A doordasher hit my car making deliveries

  1. Doordash has insurance coverage to damage for vehicles other than the dasher’s vehicle. This coverage is applicable if the primary insurance is denied

  2. this is a lie because i hit someone while doing dd, and everyone refused to pay in the instance. DD, my insurance and theirs all refused it. the damage was onky done to the car i was driving though they hardly had a dent in their ford explorer.

  3. Dont mention he was delivering to his insurance. Neither of you should. You get paid and he gets his insurance to cover it. If his insurance drops him from you mentioning it. So then you have to go after him for damages in court if he doesnt pay like he says he will.

  4. I won’t mention it. Didn’t mention it to the police when they asked me what happened either. Seems like a non issue relating to an accident, the guy just so happens to be DD’ing. But I don’t know if he told the police or if he plans to tell his insurance when they ask. Just want to make sure my vehicle gets fixed

  5. The insurance company is most likely going to ask him. You can get away with plausible deniability. He can't. I can all but guarantee this is going to come to light. It's not in a Dasher's best interests to lie. Insurance fraud is a criminal charge and insurance companies probably have no problem hitting you with it. They'll also probably mark you as someone willing to commit insurance fraud, which will probably impact your coverage options and rates in the future.

  6. OP’s insurance should pay out regardless. It’s not OP’s responsibility for the driver to carry the proper insurance. It’s just a matter of who OP’s insurance will go after: the driver’s insurance company, or the driver themself.

  7. I'd assume his under/uninsured motorist insurance would cover it and his insurance would subrogate against the DD driver/insurance.

  8. My mom was hit by someone on an active delivery. They exchanged license info but through his personal insurance they basically didn’t have enough info because he said we hit him. Then I called DD insurance and filed a report and there was eventually a payout it took a while but that was the only way to make it work.

  9. That’s why you get a police report to find fault, or take pictures. If you’re on a highway, it’s kind of hard to back into someone, etc. of course they said you hit him. No one wants responsibility, but a police report fixes that real quick.

  10. Reddit doesn't know fuck all about insurance. So much misinformation in this thread. Stop asking reddit for help and talk to the insurance company and see what they say.

  11. I sell insurance and dd on the side almost all companies will not cover losses while u are using it for DoorDash or any business purposes without an endorsement. Which most companies won’t give an endorsement for food courier services bc of the high risk form being on the road more. However if u open a claim through your insurance they will subrogate and go after who is at fault. And if no insurance will, they will most likely sue the person on behalf of you. Hope this helps.

  12. Yeah it’s frankly cringe as someone who went through this process and had it go very wrong due to a lack of due diligence on a third party

  13. Usually if. DDer has an issue with their insurance company if they find out they were DDing, then they are not covered as a commercial driver. Though DD requires commercial coverage. This is why they don’t want you to tell the insurance company about DD. But depending on what state you live in, If a DDer causes an accident then the insurance will usually pay. Then drop and sue the driver to cover their loss.

  14. I Pay $20 a month more on my car insurance to be covered for Instacart deliveries. I came in handy once. A customer gave me the signal that it was safe to exit their driveway gate only for the gate to close while I exited, it damaged my car. I paid my $500 deductible but later got a check for the $500 refunded to me because they found the customer at fault.

  15. No they still cover you he just doesnt tell his insurance he was dashing not a big deal all ur shit will be fixed

  16. Are door dash drivers required to take out special insurance or something? If not then him being a door dash driver has nothing to do with it.

  17. My understanding is that there’s some kind of special ridesharing policy that they need for delivering. But this should just cover him I would think. His insurance company can wipe their hands of him, but I’m the “victim” in this case so they would still need to pay me out.

  18. Yes, most insurance companies now specifically ask if you use your car for ride sharing or delivery. In the past, you had to get commercial insurance because you’re using your vehicle for a commercial purpose, but now I think it’s more of a rider on top of your personal insurance.

  19. You're supposed to have commercial coverage. But the reality is DoorDash doesn't pay enough for people to afford the maintenance on their vehicle, much less commercial coverage. One of the many scams DoorDash pulls. They don't bother to make this clear at all because, if they did, they'd lose a ton of drivers who are currently oblivious to this information.

