak pay and it isn't busy, there are lots of good deliveries but you never see any. There is never any hidden tip because any such delivery would not get passed down to you. Every single offer has something wrong with it. If it gets passed along to you there is reason for it. The only way to still do this is work 80+ hours a week minimum and cherry pick your ass off but get top dasher during last 5:days. They say it's not meant for full-time work but that's the only way it's profitable. And guess what, if your top dasher and also have access to congregated tip data you make a killing. That's why you never get a good tip. They pick first and see the tip. If there is a good one they take it. Then you have the multi accounters and multi appers, large order program, the list goes on and on Peeps sticking it in you at every angle

  25. Happens every day it seems. It takes two no bid/tip orders in a row and I pause my Dash for 15 minutes. School lunch time, gotta love it. Kinda bothers me though. How many could have been good Dashers? But after a few cost ya $70 to make $38 and they’re gone.

  26. That's funny! After I fill up my tank, for $60 because of the $5-$6 a gallon gas, and I hear electricity is roughly the same amount on average as gas so no big win win their either, I may make $10 an hour! Then the whole pay floor, where if what I made doesn't add up to $18 an hour, for the hours I was actually on an order, they'll pay to meet that $18 pay floor! But then rob me of gas and vehicle maintenance, I made more like $10 an hour! Which is what I made as a gopher/journeyman appre tice lifting over 80lbs every five minutes! And mind you I started busting 12 hours a day - for about roughly $200 a day, minus $60 a day for gas!

  27. Depends on the market. My town is not very big at all and quite frankly most orders are actually high paying. I tried out the more populated suburbs just outside of the cities... barely broke 50 cents a mile. Everyone just lives so far from the restaurants. In my town like 90% of the orders are within a few miles. Fairly easy to make above $3 a mile. The's one town that's about 6 miles out... annoys me when I get those orders because most of the time it's for about $5-6 for a 12 mile/15 minute round trip. I tend to decline those as well.

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