1 month ago I got attacked by this dog at this house contacted support and they apologized and they said they will flag this customer. today they sent me back to the same house where I got attacked. should I sue DD for this act?

  1. You need to post this in a law subreddit. My guess is you might have some kind of a case if you filed police reports on both incidents. And yes, Doordash support is clueless and even lies sometimes.

  2. I like this! Because I’m a dasher, but I have NO understanding of the law, here or otherwise. Contact people in your area who specialize in this kind of case

  3. You do know you have to prove damages in a civil suit, right? You can file a hundred police reports but the judge can still deny a punitive damages type claim even in those cases.

  4. Absolutely you should sue because DoorDash is negligent on so many levels. 1. They only flagged the account. That customer should have been deactivated. 2. They failed to make the delivery experience safe when they were warned of a safety issue ( dog that bit a driver) & did nothing to prevent future attacks. 3. They sent you back to the same customer that has a dog that you previously reported bit you. This means they never did anything to the customer for you being bit. That is supposed to be automatic deactivation for that customer.

  5. It's technically the person that placed the order responsibility. They are inviting you onto their property and they have to make sure it's safe. Example make sure a dog that is dangerous won't bite you.

  6. That post last month was laughable. That is the smallest dog I've ever seen ain't no way that fat thing couldve even jumped high enough to hurt you 🤦🏼‍♀️ (before yall get mad at me I am a dasher and have never been a customer, so I'm not biased)

  7. If you are legitimately harmed by an animal, you should immediately document the incident with a police report and visit to a medical facility. Yes you should contact Doordash, but they're not going to do those things on your behalf. You can be angry at DD for not having internal follow through on how they handle this, but I don't think you'd get much out of trying to sue -- you voluntarily returned to the address.

  8. That dogs literally the size of a shoe Jesus Christ you are not gonna do well in life my friend

  9. You can sue anybody for whatever reason you want. Doesn’t mean you’re going to win and most lawyer fees will eat anything you could possibly win.

  10. DD has an arbitration agreement, you can't just sue them. Also what would you sue them for? What damages do you have? You know this residence has a dog, don't approach it. Call support

  11. OP can easily sue. Customer should’ve been deactivated for not maintaining a safe property accessible to delivery drivers. Doordash completely ignored the fact that this property/customer is unsafe to deliver to. in fact OP SHOULD sue

  12. Your only case would be if you obtained a restraining order. But I doubt you’ll be able to obtain such an offer anyway for an isolated incident

  13. Sue on what grounds? Your an independent contractor. What damages do you want to recoup and at what cost?

  14. How do we know it's the same customer? They flagged the account not the address. The dog could have been with someone visiting the first time.

  15. If it was the dog that attacked you, then it's the dog that you need to take legal action against. Sue that ferocious beast and take him to the cleaners.

  16. Are you kidding? He would have to be in the same room as that crazy dog in court! There aren't enough bailiffs in the world to protect him!

  17. I really wish the OP would sue them too, he needs a very, very expensive lesson in how the law works and why you don't file frivolous lawsuits.

  18. I got bit delivering alcohol and end up getting a tetanus shot!! Its not worth it!! Just makes my anxiety go up!! Customers don't respect when it comes to their dogs 🙄!! Always saying oh don't won't bite!!

  19. If you have a lawsuit going on, maybe. But you’re also an independent contractor. You don’t have to deliver to any place you don’t want to. If you don’t have a lawsuit, still touchy. But I don’t really know if you can sue. They didn’t cause the issue. They facilitated you going to the location that it happened, but… 🤷🏼‍♂️

  20. If you sue DoorDash for this, not only will they fire you, but you will end up owing them thousands of dollars in court costs.

  21. You’d have no case against DD for sending you there you’re not an employee you’re an independent contractor you could refuse the delivery. And if the dog attacks you your case would be against the homeowner they would be responsible.

  22. Not sure what the costumers instructions were but I have a small dog who likes being aggressive so I always make sure to put in the instructions to leave the food behind the gate, 40% of the time the instructions are ignored and people come all the way inside and I can hear the people get spooked when my dogs comes out the house barking, not blaming you but it’s something to look out for!

  23. That's a freaking football not a DOG. Kick that pig skin over the fence and say you feared for your LIFE. Some of us make this job way to difficult or maybe I'm just in a "normal calm market."

  24. You’d probably have to sue the homeowner or get proof DoorDash never did anything and you probably woulda had to file a police report on the first incident

  25. You could definitely try and sue doordash but I doubt you'd find much success in that avenue, more likely you'd want to sue the customer. If you've already been attacked once while being invited in because you are a courier, and a month has passed and this has happened again, it shows negligence on the customers end, especially since they know its happened before. Make sure to take pictures of any damage sustained by the attacks.

  26. Not to mention you would be punished for not accepting or completing the order. DEFINITELY go talk to a lawyer maybe even a couple. Can't hurt lol.

  27. You could report the customer to the police. The dog is trying to attack you. That dog is a danger to anyone and could severely harm someone. Did it bite you? If so you need to tell them that. The dog would be taken to a shelter and placed in quarantine and possibly put down. I would consult an attorney. You would probably have to sue both dd and the customer.

  28. If you bit by a dog, you call the cops so you can sue the homeowner. homeowners insurance covers if a dog bites someone.

  29. You shouldn't let a dog exhibit alpha behavior over you, especially if it's that small, and it's very easy to correct. There are at least five ways I can think of to deal with it off the top of my head.

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