  20. I still think the OP shouldn’t say a thing, unless the driver turns out to not have insurance. It would be on the driver to tell their insurance. I don’t think the person they got into an accident with would be expected to know such things. Ever heard of not volunteering information? You’re not the one who signed a contract that said that you have to give that information. I would make it easy on myself. There’s no way they will say you were committing fraud because they won’t know that you were covering for the driver even if he did get found out, unless you told them of course.

  21. All he has to say is that he was just driving with no mention of doordash. Covered. Probably doesn't have insurance tho..

  22. DONT MENTION DOORDASH, DONT PUT YOUSELF IN THAT SITUATION, It will go smoother if you dont mention, for both of yall.

  23. Dont mention DD, everyone wins in less time with no headaches. It really doesn't matter WHY he was there, just HOW he hit you to prove his insurance whos at fault.

  24. Do you have collision coverage on your vehicle? If yes, and you need your car fixed ASAP, then the prudent thing to do would be to file a claim with your own insurance company and then let them figure out who to pursue in subrogation later (DD's primary insurance or his secondary insurance through Door dash). Your insurance company will initiate repairs immediately, before the investigation is even finalized, and you don't have to stress out about figuring out which of his insurance policies will end up paying. This is all assuming that you are 0% at fault. Keep in mind that utilizing your own collision coverage when you are not at fault does not result in an increase in your premiums -- this is a common myth.

  25. I’m confused as to why DD is even being mention? Someone hit your car…. You get their insurance info and file a claim against them it pretty simple. What honor system are you talking about here ?

  26. Take pictures of the damage and the DD’s driver’s license and get his phone number. Then have him sign and date a piece of paper saying that x damages were caused by him on x date. With the pictures and the signed note, it would at least not be completely an honor system if insurance denies the claim. You would have what you need to take him to court, if necessary.

  27. File a claim with your insurance. It will go after him & his insurance. Even if they refuse the claim your insurance will still pay & go after him. You’ll just be out the deductible up to a year.

  28. I hate to say it but in this world don't go by the honor system it's going to hit your car. They may not even be driving their own car for all you know. They're going to tell you they'll cover it and everything and then you're never going to hear from them again.

  29. In my state, OP‘s insurance would pay and then go after the other driver. Chances are, the other driver will end up getting sued directly, if his insurance won’t pay. You are not expected to know he’s a DoorDash driver. Unless he was really stupid and negligent to the point he should be off the road, I just don’t see the need to cause him any further trouble. If the insurance company finds out he drives for DoorDash, you should still get paid because DoorDash has a liability policy and in my state, it would be your insurance company that pays out to you anyways. Then they turn around and seek to be compensated for what they paid you. That’s usually when most garden-variety cases end up in court. By garden-variety, I mean no serious injuries or fraud.

  30. No...just report it to your insurance as a regular accident and don't bring up door dash....If you bring up door dash, insurance won't do anything....

  31. Yup. DD got some extra insurance built in to allow them to legally operate a ride share. Driver may not have upgraded personal insurance to ride share with out knowing the ramifications (plus it can cost significantly more in certain states). My guess is they didn't do it, no bueno on your damage from them. Read tons of stories of dashers just blowing through garbage cans they didn't see backing out at night in a tight spot. No doubt that's a possibility in your case with the car. Deliverys are far more dangerous on both drivers and customers end than you think. Risk is involved, that's what insurance is for

  32. Biggest thing when it comes to insurance and doing any type of work using a personal vehicle is the person doing the work needs commercial insurance as that is what will cover it. It is usually more expensive but you won't be outright cancelled by the insurance company for doing said work.

  33. Door Dash is covered by Assurant Insurance. File a police report and contact them with your claim. Someone hit you and tried to give you an excuse on why it wouldn't be covered.

  34. Doordash won’t pay out ANYTHING because their drivers are not their employees, but contracted individuals. The dashers insurance won’t pay anything either if you let them know they were dashing when the accident occurred -UNLESS the dasher had their insurance adjusted to reflect that they provide courier services in their vehicle; which increases insurance cost- most don’t report this. If that is the case, mentioning that they were dashing would be the worst thing you could do because you won’t get any help from their insurance.

  35. Doordash only had insurance that covers Dasher if they are injured on a delivery, this why they require is to have insurance. Most Dasher though only have regular insurance and not insurance that covers vehicles used for deliveries or ride-sharing. This is why you might have to just sue the driver directly.

  36. No, DD has a liability policy, but it is secondary coverage and only covers active deliveries. So the primary insurance would either have to pay or deny the claim before you can go after that policy.

  37. He ain't lying, but he won't pay you. I would wager he doesn't have commercial insurance, so the moment you say he was on a delivery...BAM his insurance is cancelled.

  38. Wait a minute. Why would it matter if he fucks up? OP has no obligation to ask him if he was a DoorDash driver. The insurance has no basis for expecting OP to know that tidbit of information, if OP doesn’t volunteer it. It was up to the driver to inform their insurance or change insurance companies. The OP has nothing to do with the DD driver’s breach of contract. OP wasn’t the one who signed the contract. OP’s insurance will pay and go after the other driver, after an investigation, whether they find out he’s a DD driver or not.

  39. I actually had this exact scenario being hit by an Uber Eats driver a few months ago. Her insurance denied the claim because she was en route to deliver some food, but Uber Eats’ insurance covered it. I imagine the same would apply for DoorDash.

  40. Delivery drivers need commercial insurance because of how many miles we drive, otherwise you have to bend over backwards to make sure nobody knows you're working delivery. If the insurance company finds out, they won't pay because you're using the car for commercial purposes. If you're driving record is good, the extra insurance isn't that expensive and I have a lot more peace of mind knowing I'm fully covered while working. BTW I am not DD but work for a pizza delivery company.

  41. He will have to file a claim with his insurance. If he only has personal coverage and his insurance doesn't cover it, then DoorDash will cover it. It's probably not going to be the most pleasant experience dealing with DoorDash's insurance. But you should be covered.

  42. That’s a shame. I don’t want him to lose an additional source of income. I get it that it’s an accident, I don’t hold hard feelings. Just want to make sure I get repaired.

  43. You just cal door dash and they will get you to the right department.. they have insurance and they will suspend the dd account.. it happened to me before

  44. DoorDash will pay for the damage since he was active on delivery but also if u want insurance to do it then tell them not to mention they were doordashing

  45. If while driving for DD, on delivery and damage another car, my insurance is going to pay under my policy, then my rates are going to go way up and I’ll be looking for a new insurance company because that could be the last thing they pay for before cancelling my insurance.

  46. Correct you need commercial insurance for your car when making deliveries Some insurance companies will just straight up drop you if they find out your door dashing because it's business not personal

  47. I was going to ask, hypothetically, say OP was at fault. And his regular insurance finds out he was driving the car while working for DD, would they cover it? Surely a “commercial” vehicle needs another whole type of insurance right?

  48. This is why you call the police and get a report made immediately, and demand their insurance at the time, and file a claim. Whatever the driver says means NOTHING. Do what you're supposed to do and let insurance handle it. If he's denied, he's paying out of pocket . But trust? Honor system? Don't be naive.

  49. So this happened to us. Car was totaled. Over $130k combined on surgeries and medical care. Persons insurance dropped them because they admitted to being a driver on a delivery. Our insurance could only help so much. It was a mess. It’s been over 2 years. Our lawyer is still fighting with DDs insurance company.

  50. I’d pray they don’t tell the insurance company. I do feel for you. This isn’t good for the driver that hit you or especially you ( the victim). I’m not saying the Dasher can’t pay the damages but, depending on the amount that’d be extremely difficult to do. I’d try that route if drivers willing. See if it can work. Can’t hurt. Don’t tell your insurance company he/she was delivering for DoorDash. Keep that quiet.

  51. You should go directly to DoorDash for the money. They sure as shit aren’t giving any to the guy who delivered food, so I wouldn’t expect anything either.

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